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  1. That was really hard! So little time as a purple Humanoid! I managed to win wirh 28,302 and the colony was OK at 86,313. Thought I'd done well getting both the meteorite plots only to lose one 😞 Really enjoyed playing this tournament. Definitely prefer playing 3 Mechtrons rather than 2 and TRBB 🙂
  2. Played as a purple Spheroid & had quite a good go & a good colony - elegant estates! 2 pirates on consecutive goes & 2 fires. Scored 33,346 & colony was 100,318. Just Humanoid to go now.
  3. I had a good go as a purple Mechtron on Wednesday. Scored 37,974 and it was a good colony too at 91,208. For once I was pleased with my grouping of plots 😀😀😀 Then today I played as a purple Packer, a character I never choose, and didn't do so well. Scored 29,118 and the colony was 75,690. My plots were awful and I was short of energy, which never normally happens. Oh well - Spheroid next.
  4. Latest go playing as a purple bonzoid , not a character I like as I find it too fat to fit in the shops! A quite good go though 36,832 and the colony will live comfortably on 91,590. I had 16 plots which was good. At the end 12 crystite, 3 food & 1 energy.
  5. An interesting go. TRBB and I played at the same time, different rooms and different Ataris! I was a purple Leggite. I managed to win with 30,695 but the Mechtrons weren't too good and the colony was only 80,982 but we will live comfortably Pirates came rounds 9 and 11 and we had 2 fires. I enjoyed it all the more as I could hear TRBB having a lot of bad luck
  6. I was a bit disappointed with my round as a purple gollumer, usually my favourite character. I only scored 29,631 and it was a poor colony 76,871 Pirates came on round 3 when I had 3 units! No fires so not much money from food or energy. Hopefully better next time.
  7. Really enjoyed playing against 3 Mechtrons instead of 2 and TRBB who always messes up my strategy! I was a purple Flapper and scored 34156
  8. 1st screen 254 Total 262 - didn't do very well on screen 2 :-(
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