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  1. retrozoneorg


  2. I have a full time job, a Wife and a small baby. I wish I had time to trawl the web. I buy Retro Gamer so I don't have to do that
  3. I would be happy to lend a hand. We have a magazine in the UK called Retro Gamer. They have a home brew section which often contains new atari games. I could send you details and / or write up reviews etc etc. Of course nothing will be copied from the magazine, would just use it to find the new releases and their availability.
  4. Final Box Design. Jay has applied higher resolution graphics and supplied the original fonts.... It is now small enough to attach here so download your box in PDF format... Print onto A3 (ensure that you change the print settings "Page Scaling" to "None". Cut out and glue together. aquaricart_box.pdf
  5. Have tested the Aquaricart on my UK Aquarius and am pleased to report it is working perfectly . I have not had a chance yet to play all the games thoroughly but I did test every single option on the cartridge including the trivia, help and instructions pages and the quick start keys. I even plugged my US mini expander into the UK aquarius and carried out a diagnostic check... Everything works great. I will give it a more complete test in the coming days - but I can't imagine there being any major problems. (although I will need to turn the volume down on Melody Chase - that game drives me crazy ) p.s. I have updated the box design. Small in size and graphics are neater. I have sent the original file to Jay in case he would like to change it.
  6. It seems to be working on my end. Can you try clicking on the link again?
  7. Hi Everyone, I have received my Aquaricart and will be testing it on my UK system on the weekend. I have produced a simple box for the Aquaricart (with Jay's blessing) for anyone who wants to make one for themselves. Just print it out on an A3 card and cut, glue etc etc. Too big to attach so you can download it from: http://www.retro-zone.org/downloads/aquaricart_box.pdf It's uploading now so should be ready in a few minutes.
  8. The Manuals look great! They look identical to the real thing..... THEY ARE THE REAL THING!!!! This is the best homebrew product ever.
  9. Clearing some space in the loft - so I can fill it with more retro machines!

    1. greencoman


      sweet retro what do you plan on getting?

    2. retrozoneorg


      I got some Amstrad Machines! The "Laptops" the PPC640 and PPC512. I was also donated an Amstrad PC1640 in distress. I will have to fix it once I get the time and money.

  10. I recently got my hands on both of these wonderful little machines! Does anyone else here have one or both? I have been playing some old ASCII based DOS games on mine with the built in screen. Anyone suggest some cool things you can do on this old machine?
  11. I have a wobbler. Starts ok but after 15 or so minutes starts to shimmy and shake. I'm in the Uk. Any good to you?
  12. I hope stguy is ok. Health is the most important. I'm sorry to see the mag go. Especially since I paid for 2 years and never got money back.
  13. Hi Everyone, I got the mega drive (genesis) solely because it came bundled with sonic and streets of rage. I got the N64 only for lylat wars and turok
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