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  1. well... it looks like the graphics for NTSC artifacting so I doubt this screenshot reflects the actual display quality.
  2. Guys, leave the decision to the project leader. There is always space for "hacking" the game after the release to replace what you don't like
  3. Correct, the converter works the best with photos or paintings, however a converted pixel-art will almost always have visible errors. A skilled graphician armed with Graph2Font will produce much better results.
  4. Btw, I just wanted to say that I LOVE the history and general debugging capabilities of Altirra. It's mindblowing how good it is for finding issues and bugs. Recently I did some development for other 8bit platforms and not having Altirra I felt like without an arm.
  5. Quite a lot, I believe, but what matters nowadays is not always how quickly the code can run but how fast it can be written and how easy is the maintenance and readability -> take a look at the popularity of Python. Also modern compilers do a lot for you and the general lesson is to do optimizations only where they are needed (visible bottlenecks) with help of a profiler.
  6. Optimizations done on a higher level than assembly code like mentioned here, so closer to original source code or some intermediate representation. Example of such optimizations here or here. Interesting, any links to read about it?
  7. I understand that the transformations could do some peephole optimizations, but how do you plan to make a high-level optimizations with such approach?
  8. is this the newest source? https://language.meta.frl/examples/platforms/Atari/8-bit/SpartaDOS-X/rainbow.list If yes, it's currently mostly the variant of 6502 assembler. Is there some code example written in the new language?
  9. I agree with @Wrathchild here. Support for SpartaDOS X or native backend is hardly a selling point when the language currently is as presented in the post above: Could you write some simple program using the language, like a Snake or Breakout clone to show off the language? Now you have a lot in your head that is not shared properly with the audience - we have close to zero idea of what you want to achieve.
  10. Not really. The game needs reasonable and consistent frame rate to be working as a game and not as a slideshow AW is not a PoP that was running on different 8bit platforms and I doubt the video is from unmodified 6502 C64. After reading how it was pushing limits of 16bit platforms I won't believe until some executable is shared. https://fabiensanglard.net/another_world_polygons/index.html Yes, it's a platformer but not one where you can use hardware sprites or text mode. You need not only to draw polygons (sometimes very big) but also copy the background each frame for redraw. In gfx mode it's very slow on 6502.
  11. I hardly believe AW is going to work on pure C64 in playable speed. You can do a few dozens of bresenham lines per frame on 6502. And that's for unfilled polygons.
  12. It's not for a standard C64 but for Mega65. The standard 6502 is way too slow to make so many filled polygons and there is nothing in the standard chips to help (like blitter)
  13. Yup. Millfork seems to be one of a very few true 8bit languages. Integer promotion to 16bit for arithmetic in other languages and has huge performance impact and is very hard to control either manually or by optimizer. Millfork's manual type conversion looks great, but can be confusing for users of other languages
  14. cool, thanks, looking forward for it!
  15. Looking at the trailer, is it only me for who the screen rotation effect is good looking but very quickly tiring? Is there an option to turn the rotation off and just keep the character gravity reversed?
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