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  1. Hi. The game was planned to be free to enjoy by Atari retro community. The paid boxed version is to cover only production costs. XEGS is a problematic system as very strange issues appear which are non deterministic, making resolving them very hard. Sorry about it. If anyone can find the cause we will provide a fixed version.
  2. Looking forward for the sources. I'm curious how the music is generated.
  3. I also agree that default font looks... default. It has great readability, but lacks aesthetic. I'd propose to some balanced font though - I got some negative comments about usability in "His Dark Majesty" ( example ) with font not enough readable esp. for people bad at English language. There is a nice series of articles about typography in games: https://medium.com/the-space-ape-games-experience/videogame-typography-part-1-effectiveness-ddc8d344139d
  4. Color + small changes in DLI?
  5. Hi, During the weekend there was a big demoscene event dedicated to sizecoding Lovebyte. There were competitions for oldschool (Atari, C64, ZX and others), high-end (DOS, Acorn, Linux) and virtual (Tic80, JavaScript) platforms with many great intros. More than 300 (!) productions were submitted for size-limited graphics, music and code categories, which made it the biggest demoscene event ever by the number of entries. Results are available here: https://www.pouet.net/party_results.php?which=1935&when=2021 Some competitions were mixing high-end and low-end platforms (e.g. 32 and 64 byte), some had them separated (128 bytes, 256 bytes). Here are my entries (source code included in the archives): Neon Fire - 32 bytes neon_fire-32.zip Unfolding - 64 bytes unfolding-64.zip Prokaryota - 128 bytes prokaryota-128.zip Sprout - 256 bytes sprout-256.zip Quarter Express - 256 bytes quarter-express-256.zip All of them were winning entries among old-school intros in all size categories. Atari power!
  6. What, how did you get out of my ignore list??? Was something changed on this forum? Going to review the settings.
  7. @Mark2008 - thanks for the explanation, but I'm still a bit confused here 🙂 You wrote that "If there is a prior art - a program with this type of scrolling, not parallax". Lets look at some definitions (Wikipedia): "Vanishing point is a point on the image plane of a perspective drawing where the two-dimensional perspective projections (or drawings) of mutually parallel lines in three-dimensional space appear to converge. " "Parallax is a displacement or difference in the apparent position of an object viewed along two different lines of sight, and is measured by the angle or semi-angle of inclination between those two lines" You asked for vanishing point examples but not parallax, however these come together: when vanishing point exists in the perspective and there are visible objects, then parallax appears. The Choplifter example you gave above has both vanishing point and parallax (objects in the distance move slower with horizontal scrolling): As long as you have parallel lines in 3D projection the vanishing point(s) will be there, with only one vanishing point if the parallel lines are perpendicular to a picture plane. If you are asking about any game with vanishing points, then any game with 3D projection counts there e.g. Rescue On Fractalus, flight simulators (like F15 Strike Eagle), laser lines in The Last Starfighter or Assault Force 3-D, Attack on the Death Star, BattleZone, DimensionX, Encounter!, first person perspective RPGs like Alternate Reality and ton of other games.
  8. Sure, depends on the use-case, but I had in mind the general complexity of the tool for a beginner.
  9. I would recommend much simpler tool than Graph2Font, which I often use for quick prototyping: http://matosimi.websupport.sk/atari/atari-fontmaker/
  10. I do not understand the post. If you are asking for help, then help with what?
  11. Cool, I didn't know such useful option exists there.
  12. I'd propose to set a breakpoint at the beginning and the end of the VBI code. If the breakpoint at the beginning triggers twice, before the ending one, then you crossed your cycle limit in this procedure.
  13. In CC65 there is one more intermediate layer between C functions (like fopen, fread etc) and OS routines: #include <fcntl.h> with functions such as open, read, write etc. - they are smaller variants of the fXXX functions.
  14. Seems that it's not enough to ignore an user, but it's great that this Forum system is prepared for such "driven by emkay" threads:
  15. Talking about XOR, here is an interesting article from 1983 by Chris Crawford describing this piece of code: LDA FIRST EOR SECOND AND SELECT EOR SECOND STA RESULT https://www.atarimagazines.com/compute/issue37/fragment_of_code.php
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