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  1. I don’t think it would be against the rules asking the person in the group who was buying the EGROM and GSIM boxes to give them a link to this group so we could talk to them to see if they mind sharing info on them.
  2. I hope the seller can direct them here so we can ask them. You have the only other one and it would be good to compare the two.
  3. It’s a trend. Especially for something as specialized like this. Trust me, I have seen it too many times. If the winner does show up and offer to document it, I’ll apologize... but I’m not holding my breath.
  4. Someone really wanted it too. $202.50. All it is either a DSR ROM that overrides or it is in the interrupt vector. It’s not really a cartridge per se. I tried bidding on it so I could take it apart and document it, but someone wanted it way more. Lol! This collection craze for older stuff “just to have it and not use it” is really starting to turn me off. IMHO, if you want it, don’t hog it and share info about it with the community, especially undocumented stuff. I have no respect for “collectors” who just want to have it rather than appreciate it. Maybe money is the root of all evil after all.
  5. Which is why I’m glad that Ksarul, Fabrice, Klaus, and others are getting these prototypes - there are a lot of people who don’t spend the time to photo and document these for the community. (Example: Someone bought Michael Becker’s Hexbus Video prototype years ago on eBay and it was never seen again.) I had a blast preserving the Gram Kracker documentation. They all do an awesome (and sometimes thankless) job. My collection is up for photos and tear downs if anyone requests such. Although, most is what others have already. The exception being my Arcturus and Killer Caterpillar cartridges, my pride and joys.
  6. Here are other pictures for the modem and GSim/GromSIM items: http://aug.99er.net/unreleased.htm The modem is likely a Super Modem prototype. The EGROM box looks like a rough prototype. Steve Egger’s picture looks like a more refined model. The GSIM board is missing the box, panel, PSU, etc. I believe Ksarul inherited/acquired some of the above from Steve. I’m still waiting on a Plant Genetics cart prototype.
  7. Glad that a preservationist got it! Please put plenty of pictures. Drooling in anticipation.
  8. Here’s the command set it supposedly uses: https://www.espressif.com/sites/default/files/documentation/4a-esp8266_at_instruction_set_en.pdf Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. Jaime Malilong started selling a DB9 Wifi (not sure which firmware he's using on the ESP8266 yet) with a power splitter to work with the NanoPEB. There's lots of these floating around, including ones that Arcadeshopper sells. We might need to do a feature comparison for firmware, etc, somewhere.
  10. Do we have a master list if all the Basic music coded by Sam Moore Jr? If not, lets start here..... dump songs below. I’ll compile them into a master disc and put a menu on them. They are all scattered ... some I found on BBSes, some on TigerCub, and some on the DTIHCG disks.
  11. I bid on it, but will likely get outbid. I can see this going for more than $2K.
  12. Kind of interesting that they wanted a separate RAM expansion connector (separate from the I/O), and wanted to attach it to the VDP. I’m guessing they decided later on just to incorporate the 16K altogether to the VDP. I wonder what the show stopper was for the IR remote. Also, if anyone has pictures of the vestigial IR cutout from inside a 99/4, or speaker, or headphone jack, or volume slider. Or better yet, motherboard placement on early 99/4 units for any of this stuff.
  13. I always wondered why they called it a “handheld unit”. Kinda makes sense now. Thanks for tracking these folks down, Bryan!
  14. The intro where it rapidly fades in and out of the master title screen is Cool. But yeah, the “fire on a Morg next to two Cacti” = three Cacti is them purely not understanding gameplay of the original.
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