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  1. Hello, ive been a member since 2009 and when I logged in today my password didn’t work when I clicked forgot my password it said my email address wasn’t on file. I started a new account and used my same username but just changed my email address. Any reason I was deleted ? regards
  2. Can I be on the reservation for Purple Dragonfly, Pokey Max, YM2151 module and both cables please.
  3. Hi i had taken apart my super action controller because some buttons were not working. With it apart I did some testOmg and keep disconnect and reconnecting it back in port two. I was running a controller test program on reconnecting I must have fried something because “up” and number “6” kept showing on the program. It was showing that I pushing them which I wasn’t. I powered down the system and when loading my multicartridge in the menu it keeps scrolling up even with no controller in the port. any help on how to fix this.
  4. Thanks Draxxon for all you work. I wanted to try Galagon from youR zip but it doesn’t work is it working for you?
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