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  1. If you can run DiskIt and save it as a disk file, or sample the WAV at 44.1kHz, and take a photo of the cassette, please let me know!
  2. From page 5 on here: https://ftp.whtech.com/magazines/TIusers/tinsep83.pdf (September 1983). Does anyone have the actual program and/or manual for this? It's what went into the MiniWriter II/III/+ cartridges (and then WordWriter, Beyond Wordwriter, and the Editor in TI Workshop/Magic Memory). Also, I'm curious if the source for this ever got released.
  3. Talk about a conflict of interest. Wow.
  4. Some of the crap that I've seen (systems with missing keys and damage, etc) being sold for $150+ - it's crazy that people will even buy this. Even mislabeled stuff. Case in point: $175 - https://www.ebay.com/itm/133830339832?hash=item1f28e8ecf8:g:4PMAAOSwLyBg~1lN - look at those missing keys! $400 - https://www.ebay.com/itm/403181762298?hash=item5ddf8176fa:g:pfgAAOSw7JdhCly1 - Completely wrong description $30,000 - https://www.ebay.com/itm/265138901450?hash=item3dbb8291ca:g:FRwAAOSwlKhgg2qM - missing keys, and not even the whole computer (just part of the terminal) This is just a sample of the expensive pieces of junk that are being put on eBay by speculators trying to "cash in" on the vintage computer craze.
  5. He's in mine in case anything ever happens to me
  6. The whole eBay market just makes it hard for people like @Ksarul and I, who want to try and preserve some of the more rare stuff. The documentation (CB Wilson) treasure trove that we split cost on - the guy wanted $1500, but we had no choice - otherwise it would likely have never been seen again. The whole 'retro' market is nuts. For example, video games like SNES and NES consoles, are even way higher priced than needed. I've gone to buying Famicom and Super Famicom lots in Japan, which can go for cheap (I can get a Super Famicom deck for $10-$15 with multiple controllers and games, and also bundle for a discount on shipping) vs. getting them here domestically (I'm seeing SNES lots like those on FB Marketplace for $150-$200). I think it has to be a US centric thing, because I don't see (or at least have a hard time noticing) this going on in other countries. I really need to get a video quality corner setup in my basement to introduce some of this cool tech to people via YouTube videos. I've started cleaning up Jon Shack for that reason - I just need to figure out stands, cameras, etc.
  7. I don’t remember, but I could still easily touch it.
  8. Some interesting things I’ve found with my Grand RAM…. 1) U13, 74LS05 has a purposely bent out pin (10?) 2) Jumper wire between the 9901 pin 2 to U22, pin 10 3) Jumper wire between U9, 74Ls242N pin 12 and Q3 4) Jumper between what’s supposed to be D4 and R11, along with a cut trace between Q3 and R11. 5) A resistor across U17, pins 26 and 28.
  9. yep, a resistor ladder like this…. https://scalibq.wordpress.com/2017/11/28/the-covox-years/ Probably got inspiration from the Covox.
  10. It’s a Wafertape, TIs take on the stringy floppy by Exatron. Also, the Hexbus modem is what had the sticker on it
  11. It’s likely the Corcomp peripheral diagnostic program. I haven’t tried it yet. Also, the Hexbus video controller having the TMP9118NL is kind of neat. I wonder what made it a prototype in 1983? I notice it only has 4K of 4116s attached.
  12. It’s a prototype TMS70C20 CPU with 2K mask rom DSR. Those were used in Hexbus peripherals - even though they are the same CPU as the CC40, once in “embedded mode”, Stephen Reid mentioned, you really can’t get to the 2K ROM or hook it up and read it out. This being a prototype, I don’t know, though. There’s no data sheet on it.
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