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  1. Wow that's quite a massive amount of content. I made my mind up by giving scores to replayability, completion and technical achievement to each of the projects, making it incredibly hard to decide still.
  2. Took me forever to cast a vote, you guys did a marvelous job with the competition! I've played all games on my holiday using retroarch, all of them were playable, some had glitches, hope to see them all in polished/full release state in 2020
  3. Took out Shadow of Yharnam and Rom this morning in my NG+ run.. also ran into Ludwig again, but man does he look impossible all of a sudden.. I'm waiting for a price drop on Sekiro, after looking at a lot of Twitch streams I figured its worth a shot at some point.
  4. Guess its worth the announcement in this thread, I finally beat Bloodborne + DLC a week ago. Instantly started NG+ and destroyed the first 6 bosses in an evening. Been reading a lot of mixed opinions about Sekiro.. the setting sounds amazing, but then I've read about people getting exhausted from the battles since they need a lot of concentration, way more than other From Software titles. As much as I like a challenge, I did find the Orphan battle exhausting as well.. been stuck for months on that boss, got way overleveled before I could beat it, which is why NG+ so far is a walk in the park. So comparing boss fights between Sekiro and Bloodborne, how does Sekiro boss battles do compared to Orphan of Kos?
  5. That would be interesting! I'll be in Japan 2nd till 13th of November. Kicking it off in Tokyo
  6. Ninjabba

    Wyvern Tales

    PM me your email address and I will add you. Cheers!
  7. Enjoyed last year a lot, but won't be able to make it this year... finally getting ready for my (first) trip to Japan those dates. Looking forward to see what you guys cooked up though!
  8. Just started playing RE7, they definitely nailed the atmosphere in the first 2 hours of the game when you're just cluelessly walking around.. haven't been this anxious playing a game for a long time. Silent Hill 1 and RE1 (gamecube remake) still are my favorites horror survival games. The sound design in both games do such a great job creating the right atmosphere.
  9. Ninjabba

    Wyvern Tales

    There should be more produced this year yes. If you PM me your email address I'll add you to the waiting list.
  10. Interesting puzzle game. Great work so far!
  11. The technical part is definitely solved already, and it would probably make the implementation as a whole a lot easier, but I'm not sure if its fits their business model. I wouldn't buy their controller or get a subscription to play demos, however I would push the buy button if I like what I play for a few minutes. But yeah, somebody will have to pay for all those servers running in the back.
  12. Watched the Stadia announcement, not sure what to think of this streaming video games business. I see two big downsides to this model, like most people are pointing out: connectivity issues, ownership of bought products. A free game like Fortnite/Apex Legends could definitely boost popularity in streaming games, but if I look at my own collection of games I'm somehow more invested in console exclusive games. What I would LOVE to see happening, it would be amazing if you could play a demo of the game after watching the trailer. Completely unrealistic of course, but one can dream.
  13. Looks like my prayers have been heard https://www.engadget.com/2019/03/12/borderlands-3-teaser/?guccounter=1
  14. I can confirm that Anthem is definitely not what I was hoping for when I started this thread, though I set my expectations correctly and I'm still having fun with it. Some weird design choices were made, making it a bit of a funky experience when you start the game the first time: - With the first mission outside of the tutorials you are instantly thrown into the matchmaking mechanism.. you might be able to set it to private, but at that point I didn't know the option was there. Basically it will team you up with some folks that know the mission inside out. If you get behind their schedule because, you know, you want to discover a bit yourself, you'll be prompted with a warning that you're outside of the mission area and will be thrown into it with a load screen if you are not in time. Ugh. Once you figure out you can create private sessions this issue is gone though. - Playing it on the PS4 I've encountered some severe crashes that even turned off the PS4 completely.. a real mess that EA/Bioware is looking into right now. I'm optimistic they will solve it. Overall I hope it'll receive some kick ass updates and I can see myself playing it for a good amount of hours. Taking out the Javelin and fly around feels really good.
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