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  1. For OS 3.1.4 compatibility, I was referring more to workbench.library and icon.library no longer being included in the ROM and needing to be loaded from disk. I am planning on using this more for WHDLoad anyway. I have a Furia and a 3.1 ROM in my A600. It would be interesting to compare the speed of the two. The Furia overall is a much nicer accelerator because it is a bit faster, has more RAM, has MAPROM, and has a utility to do stuff like disable the FPU via software. Thanks for the list of AGA games. I already tried out Aladdin. It's better on Genesis.
  2. Hello, I've spent way too much time and money over quarantine getting together a nice Amiga 1200 setup. I've had an A600 for a while, but not having AGA was always gnawing at me, so here we are... -Bought the A1200 from a UK seller and had it shipped to the US. Somewhat of a risk but it got here OK. The box is hideous, and a bit beat up, but I do have it. -Machine was re-capped a couple years ago. -Upgraded to Amiga OS 3.1.4. I know this will break pretty much any floppy games, but I still have the 600, and let's be honest a stock 1200 already doesn't work with at least a third of them. -I installed one of those CF brackets that goes in the rear expansion port to let me swap out cards easily. I am using a 16 GB Lexar card. With 3.1.4 you don't have to do any weird partitioning, it just works. -I am using BestWB which comes with a pretty nice assortment of the basic software you need without going too crazy. -I added a Blizzard 1220/4 accelerator. 68020 @ 28mhz with 8 MB of RAM. It isn't exactly super fast, but it is still very noticeable. If you can find one they don't cost that much more than an 8 MB fast RAM card. It does break the PCMCIA port. If I ever get any accessories that need it, I can add a switch to disable the jumper on the ADD4 expansion to give me the option to boot up with 4 MB + PCMCIA rather than 8 MB.
  3. Fixed the LEDs. I know they don't affect functionality, but it was bothering me to not have it 100% right....
  4. Interesting (and original) idea. I know I have spent way too much money on sound cards and MIDI modules over the past couple of years, but you still can't have my Jag version of Another World.
  5. Hello All, I wanted to share the Amiga 600 I have been working on. -My 600 is a PAL machine with UK keyboard layout. It has been gone over, cleaned, and re-capped (I bought it that way, can't take credit for that). -The only thing that is wrong with it is that the ground wire for the power LEDs needs to be re-soldered. I think I must have broken it when taking it apart. -I am using a power supply from an NTSC Amiga 500. -For the screen, I am using a cheap TV I found that works with both NTSC and PAL. A nice thing about the 600 is you get color composite video without any extra adapters. May upgrade to RGB at some point, but this works for now. -I am using a trackball mouse. It saves space and also allows you to hold the mouse in your lap for point and click games instead of being hunched over the desk. -Using a Sega Master System controller for games that support two buttons. -I am running Kickstart 2.05 and Workbench 2.1. I have not started messing with newer ROMs yet. This seems to work well enough for what I am doing (mainly WHDLoad). Upgrades: -Additional 1 MB of chip RAM ( 2 MB total). -Furia Accelerator (http://www.kuchinka.cz/furia/). I needed more memory for WHDLoad, and this accelerator is more readily available (and often cheaper) than PCMCIA SRAM cards. -8 GB SD card. I used one of those cheap SD card extension cables to route the card to the trapdoor expansion. This lets me access the SD card without taking the computer apart or sacrificing the PCMCIA slot.
  6. Wow. I know that these are hard to find, but has the going rate for a good working Astrocade really gone up this much? I paid $250 for one and about a dozen games a couple years ago and thought it was a bit excessive. It looks like it turned out being a good investment.
  7. Agreed on them being fragile. I bought a boxed Plus 4 for next to nothing at a garage sale a few years ago. I fired it up, and was messing with the built in word processor for literally two minutes before it died on me. Either the CPU or TED chip fried because all I could get was a black screen after that.
  8. Most of the systems and the two screens. The TV on the left is an old Memorex CRT. The monitor is an Olympus OEV-203. 3DO, NES, Xbox, PC Engine Duo R, Dreamcast, Saturn, PS2, Jaguar, and Gamecube. The Xbox and PS2 are hooked up to the PVM via component, the NES just uses composite, and everything else is using s-video. The PC Engine has an s-video mod and region switch installed. SNES, N64, and JVC X'Eye, video switches, and the OEV-203. The SNES and N64 are connected via s-video. The X'Eye is connected via RGB. The nice thing about the OEV-203 is that it supports both RGB and component inputs. Atari 7800, Bally Astrocade, Sears Super Video Arcade, Atari 5200, and Odyssey 2. All of these are just connected to the TV through RF. The drawers are mostly filled with lose game carts. Shelf with boxed SMS, Genesis, and Sega CD games. Another shelf. SuperGrafx, Colecovision Flashback, SG-1000, Lynx, and boxed Jaguar and Odyssey 2 games. CD tower for games in jewel cases. Drawers are mostly filled with controllers and other accessories. Atari 1040 STF, XE 130, and Commodore VIC-20. More boxed games.
  9. Hello All, I am looking for a Nintendo Gamecube with Game Boy Player attachment. What I need: -Console in decent condition (color doesn't matter) -Game Boy Player -Startup Disc -Power adapter Extra controllers and games are a plus but aren't required. I have some extra Nintendo s-video cables so I don't need the TV hookups. Thanks.
  10. I bought a system and a small collection of games. Still looking for more games and one of the official carrying cases if anyone has anything available.
  11. I am looking to get started with Neo Geo Pocket Color. I would like to find a system that is in good shape along with a handful of games. Please PM me with any offers.
  12. I had an interesting find at MGC over the weekend, I bought a couple of 32X development disks. These are the assembler disks that would have been used with a 32X CartDev Kit (http://www.andysarcade.net/personal/cartdev/index.htm). I'm sure there are far better 32X dev tools out now, but I thought I'd share anyway just in case there is anything new here. I installed them on a DOS virtual machine and they contain SH2 and 68k assembers, linkers, macros, and a demo program. I've found some of the individual utilities online, but not these disks in their entirety. I've created disk images if anyone is interested. Disk 1 Disk 2
  13. This monitor is in poor shape physically but still works well and has a good picture. No longer needed because I upgraded to a PVM. PM me if interested, will give priority to an Atari Age member as I would like to see it go to a good home. http://iowacity.craigslist.org/ele/5510668931.html Can view full specs here: http://www.expandore.com/product/JVC/Monitor/TMH1900G.htm Thanks.
  14. I've never used an INTV Flashback, but I do have a Colecovision Flashback and I don't think it is as bad as people say it is. If you can get a good deal on one, they are certainly good enough to mess around with and see if you are interested in getting a "real" CV. Pros: -Relatively inexpensive -Includes some newer homebrew games along with the originals Cons: -The emulation and controllers are not the best -Missing some key games such as Smurfs, Turbo, and Burgertime, presumably due to licensing issues. Just don't expect the the world from it and you'll be fine.
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