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  1. I won this on an auction few months ago. Looks like a prototype came out 1973 or 74 first home pong unit. Google it Video Arcade ll. Great retro system...591213321133631BJn2.jfif 817496621133632BJn2.jfif 130687921133632BJn2.jfif 591213321133631BJn2.jfif
  2. Will look into that thanks......
  3. Anybody?,,,, Have an idea need the chip schematic.......
  4. Can you AV mod a sears breakaway unit? I have done many av mods on pong consoles with the ay chip. I cant find any info on the chip "C011500-11" in the breakaway console. Any info would be greatly appreciated Thank you in Advance....
  5. Awesome when is pre-order starting?
  6. I'm very interested, I need to buy a LTO Flash ASAP Please make a comeback Thanks.....
  7. Thank you i guess you have to ground the av cable too?
  8. Looking to mod 4000 magnavox Odyssey av mod. Any help would be appreciated..
  9. Does any body have any idea how to av mod a Magnavox Odyssey 3000, I did see someone selling one here a yr or 2 ago, there is a schematic on line i just have no clue on what to do...Please help Thank you in advance.
  10. I just picked up a Magnavox odyssey 3000 cleaned her up looks great works great. I would love to put an Led light on the system to know when its on and off. I have the bulb and have no idea where to connect it....anybody have any input? Thank you in advance.
  11. sanman

    Coax to Hdmi

    Thank you everyone i do have a vcr handy think I will try that route with a rca jack to HDMI scaler...😃 Thank you again Sanman...
  12. sanman

    Coax to Hdmi

    Hello all i cant find my answer anywhere... Is there a way to hook up my old console game systems to a new tv with only hdmi inputs. I have Colecovision,Atari 2600, and intellivision all with a coax adapter on the original cable. So i guess i need a convertor for coax to hdmi does anyone know where i can get one Thanks in advance........Sanman
  13. How do i get a pacman game can i get on the waiting list. Thanks in advance.
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