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  1. Sears used to have color monitors with RCA inputs as well. I still have the one I purchased when I purchased my Atari XEGS. I left it at my parents house unfortunately since I moved so I can't look at the model number really. It doesn't matter now, it seems that the tube is leaking or the gun is weakening or some such since the image will sometimes expand then contract suddenly once in a great while. I know that there's a box floating about somewhere that will allow you to convert the feed from RCA to the VGA(?) inputs on most modern monitors. They seem to be more-or-less popular with the newer consoles like Dreamcast, XBox, and what not. I looked at it a few times (I'll try to find a link, I think spotted one at Amazon) but the cost of it and considering I already have multiple monitors and T.V.s that I'm quite happy with, I couldn't justify buying it myself.
  2. Is this going to be sold in the AA store or is it going to be released as a ROM?
  3. When I saw the title of this post, I thought it was a new Adventure game... 3D Adventure actually. Since I was thinking Z meant the Z buffer commonly referred to in modern 3D games.... So I'm not sure if Nintendo would have a fit over a game or title like that. It's not like you're equating yourself with Zelda... are you? Still good though... I would like to give it a shot.
  4. ::Bookmarks page:: I didn't even know Atari had their own Arcade tokens. I hope to God I kept the old Aladdins Castle and other tokens from the Arcades in Reno. There was this Arcade there that changed owners at least three times (before going out of business) and had at least a dozen different tokens that the machines would accept. There might be an Atari toekn in there somewhere.
  5. I'll hop in for a quick dip and say this. I like them both. The Lynx has some really cool ideas that I haven't seen implemented anywere. Especially in the later Lynx II. That screen flipping thing was my fav, especially with Gauntlet. Now that I'm ten years older, I don't have any time or need to play portable gaming. So getting a GBA is not high on my list of needs. I was planning on getting the GBA add-on for the Gamecube which acts a lot like the Super Gameboy for the Super Nintendo. But my ex-girlfriend broke up with me this month and she's taking the GCN (but at least I keep my PS2 ). But in a pinch though, I find that comparing the Lynx to the Gameboy Advance is a bit like comparing a 1839 Ford to a 2002 Ford. They're in the same category but they're in entirely different leagues from each other. Then you have to consider that I'm tainted with my love for Atari and the Lynx since that was the portable I chose over the three other choices around at the time. Now if Atari stuck around (and survived) in the console business and they came out with a Nex-Gen Lynx, then we would have a viable discussion. Not to rag on anybody here mind you.
  6. It's also not really fair, in my mind, to compare the Infogrames atari with the Atari of yesteryear. Yeah, I know the arguments. Companies like IBM have been around for years, much longer than any of its CEOs have been alive. But it's not the same. The deal with Atari is like someone trying to bring back the Delorean. Sure, the name is there, but is it the same company then? No not really. Delorean died and so did Atari. What Infogrames had done is essentially dig up the Atari corpse, mount the skeleton in a glass case in a museum, then charge a fee for people to gawk at it. I will not now, nor will I ever in the future consider Infogrames atari the same company as Atari.
  7. Tramiel was a fucking maniac and an asshole. I'll have to look up the various dates, but this is what I know about Tramiel. Back in Tramiel's day, Commodore was the Microsoft of the early 80's. Commodore accountants would always demand prompt payment from those who owed the company money. However, Commodore would work its ass off to actually avoid making payments to those that they owed money to. A classic example would be chip manufacturers. Commodore would promise payment as long as the company continued to ship chips. However, without any income, the chip manufactuer couldn't stay solvent so the owners would be forced to sell during bankruptcy. Commodore would then swoop in like a vulture, buy the company, then forgive its own depts. Commodore did this because they had a variety of investment practices. By holding onto the money as long as possible meant they could take advantage of a variety of high interest rates. As high as 18% in 1981 for example. With this practice, no one in Silicon Valley liked his company. California magazine once ranked Tramiel as 3rd on the list of, "Bosses from Hell." Investigations showed that Tramiel and a lending firm in Canada were involved in some sort of financial scandal involving bloated interest rates, misleading financial statements and two fake companies. Tramiel was never indicted and his partner in Canada died before a full inviestigation could be launched. All that was before Atari. I'm sure everyone here knows what happened when he took over Atari
  8. I've seen that site before. I thought that was the guy that managed to get all those carts from the old mine? He has another source for his carts? Where's the story on his site? To be honest, I don't visit his site much. The horrendous organization and god awful colors only server to deter casual buyers
  9. I have Atari 2600 extension cables that have only 6 of the 9 pins wired. These cables won't work with something like a Colecovision. I have seen Y cables that had less than 9 pins wired as well. The reason, I dunno, maybe cost savings? I'm just guessing here since I can't find any place that has these Y adapters but would the dead pins be pins 5, 7, and 9? I'm just guessing since I think the Paddles are already Y'ed out and there'd be no reason (that I can think of from an engineering stand point) to Y out any of the other controllers.
  10. Although.... now that I think about it. I can't imagine why an Atari Y cable would require some pins to be disabled on any sort of extension or adapter.
  11. Can't vouch for an old console, but newer systems sometimes need to know which joystick they're polling. A good example for some forgotton console is the port would have all the pins connected to both joysticks except for two. One pin goes to one joystick and the other goes to the other. I remember that since I tried to make my own, longer, cable once and it didn't work properly. So used a voltmeter to figure out the configuration. Ideally though, they should have all their pins connected I suppose. never really thought about it.
  12. O Shea? Burned? Dang, I hate feeling like an idiot. Time to search the web yet again.....
  13. Woah! That's quick! For $15, I might get a little picky about scratches across the surface though. However, if you do go and pick me up a nice copy with a manual, that'd be fair. It's a tad expensive, but no one around my local area has a copy that I've found. Now let's see if I can figure out how these other buttons work.... *Pokes Private button to see what happens*
  14. That's pretty much it. Wonderdog for the SEGA CD. I'm writing an article and I would like a copy of the game. Checked eBay and it came up once since I started looking and it was part of a lot that went for too much money. I must be using the wrong key terms for the eBay bot. Nothing to trade since I haven't inventoried my collection yet But I'll pay a bit of money for it. [ADDED] Oh yeah, and before I forget. A manual is a must. It's a part of what I'm working on. If no one is willing to sell their copy, could I borrow it? Nah... I don't think anyone will let me borrow it, but it wouldn't hurt to ask.
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