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  1. You would be a great person as well. Maybe trading it back and forth would be beneficial.
  2. We should put the archive that someone made in the links thread. Also maybe think of contingency plans for exporting AA someone too one day just in case. https://www.engadget.com/2019/10/16/yahoo-groups-to-shut-down/
  3. I have an idea as well; I don’t know how feasible it is. The cpu for the CC-40 TMS70C20 has something like 2K of processor ROM in the top of the memory map where a lot of core system routines were held (Hexbus, file saving and loading, etc.) The TI-74 used a TMC70C40, and had 4K of processor ROM, including the data routine that pulsed the MSB or LSB Hexbus line to save/load from cassette. TI-74: F000-FFFF - 70C46 ROM (4K) CC-40: F000-F7FF - Unused (2K) F800-FFFF - 70C20 Processor ROM (2K) I wonder if we can overlay the 4K of processor ROM from the CC-40+ that Ksarul has into a regular 40 and then put some resistor dividers or other cleanup circuitry and make a cassette cable for the 40?
  4. Please let this go to someone who will clean this up, and restore it and take good pictures for the community. I highly suggest Ksarul.
  5. You guys mean something like this? They were prototyped, and went over Hexbus. The Editor Assembler for the CC-40 can use it. Michael Becker of SNUG actually rebuilt the prototype. Someone, somewhere has the schematics (like the guy who sent me these pictures.)
  6. Count me in for a couple 8M. One thing I really want to figure out is that TI Workshop somehow wipes my RAM disks when I used it.... so must have been some errant writes over the DSR space. In case anyone wants to debug :-). It’s a long standing bug in the CRU and 379 bank switch versions.
  7. Assembly dumps that SNUG (M. Becker) made a while back somehow. There’s a disc floating around on here with the proper dumps that work in the HSGPL that I imaged. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/184672-mb-cartridge-with-1k-of-ram/ Someone should really sticky the MBX disk images in the software thread, as I seem to search for it every year or so. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. You guys should read the TI source code for the console GROMs.. some fun stuff in here. Console GROM Source Code 1-Monitor 1982-08-25 Console GROM Source Code 2-Cassette 1982-08-25 Console GROM Source Code 3-EDIT-HC 1982-08-25 Console GROM Source Code 4-PSCAN 1982-08-25 Console GROM Source Code 5-FLMGR 1982-08-25 Console GROM Source Code 6-EXEC 1982-08-25 Console GROM Source Code-Monitor Page 33 console source.zip
  9. Another Georgia guy! Yep, it’s been a scorcher of a summer.
  10. Did you build the cheat codes in? You should also announce any beta here so we can have fun.... 🙂 As the one that posted the scanned Munchman source code up here (I got it directly from John Phillips), I'm pretty impressed with your iOS app! I also think I put Moonmine and Hopper up there, and there might be some more.
  11. Speaking of reconditioned, I took apart a reconditioned unit that was turning on to a white screen this past weekend. We checked the power, and were getting a solid plus and minus five and plus 12. Unseated and reseated the 9918A. There wasn’t a sound chip power up or such - no noise and no “shutting up” nor beep. The power supply transformer and cable worked fine on another TI, so we ruled them out. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. acadiel


  13. A lot of this stuff wasn't even tested against a /4. The /4 also doesn't do ROM only carts (or at least the one that I have doesn't.)
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