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  1. I sometimes subscribe for one or two years - but sometimes forget to renew.
  2. We should get you in the TI-74/CC40 Discord channel. The original developer of it is there. Not sure how to invite to a Discord, but let me know your email in PM and I'll see if I can send you one if I can figure it out.
  3. Definitely. Got some “MG game cassettes” from him “new” a couple years back. Copies. I disputed the transaction with eBay and got him to refund me.
  4. Whatever happened to the Mechatronics company in Germany? Are these any community members here in contact with anyone who used to be a part of the company?
  5. I talked to Stephen. Yes, there was a TI-74 SDK. No, you cannot get it any longer, and it also required a NDA because it is TI Proprietary information. So, it’s a catch 22. To open source it would require that Stephen interrupt his other work to review it and be made available to answer questions about the code - which also, he doesn’t have time to do. If there are particular questions about things like the cartridge pinout that we can get him to answer that don’t violate his work agreement, we can ask.
  6. That appears to be just shielding - make sure the ribbon cable is okay. I know that where the cable attaches to the actual card can likely be repaired (if you cut back the firehose cable past the damage), but I have no idea how to re-mount the cable onto the connector - it's a strange crimp type connection.
  7. We can likely design new ones. From what Stephen Reid mentions, the bank switch code locations are static (you roll your own routines and put them in a specific spot.) We can probably ask him if he has any developer documentation for the 74 - I think he likely still has access. I'll see what he knows.
  8. They're slightly different. Gazoo modified the sidecar versions for me. Original thread here: 9900ces-DSR-no-autostart.bin
  9. The challenge would be the embedded 4K ROM on the CPU. I also think the E/A was the only cart to actually take advantage of it. Were there any prototype manuals released for it?
  10. We have the specs of the LCD now - maybe we can do like this guy and get like 250 new ones made? Of course, we would probably want to get someone good at drawing diagrams to re-draw this in a clearer format.
  11. I sent him a link to the TI Mega Demo to blow his mind. [emoji6]
  12. As promised, here is an archive with the MAME drivers for the CC-40 and CC-40+. Can someone please upload to the proper place on WHTech? cc40-mame.zip
  13. Hah, this thread is still active. I have a small amount still left to scan, but nothing too interesting.
  14. Well, found an issue with the main ROM 32K dump for the +. Don't worry (or don't panic). The main 32K ROM for the + is the same as the CC-40! The only difference between the CC-40 and the CC-40+ is that the + has a 4K Mask ROM, and that was dumped properly. Also, Hap has updated the MAME emulation to support the CC-40+, including cassette save! I'll update the archive here shortly once I get the MAME formatted archive from HAP. It will be in MAME 0.231. Mame link: https://github.com/mamedev/mame/blob/master/src/mame/drivers/cc40.cpp
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