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  1. I got one too and love it, though I REALLY wish they'd just release one with a freaking SD card slot. :/
  2. I encourage you! Bruce Lee was/is one of my all time favorite games ever. In fact I have not played a good solid Bruce Lee based game nearly as good as it till the one that came out on the Gameboy Advanced. BTW your screens look better to me than the Windows version.
  3. I did just that for the past couple of years, and that is why I finally came public about it. I understand that people have real live's and that this is about material objects that's why I have not sent Sloopy any hate mail, but again it has been years, and the communication has been minimal, so it is little wonder that I have became concerned and decided to finally voice my concerns openly and in the forums after all this time. Anyhow, if real life is giving him the shaft then fine, I understand that, but an apology and a lengthy letter explaining circumstances in a bit more detail would have been nice. Anyhow, thank you for doing just that, especially considering this is not your problem. I'll go back to waiting patiently again.
  4. Ya it's like this... and mind you, I've been trying to be understanding and keep my mouth shut publicly, but it's actually been a LOT of months, years in fact. I sent a 130XE which I botched up to Metal about 3 years ago. While he had it, I ordered two VBXE's, so I mailed the one down to Metal to install while he had my stuff. He then needed some sort of adaptor which Sloopy was supposed to send to him, and he is still waiting. Mind you, I told Metal to hold onto my 130XE till Sloopy mailed the adaptor, but that's been FOREVER ago. In the mean time, I had Sloop work on a couple Atari's for me, which he did and I was happy. I then had an Amiga 600 which I mailed to him to have recapped because I was having audio issues, but never received it back, I only get messages stating that he's having personal issues. I then later get aPM from him asking me for $60 to help him with a situation. He said if I could do that, he'd call it even, recap the 600 and mail it back to me. Well I sent him the money, but never heard back about my 600. I watied a while, then wrote him because the warrenty on an expansion I'd bought for my 600 was about to run out, and I needed the 600 recapped also so I could see if that was causing issues with my expansion as well as the audio. Well again I got a message talking about personal issues and this and that, but insuring me that he'd get right on it. Well my warrenty expired, I moved a couple times, and finally after 6 or so months wrote again (a couple weeks ago in fact), and here he is saying he just moved and that the 600 is in storage and that he'll fish it out for me... ...still waiting for a reply. Not very happy to say the least.
  5. I'm still waiting to receive my machines back with the original one. Again, sloop, supposed to send an adaptor to Texas so Metal can finish the task.... ...been MONTHS now. Would be nice to check out even the original.
  6. I was hoping someone would do something like this!
  7. Thank you a million, about to try it out!!!
  8. It's Windows 7, it set my clock to AM when it should be PM.
  9. Strange. Thankx for the heads up!
  10. Is the latest NTSC version available only in cart? I am not seeing a download for it.
  11. Best thing I have played since Yoomp!
  12. I have a few XBOX's laying around that I do not have the original drives for. What I would like to do is install a temporary MOD chip on then long enough to flash the internal Eprom of the mother board and set up the hard drive. To do this I really want to avoid a solder based solution, as there would be too much risk in soldering the wires and unsoldering them only to solder them agian to another mother board. So I'm wondering, are there any stores in the States or Canada that still sells these combitions such as the Xecuter 2.6 with Pogo adaptor, or other models? If not, does anyone have one they could sell that they are no longer using? Thankx!
  13. Nuxx drive is sold. There may be interest in the 1Mb RAM kit yet, I am just waiting to here back from the fellow to make sure. Thank you again.
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