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  1. Hehe that's a topic on its own... for me that would have been Final Fantasy 13 on the PS3 in 2009... Playing this game at a friend's house made me decide it's not worth getting a PS3 and waited until the PS4 came out. I skipped the entire 7th generation in console gaming based on my experience in FF13 (that series somehow has been important for me to adopt most game consoles I own). Decided it was so bad that I could go back to my backlog and enjoy many years of older games that were getting cheaper at that time anyway.
  2. Ninjabba

    Wyvern Tales

    without spoiling too much, antidotes will be necessary a lot since you cannot cure from them with the statue, healing/revival spells are also quite good to have around I never understood why people do this, but they will always be around..
  3. Ninjabba

    Wyvern Tales

    I had to go back into the source code to see what I did there, but looks like your KO'd character still gets EXP! There's no list of enemies with any information no.. its been in my head for some time to work on a Bestiary together with a collection of the Overworld maps as an extra booklet/strategy guide, but its a lot of work and would also potentially spoil the game.. the Overworld maps are still slowly produced, I'll think about the Bestiary once I have that ready
  4. Ninjabba

    Wyvern Tales

    Hope you'll enjoy it 'till the end! There's the notion of the grind, but I balanced it based on old JRPGs like early Dragon Quest games and its part of the gameplay
  5. Hi Karri, I missed this message back in the days and was actually trying to find a copy of this game somewhere a few weeks ago. Any chance on a cart only release to skip the hassle of boxes?
  6. Wow yeah forgot about this game, watching some gameplay already triggers motion sickness for me 🤢
  7. No Man Sky, bought it at launch, played it for a few hours to realize how fixed the procedural adventure was.. didn't help I started on some acid rain planet that tried to kill me instantly showing nothing like what we saw in the trailers, had to restart the game to start on a less hazardous planet. Once I figured out how random everything was created (the creatures I encountered looked like total abominations), no way to go back to places that looked at least decent and worst of all, no multiplayer I decided it wasn't worth my time .. I remember playing shortly with a friend in sync using a headset to share our initial amazement, but it grew old really fast. I understand that after a few years of updates the game is actually interesting to play, but I still haven't touched it since the first two weeks after launch.
  8. Ninjabba

    Wyvern Tales

    The game was built in C and Assembler, there is no such thing as RPG maker for the Lynx On a side-note, I screwed up the hyperlink in my previous post... this is the link to get the game: https://songbird-productions.com/product/wyvern-tales/
  9. Ninjabba

    Wyvern Tales

    Hi all, Got some good news! This week the first games of the new batch are being shipped by Songbird Productions! You can order your copy directly from Songbird Productions, or if you want to save on some shipping costs when ordering from Europe, you might want to wait a few more weeks such that you can buy it directly from me through the mailing list. I will also post updates more regularly on my IG in case you're interested in seeing some progress on the projects I'm currently working on. Cheers! Jasper aka Ninjabba
  10. Haha oops.. yes, my unofficial port of Shadow of the Colossus. It was already running at sub-par framerate
  11. After reading this thread I feel like I need to spend more time on Scrapyard Dog; I didn't play it much. In terms of platform games I mainly played Switchblade, Shadow of the Colossus, Rygar and Hotdog.. never gave SD a fair chance
  12. Hockey and Basketbrawl, mainly because I'm not a fan of sports games except for racing games.. cannot get enough of Checkered Flag
  13. Lately I've been entertaining myself with the idea of reusing the engine for a second part (hearing a lot of noise about this, thanks for the encouragement ).. even if its pretty horribly entangled code, it probably takes only a year or 2 to re-use the engine and focus on content rather than re-implementing it properly and go down developer hell again
  14. I'm planning to have a full overview of the world map at some point, it would look amazing in poster format. Will take a lot of time though, at the moment I'm working on some other projects
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