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  1. Although this doesn't apply on me, I also feel that the double thumb controls dictate too much in the market. I know plenty of people that loved the idea of playing games (they are in awe when I show them some of the amazing last-gen games), but have zero feeling for the controls making it impossible for them to enjoy anything that is 1st/3rd person these days. Its pretty sad to be locked out of such a huge market. Right now I overcame the fatigue, went back to some arcade and even LCD games.. stuff to pick up for a brief moment and let me continue my day. The only last-gen game I'm enjoying is Cyberpunk 2077 and I'm playing it at the speed of a snail.. 10 hours in and did only a few missions so far. Driving around aimlessly enjoying the views and music radios in that game already give me plenty of satisfaction it seems.
  2. Looking forward to the final result! I've been digging into LCD games a little more, also due to the Mario Game & Watch that was released last year. I've been toying with the idea to make a few for the Lynx based on some of the classic ones just to get myself into Lynx dev again without doing something too ambitious. If you want to stay faithful to the originals, you can add a single beep sound and call it a day I think most of them didn't have any music and barely sfx other than the mandatory beep. Good luck with the final steps!
  3. I will revive the email list soon, its been stale for some years now, and will also announce it on the official thread as well. The next batch should be plenty for everyone to get a copy! But yeah let's keep this conversation going on the official thread so we don't lose track
  4. Ninjabba

    Wyvern Tales

    Hi all, Things are moving slowly but indeed work is being done to have a new batch this year. I wanted to announce it once I have a little more to show, but after reading in another thread that people are willing to buy the game at high prices from Ebay, its probably best to announce that you probably want to wait a little longer and buy from the new batch.
  5. There's still work being done to create a new batch, but due to the pandemic things have been slowed down a lot. The plan is to have a new batch available this year.
  6. I'm a big fan of the PSP/3DS/Switch exactly for the reason of picking up a game and putting it down whenever you feel like. Currently also going through all the DS Castlevania games and having a blast with them. Some of these modern games feel like they want to take over your life indeed. I'm currently enjoying Cyberpunk2077 quite a lot, but my playtime is about ~2 hours a week and it doesn't feel like I'm getting anywhere.
  7. The spawning problem itself could be fairly easy to fix yes; even if it creates other bugs, I rather have cops being spawned in illogical places outside of sight rather than on top of me. But there might be limitations in the engine to deal for example with the crowd density. Sometimes the easiest ideas can run into issues stemming from complex optimizations.. the reason why I think its not such an easy fix is because to me this is the only real issue with the game so far; graphic glitches can be considered fun but this bug/feature kills immersion quite drastically and it hasn't been addressed in any of the recent patches. The comparison is indeed unfair considering the complexity of the game compared to others, but I guess there are certain expectations nowadays around police interaction in open world games with cars. It's been done several times very well, and this game definitely is trying to define next-gen. I hope they will get this right in an update soon.
  8. Amazing work you guys! I wish I had more time at hand to join these code jams as well; instead I can only enjoy the results Have a great holiday all of you! 🎄
  9. Yeah I was afraid that its part of the actual AI system, not some random bug.. there's been reports about how GTA3 back in 2001 does a better job at spawning cops and police chases; improving the AI at this point could be extremely difficult though
  10. I've not yet had the time to really dive into the game, but soon will have some holiday time to finally do so. I was wondering one thing though; people seem to be reporting a police spawning bug that looks a little crazy, eg. they can spawn right next to you once you have a wanted level. Is this a consistent bug that everybody experiences?
  11. The PSP is one of my favorite consoles by far.. it had so much quality going for it, but strangely enough it was considered a failure in the Western market. I think I own about 60 titles for it. Still playing Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on this machine with my brother a few times a year, and recently started up FF7 Crisis Core again after finishing the FF7 Remake on the PS4.
  12. I cannot imagine what the devs must feel after years of development, crunch time and then seeing the internet react. I do hope they also understand that most noise comes from a small group of gamers, and that the majority most likely will enjoy the game to its full extend. I've been enjoying Outer Worlds on the Switch a lot, and anyone will agree that the graphics took a huge hit with this port. I still see it as a magnificent achievement to make the full game work on the Switch, the actual gameplay is completely intact. I was expecting a similar hit on the graphics for Cyberpunk on the PS4 Pro even, I mean just take one look at the trailers, there is NO WAY you can expect those graphics to show up on a PS4 Pro. Devs are not magicians. What does suck however, and I do hope this will change in the future, is that by only showcasing the ultra settings to everybody, the company or whoever was in charge of that creates a skewed idea about the final product. I happen to be into all kinds of development myself, so its easy for me to understand that there is a tradeoff between polygons, texture resolution, shading algorithms, drawing distance, etc. and create a normal expectation for myself. You cannot expect the same mindset from your average customer, so it does feel a bit like deceiving to market the game as such and I'd say some of those complaints are rightfully so.. its their own marketing that did this to them.
  13. Idk what people expect from open world games anymore. For what I've played so far on the PS4 (which is review-bombed right now), I'm genuinely amazed by the overall quality of everything, even though some of the glitches are just silly and performance issues are apparent. I thought GTA 5 was boring and had a static world filled with mini games. The only way for me to play such a game is to only focus on the main quest, and definitely not spend any time analyzing some of the lesser things in the game like low-res textures, faulty shading or lame sidequests. Any time spent other than the main quest means I will less likely ever finish the game. According to statistics on trophies for the PS4, most of these open world games are rarely finished by the player.. makes me wonder if the people complaining the most are ever to finish these types of games in the first place.
  14. Amazing thread feeling sorry for the guy to go through this.. Also taps directly into the one critique that was lingering around AC back then; everybody was hyped about this being the new next-gen, big crowds, open world etc... and then the sidequests... they were repetitive and boring, pretty much everybody agreed on that from the start. This clarifies a lot.
  15. Played the opening scene last night for the street kid on the PS4. Definitely understanding the hype a little better, it's been one big rush so far, and knowing there's an open world about to show up makes it quite exciting to keep on playing. Great atmosphere and musical score. The number of glitches I've seen in combat were a little annoying (eg. some combatant popping up right next to me), but with the overall immersion so far, I can't be bothered for some reason. Looking forward to play some more soon!
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