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  1. I was going to toss this out as a possible Amico game: The Awkward Storyteller But then it raised a question I’m not sure I’m totally clear on with the Amico like I thought I was... all games are designed to have a single-player mode, correct? If so, does that mean you’ll be able to play against AI in games like Blank Slate? Or will there be some exceptions to including single-player mode? The Awkward Storyteller seems like a great party game on the Amico, but I can’t visualize it as a singe-player game with AI, so that may rule it out for any consideration.
  2. I think I’ve learned to take articles like this with a grain of salt. Just happy to see the coverage. In my time in the media, sometimes a press release would sit for a long time before we got to it. For them, if they didn't check to see what the latest info was, they could simply be working off old info that was, at one time, correct. I imagine if the mistake is important enough to fix, someone from Intellivision will reach out if tons of fans haven’t done so already. The interview I just watched with Tommy had one purpose that I hadn’t heard before... showing the battery charge level of the controller. (Tommy can correct me if I got that wrong.)
  3. For those who like to follow articles about the Amico: Intellivision Amico Update: Everything We Know So Far I typically forget, then get really excited when I see it listed again, but I can’t wait for Miner 2049er. Such fond memories of that one way back. One of the relatively few games that was ported to just about every U.S. system.
  4. Microsurgeon... will it be marketed with more of a focus as an educational title? Obviously it will be designed so everyone, including us retro folks, will enjoy it. But as you’ve talked about the different categories of games you’ll have, Microsurgeon certainly falls into retro-reimagined, but I could see this getting an education focus in its marketing, too. Sure, it can be marketed in multiple ways... just wondered what category you primarily saw it placed in.
  5. This game is a somewhat rare case where I felt the Atari 2600 version was better than the Intellivision version, at least in terms of looks. At the time, I was really impressed with what Imagic was doing with the 2600. Their games looked better than what other companies were managing to squeeze out of the hardware at the time. Perhaps it was because they were restricted by what the console could do that their games typically had more a sparse yet sharp look look that gave it a different, cleaner feel... at least to me. Yet another title I’ll be curious to see on the Amico, as well as other Imagic games.
  6. I was going to make some crack about Sesame Street and Care Bears being among those select titles. But then I thought... that’s exactly the sort of thing grandparents would want to buy and give to their young grandkids on birthdays or Christmas. Some grandparents aren’t into giving money or figuring out how to gift a download code. So now I totally see those as among “select titles”.
  7. How about Atari VCS? “We have an exciting announcement! Turns out, building a console from the ground up is really tough! Who knew you needed to have some direction and a roadmap about what your console is really for and how it might fit in the marketplace? We were staggered to find out that just slapping a famous name on a product, constant product delays, and being really stingy in what we showed reporters and consumers didn’t protect us from valid criticism. So instead, we’ve decided to buy Intellivision! We can’t discuss financial terms, but we can say that as part of the agreement we had to literally kiss Tommy Tallarico’s ass and admit that his idea and creation of a console was better than ours.”
  8. That brought up a vision of a Microsoft Amico... when it breaks, you get a 'multi-color ring of death'. “Yeah, my console crapped out, but doesn’t it look impressive with all those flashing lights around it?”
  9. My mom and I played the 2600 together a lot when I was a kid and we’d always write the best scores on the back of the manual for a given game... our equivalent of “achievement recognition” back then. I am soooo sad I got rid of those manuals. I had them for a number of years, but in a purge of stuff, out they went.
  10. I loved Archon on my //e. That is another one that would be an instant buy on the Amico.
  11. Tommy, Where do things stand at this moment with the production of the Amico? The Covid delay pushed things out to April. Short of another worldwide shutdown, is there anything that might throw the schedule off or did pushing it out to April allow for all sorts of wiggle room if something unexpected happened? I remember not that long ago the issues where finding spots to stress test, getting enough people at once in the CA office, overseas production constraints because of all the companies needing those resources, etc... all due to Covid. So I was just wondering if you’re having to watch for anything specific at this point (not counting another shutdown) that would make you nervous about staying on track.
  12. Blank Slate is something I’m now really excited about. It’s the perfect family game for my house. It’ll certainly be one of the first purchases I make assuming it’s not delayed for some reason.
  13. And for those of us who have the personality sickness quirk that says, “Well, I already have most of the Amico games, so I might as well have the complete collection”, Grover, Big Bird, and the rest of the Sesame gang will be easy to justify. After all, it’s to complete the collection. (Plus, Grover is cool.) It just occurred to me... the Amico (regular edition) releases on tax day in the U.S. For those of us getting money back, a mass purchase of every launch title would be easy to justify, too. Wonder if Tommy and the crew would consider a launch week special... every launch game in one purchase package for some kind of discount. I’d be soooo tempted.
  14. Thank you for the gift of a free game on our birthdays. They’re very nice of Amico. Also, blowing out the candle on the controller and seeing it go out on the TV is pretty cool.
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