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  1. I found on the archive.org the archive with code of the c64 Pinball Dreams demo - just posting it here not to have it lostDev.rar
  2. True, with just a XOR the cars would look semi-transparent. Repositioning of PMG would be really hard within DLI indeed. As in racing games everything move fast, probably the char mode is really the one feasible if we want to have many moving objects on the side of the road and colors.
  3. yup, missiles must be the same colors as players so only 3 players left to have other color of stripe. How CPU heavy do you think would be to have center line done by software gfx (maybe it could be XOR)?
  4. Just as stated above, it's just a few folks, not the whole atarionline community. I think the new character looks great and turban fits very well https://blogs.bl.uk/asian-and-african/2014/03/the-tales-of-darab-a-medieval-persian-prose-romance.html And with limited palette I don't understand how the clothing should get dirty/darker without even more sprite frames or changing also the colors of the walls.
  5. Looking at the discussion around Stunt Car Racer and xbios I hope the angry mob will understand how much time consuming it is to support all the "out of default" hardware or OS implants and modifications. As programmers we have limited time and do retro as a hobby, not asking money for our productions. Mob probably have no clue how much energy it takes to finish game and release. It's easy to get burn-out and leave project on 80% as a "tech demo". When I released His Dark Majesty years back I also got a lot of negative discouraging feedback "why you don't support QMEG, why don't it work on XYZ or ABC" and "WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO FIX THIS! IT'S NOT WORKING ON MY SUPERB ATARI HARDWARE FROM 21st CENTURY!". I'm crossing my fingers for success of this project and hope that toxic people will stay away from it.
  6. In CC65 https://cc65.github.io/ I did quite many games already - including e.g. His Dark Majesty or The Hunt (sources available) - in this and writing currently a small one (having free time). CC65 is mature tool, still in active development and allows to write very efficient code as long as you don't use dynamic memory allocation, pointers and structs. It also allows to put some specific variables on zero-page for very fast access in loops.
  7. I think even games like Dungeon Master or Eye of Beholder had usually just 2 (max. 3) types of enemies per level (if not for saving memory, then for variety of levels). I'd probably entering a level copy required data to the font slots. I'd also consider removing graphical representation of 4 directions in case of enemies and just keep them always facing the player.
  8. Is it because of the 128 chars in font set? Don't you use different font sets in different lines, changed in DLI? For speed up of drawing, if you use multiplication (*40 for screen pos) I recommend a lookup table. In my project written in C for drawing I use: // mul_lookup40 for mul [0,23] #define SetChar(x,y,a) video_ptr[(x)+mul_lookup40[(y)]]=(a); unsigned mul_lookup40[] = { 0, 40, 80, 120, 160, 200, 240, 280, 320, 360, 400, 440, 480, 520, 560, 600, 640, 680, 720, 760, 800, 840, 880, 920 };
  9. Looks as a really good start for DM game! What language do you use? The drawing is fast for fluent move but slow enough to require a double buffering. I really like how you organized the graphics to fit the byte boundaries.
  10. This is how it looks like when executed in Altirra (different settings produce the same results).
  11. Looks amazing! Btw, if you are curious how Dungeon Master maps and data structures are organized in original game, there is a lot on the DM fan page e.g. http://dmweb.free.fr/?q=node/217 Btw, the game.obx when executed shows wrongly rendered display for me.
  12. thanks for kind words! The COLBAK changes on the border are hidden by missile graphics.
  13. Hi,


    Firstly, I must thank you for creating such a great tool in the form of RastaConverter. As you've noticed, it's become something of a fun obsession for me!


    I'm curious- how do the rendered images avoid showing stripes in the borders as COLORBAK changes?  These stripes appear when the image is converted to a Graph2Font file...


    With best wishes (and again, many thanks)



  14. Sorry for misunderstanding. I understood the last posts that there were new issues discovered in Altirra and pictures displayed there were different from real Atari. RastaConverter to have the problem fixed would require serious refactoring and neither me nor Phaeron has time for this. Even simpler approach of identification problematic cases would be quite time consuming.
  15. If executed picture on real Atari and Altirra is different, report it to @phaeron . For sure he will be interested in fixing it.
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