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  1. There's this person who creates web comics for all the From software titles, I think its pretty amazing. Here's a thread to all of his Bloodborne work:
  2. For me 2019 is the year that I have learned to tone down expectations a lot when it comes to gaming. Wouldn't say it was a terrible year, my favorite releases make it all up for me at least, but some games I was convinced that they couldn't do wrong turn out to be <subjective opinion> mediocre.</subjective opinion> Sekiro, Borderlands 3 and Astral Chain are my favorites of 2019. Days Gone, Rage 2, Death Stranding and Anthem were the more mediocre experiences for me.. Death Stranding being the biggest disappointment for me.
  3. Amazing work! The whole scene is booming with life lately, very interesting! I think for homebrew & potential copyright infringement you can always decide to release a ROM into the wild where it'll live its own life. Once you receive some kind of cease & desist letter I'm not sure you should ever release it afterwards.. that could get you into legal trouble which for sure isn't worth your time and money. Then again, I'm not a lawyer or do I know a lot about copyright. It sucks how a lot of these fan-made projects are being stopped with cease & desist once it starts to gain traction.
  4. Ninjabba

    Wyvern Tales

    It's true that the random encounter rate is quite high compared to more modern jrpgs, generally there are options nowadays to regulate the encounter rate. I based the encounter rate on classics like the original Dragon Quests and FFs, I think I even toned it down compared to those games. I wanted to have a potion that would decrease the encounter rate for a little time, but had to sacrifice this feature during the final stages of development when I realized I ran out of space.
  5. I've played the game at a friend's place for a bit, got some mixed feelings out of it.. love the art direction and the unfolding mystery as a whole, but gameplay wise maybe my expectations are a bit skewed.. MGS5 is easily one of my favorite games of the last gen, it has such amazing sandbox gameplay that I feel there are some missed opportunities with Death Stranding.. or maybe its too early in the game for me to make any judgement. I probably need to sit down with it on my own to get a better understanding. Anyway, whats up with the product placement. The blatant Monster energy drink promotion is just cringe.. really killed some immersion for me.
  6. Wow that's quite a massive amount of content. I made my mind up by giving scores to replayability, completion and technical achievement to each of the projects, making it incredibly hard to decide still.
  7. Took me forever to cast a vote, you guys did a marvelous job with the competition! I've played all games on my holiday using retroarch, all of them were playable, some had glitches, hope to see them all in polished/full release state in 2020
  8. Took out Shadow of Yharnam and Rom this morning in my NG+ run.. also ran into Ludwig again, but man does he look impossible all of a sudden.. I'm waiting for a price drop on Sekiro, after looking at a lot of Twitch streams I figured its worth a shot at some point.
  9. Guess its worth the announcement in this thread, I finally beat Bloodborne + DLC a week ago. Instantly started NG+ and destroyed the first 6 bosses in an evening. Been reading a lot of mixed opinions about Sekiro.. the setting sounds amazing, but then I've read about people getting exhausted from the battles since they need a lot of concentration, way more than other From Software titles. As much as I like a challenge, I did find the Orphan battle exhausting as well.. been stuck for months on that boss, got way overleveled before I could beat it, which is why NG+ so far is a walk in the park. So comparing boss fights between Sekiro and Bloodborne, how does Sekiro boss battles do compared to Orphan of Kos?
  10. That would be interesting! I'll be in Japan 2nd till 13th of November. Kicking it off in Tokyo
  11. Ninjabba

    Wyvern Tales

    PM me your email address and I will add you. Cheers!
  12. Enjoyed last year a lot, but won't be able to make it this year... finally getting ready for my (first) trip to Japan those dates. Looking forward to see what you guys cooked up though!
  13. Just started playing RE7, they definitely nailed the atmosphere in the first 2 hours of the game when you're just cluelessly walking around.. haven't been this anxious playing a game for a long time. Silent Hill 1 and RE1 (gamecube remake) still are my favorites horror survival games. The sound design in both games do such a great job creating the right atmosphere.
  14. Ninjabba

    Wyvern Tales

    There should be more produced this year yes. If you PM me your email address I'll add you to the waiting list.
  15. Interesting puzzle game. Great work so far!
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