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  1. Happy New Year to everyone! And don't think that he won't. He'll do it just for kicks and a last laugh Avery does have a very good sense of humor.
  2. It would really be awesome if some Atari trivia guru(s) would create an 8-bit Atari Trivia Edition.
  3. Congratulations on your award!!! Great program - Fantastic support - Thanks for the updates & fixes
  4. Paul, I agree that you've been quite naughty lately. Your wife needs to give you a spanking with an Atari magazine!
  5. This is sad news! I went college (OSU) in Columbus, OH. I wished I had a chance to know him back then. RIP Ken. Hayden
  6. Quoting myself to keep the comments together. phaeron, Is it also possible to add P/M Graphics information (graphics data, locations, collisions, etc.) to the Graphical Performance Analyzer? Thanks.
  7. phaeron, I tried out the Graphical Performance Analyzer. It is seriously cool and useful! Can you please consider adding a Horizontal Scroll Bar? Thanks.
  8. Thanks for warning us about AVG. I'm using Avast (Free Version) and Malwarebytes (Premium) with Win 7_x64 HP without any issue for the latest Altirra releases.
  9. Paul, Stupidity is a very relative term. Your "stupidity" has been smarter than a lot of the "smart" things that I've come across You have been a great contributor to this forum and some of your ideas for Altirra have been quite clever! You said that you've "got plenty left". So, keep it coming my good man. Hayden
  10. Like I said, that's my neck of the woods. So, I'm in the area Edit: More specifically, a bit north of the Detroit area.
  11. I would like to meet up with some Atari fans in my neck of the woods Thanks for the suggestion!
  12. Welcome aboard GeoMan! You found the best Atari User Group on the internet and one of the best Forum threads (Altirra) for the Atari 800
  13. Here's one more option. The OSS BASIC XL also renumbers Goto/Gosub line #'s references. The pluses to this option are it's 100% backward compatible with Atari BASIC and that no extra utility is required
  14. Nice collection! Pac-Man was the reason I bought my Atari 800 in 1982 Somehow I remember there was a version that was a hack from Ms. Pac-Man.
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