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  1. Man, I'm not buying, but I just want to say that I hope things turn out well for you in the end. I absolutely hate seeing someone suffer because of some jerk, and I hope they get caught. I wish you the best. :S
  2. Hullo! I'm looking for an official AC adapter for a model 1 Genesis. eBay and Amazon prices are really getting out of hand... Anyone have any spares?
  3. Am I the only one who noticed that the photos for the stick listing were taken over 100 years in the future? Stick does look cool though, but galagafirstdefender's experience is kinda turning me off... By the way, DO NOT buy those 6 button pads. They're really REALLY horrible knock offs, like, half the size of the original and made of only the finest of cheap plastics. D-pad moves horribly, buttons feel awkward, and if there is a mode button (some do, some don't) it won't be wired in. The only thing they're good for is for taking apart and being used as a PCB in a homemade arcade stick, and even then I don't even think the mode button has a trace on the PCB.
  4. Thanks for the replies everyone! Lots of good information here. I appreciate it. However... @jacobus: Really?! I'll send you a PM immediately!
  5. Hi. I grew up with an Atari 1040ST. I had like, everything. Modems, printers, one of those huge hard drive enclosures that the colour monitor would sit on top of, tons of disks, games, joysticks, manuals, dust covers, a Forget-Me-Not clock, everything. And then one year my basement flooded, and I stupidly chucked everything. Probably my biggest regret as far as computer collecting goes. Out of pure nostalgia alone I decided to go back and look for a new 1040ST, but I found all the prices on eBay are, well... way out of my range. What are reasonable prices for even just a system, hard drive and monitor? I'd also like to note that I live in Canada, so prices would probably be different here, than say, anywhere in Europe.
  6. Hello! I'm looking to convert a couple Ms. Pac-Man arcade boards to regular Pac-Mans. Does anyone happen to have any spare 5E and 5F original character ROM chips for sale? Thanks!
  7. YEESSSS!!!! Being subscribed to this thread and lurking it for 5+ years, I always get excited when I see new posts in my inbox. Glad to see more progress finally!! It's looking VERY good!!
  8. Hello! I know there's a way to change the frequency of the Jaguar from 50 to 60hz and vice versa, but is there also a way to mod a Jaguar to display either PAL or NTSC colour modes? If so, could someone point me in the right direction? I have a PAL TV to play it on (Which I prefer for Tempest 2000), but I can't bring my Jag to my friends' houses for they have NTSC TVs and they don't do PAL colours. (NTSC sets are using composite)
  9. Ah! So there are 400s on eBay with different keyboards? I guess I wasn't looking hard enough... actually I don't see any right now but I'll continue to look. Truth is, I don't even own an Atari 8-bit yet! I've always had a special love and desire for the 400 but that keyboard, man. But if I can find one on there, then yes!! If not, well... if anyone knows anyone, let me know please!
  10. ohi! Anyone know where I can buy a replacement keyboard for an Atari 400 system, a non-membrane one? Like, actual type-writer style keys. Something like this: http://i465.photobucket.com/albums/rr19/f00thead/345b1839.jpg Thanks!
  11. So I've heard of stories where it took the Atari 7 hours on the hardest difficulty setting to make a move on its Chess game. I remember turning it on and getting bored after waiting a few minutes staring at a blank screen as the poor CPU thought. Has there been anyone insane enough to play through a full game of Chess on the 2600? Anyone actually play through a full game on the hardest setting? Seriously, I'm curious to know if ANYONE out there has ever had the patience to play a full Chess game on the Atari, so I can both slap and hug them for it.
  12. Sir, I feel like such an idiot now. Thank you. Very much.
  13. I use an arcade power supply for my supergun. I run my Neo Geo MVS (both a 2 slot and a smaller 1 slot) and other JAMMA boards on it just fine. I would recommend a proper arcade power supply for sure.
  14. I've been playing around with Mac OS 9 recently and I heard Derek Ledbetter made an Atari 800 emulator for the classic Mac OSes. Upon looking around I can't find it anywhere. The original site got taken down. If it was free, does anyone have it by any chance, and could they send me a copy please? Thanks!
  15. How much is a boxed copy going to be? I'd be interested.
  16. This is awesome. I've been wanting to learn ASM for a while too but I had a hard time with every other resource. I like how this guy compares the routines to BASIC. Makes it so much easier for me to learn. Though from what I understand this is for the Atari 8-Bit line of computers and not the 2600 eh? Still a good learning point (and I hear the 2600 is much harder anyways). What's a good assembly compiler for Windows to use for Atari computer applications? Will DASM work?
  17. Four controller ports?! Were all four ever used?
  18. Ah aight thanks! Mine's a light. Good to know!
  19. How can you tell the difference between a Light and Heavy Sixer? EDIT: Aside from the obvious weight difference. I got a Sixer at the end of my bed but I've never felt both variations so I can't tell whether it's the heavier or lighter.
  20. There's a minor bug. When you die, the enemy's shot stays in the exact same spot. Sometimes it results in dying as soon as the level starts.
  21. I'd say Dark Cavern is more like Wizard of Wor. It's got that Pacman linear hallway thing going on. Still worth checking out though!
  22. Yea I played Marauder for my first time yesterday. It's pretty much awesome. A shame it wasn't one of the more popular titles. It really is great! Venture is cool too but the 2600 port pales in comparison to the other ports. Still fun though but not as engaging. If you want Venture to be fast try the ColecoVision version.
  23. I don't have access to the game this very second, but I drew a pretty accurate mockup in everyone's favourite drawing program.
  24. This is awesome and addictive. I had to be pulled away from it. This needs to be on cart.
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