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  1. Spent some hours in Death Stranding, was hyped to the max for that game prior to its release, and a friend bought it partly because I kept shoving trailers in his face. I figured out within the hour that game is definitely not for me (I'm still puzzled what audience it is meant for).. I generally don't like games that don't respect the time of the gamer, and DS was definitely pushing it beyond that limit for me. Pokemon seems to be the most popular franchise out there, so I had to give it a shot at some point, trying to understand the popular mechanics as a game dev. Somewhere it was described as a glorified rock-paper-scissor game, which I kind of felt as well.. not much strategy going into any battle. I do like some aspects of the gameplay, it being extremely leisure, but I don't get how its so popular over other games that have more to offer. The story/lore is cringe, and for what it is, I feel like Pokemon could have done something more interesting providing some actual information in that pokedex about the real animal kingdom to make up for the lack of gameplay.
  2. Finally got around to play Sekiro and gotta admit I find it absolutely stunning. The boss fight with the Guardian Ape is probably one of my favorite boss fights in any From Software games. Now I understand why opinions on this game are so split because of the battle mechanics. The attack/deflect mechanic is a little hard to master compared to the frantic dodging in the Soulsborne games, but once you have it figured out Sekiro becomes this amazing challenge where the one-on-one battles feel more fair than what I encountered in Bloodborne (Ludwig and Orphan, looking at you guys). Some of the mini bosses in Sekiro still feel like a big joke, I can't see myself even trying to attempt the Headless ones..
  3. Felt like I missed a boat some years ago.. the price has jumped from 35 euros when I joined the scene again in 2009 to over a 150 when I search the local markets today. Got one McWill modded and an original Lynx 2, but both have sound issues. Good enough for development, but a bit of a bummer to hear the results after of nights plowing through Chipper and listening to it on the actual hardware.
  4. I realize I come across a bit harsh in my opinion, but that might stem from some experience with nasty sellers (on Ebay mainly) that somehow managed to sell (unfinished) homebrews and repros of protos for top dollar. I fully understand that there are collectors out there that are interested in collecting anything related to the Lynx history, I'm definitely one of them, and having an actual cartridge is a plus for people who don't own a flashcard. What I mainly am referring to is indeed releasing the contents of those protos to the community so you can make a better informed decision whether its worth spending your money on it as well as having some talented people on here having a go at it, like you mention. From the original thread it seems that this is actually the plan, so lets wait and see.
  5. Actually had a more thorough look at thebrewingacademy, didn't realize there were links to actual gameplay on YouTube. First time I see gameplay from Guardians which is quite interesting. In any case, personally not a fan of people making money from repros of protos.. I don't see the point in collecting copies of unfinished products. I joined AA years ago initially to specifically find more information on Daemonsgate. Someone shared the ROM with me and within a few minutes I could conclude its in such an unfinished state that it wasn't fun at all. Now imagine paying for that experience..
  6. I was wondering about this page.. feels like whoever is running that shop is breaching a ton of copyright (EotB for sure, and idk about a lot of the other titles) and is very non-transparent about the actual contents of those carts. I'd be careful getting copies of Daemonsgate (super buggy, poor gameplay) and I've never seen any content from Guardians other than some screenshots. Is there anything known about the completeness of that prototype?
  7. I like that design you're proposing, though the front part being thin makes me wonder if its a good option. Nonetheless, I think it makes sense to have some alternative boxes for homebrew.. for years I've been contacting print shops to discuss the original design, but it comes with a hefty cost and can only be done in larger quantities where I live. The easiest way to overcome this is to deviate from the norm. At the end of the day, I personally appreciate a good package more than the fact if its being true to the original.
  8. Thanks to this topic I found out about Teenage Engineering and resulted in spending hundreds of euros on their synths, just what I needed
  9. I'm working towards a new batch which hopefully will be finished some time during the summer. There should be plenty for sale again from then on.
  10. Batman was the first game I had on the Lynx and the difficulty wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't for the awful rooftop jumping.. its just cheap. I think I always had to throw a ton of batarangs before jumping to make sure you wouldn't get shotgunned during your jump.. so cheap.. I did manage to beat the game in the end, but that must've been those gaming superpowers you have as a kid. Crystal Mines 2 is where its at for me, made me re-buy the Lynx in 2008 again. Buried Treasure is a worthy followup.
  11. Co-op would've been fantastic though. Who cares about glitches when you're wreaking havoc with a friend in that world
  12. https://crpgbook.wordpress.com/ Been buying some Bitmap books lately and noticed that the CRPG book is freely available online. Thought to share it here, though it also lists modern games.
  13. I can only play online co-op games, and those I generally play with friends, not strangers, though I recall some amazing moments in The Division in terms of online "comradery"; people that would help you out getting you to the next upgrade or share some valuable items. Talked to some strangers that were passionate about some of the weapons that you could win as a reward. This feeling quickly evaporated when going into that Dark Zone though.. hackers and overpowered players trying to ruin all the fun. Initially I thought it was exciting to wander around that place, it felt quite suspenseful, but once you had to go to some extraction point to get your items out, it quickly became apparent how broken that PvP environment was. I think that was my last real online experience.. after that I've only played online co-op with friends.
  14. Beautiful work! Everything looks polished and outstanding.. Hats off to you sirs! I'll be diving into this a little more after work How many stages are there to be enjoyed?
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