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  1. Looking forward to this one next week: https://www.ign.com/articles/ghost-of-tsushima-legends-co-op-mode-is-out-next-week
  2. I guess you can't really consider a savegame feature a game mechanic, but it happened to me twice in different RPGs that I ended up screwing over a 30+ hour savegame by saving at the wrong time. First time was with FF8, I went to Ultimecia's castle underleveled, couldn't figure out how to properly level up from there on since anything could kill me quickly. Ended up abandoning the game, I still haven't finished it to this date. I believe there was a message about how you couldn't return back once you go to her castle, but if the rest of the game allowed me proceed with lower levels it didn't feel much like a warning. Similar thing happened to me with FF Tactics: The War of the Lions.. this boss called Cuchulainn shows up in a place where you also cannot return back to the rest of the game to keep on leveling. He has a selection of attacks that none of my party members could effectively counter, so after giving it a bunch of tries I also gave up on this game. This battle pissed me off so much because I love the game as a whole, I've restarted it some months ago and I'm slowly leveling everybody to destroy him completely this time. So I guess there's something to be said about games that allow to save and not allowing you to return back to a better place causing the whole game to become worthless at that point. It could be considered an issue from the past though, I haven't seen this behavior in modern games.
  3. I'm still selling and working on production of the game. You can PM me on here and I can keep you updated with the mailing list. The mailing list has been stale for a while, but I should have something interesting to announce within the next 3 months. About selling a ROM.. there are 2 reasons why I will not go down this road with WT. It has a save feature that isn't properly supported by the emulators in general. I'm aware of some work being done for this, but more importantly, I built the game specifically to run on the hardware. I'm a huge fan of JRPGs, and there are 100s out there to be enjoyed on emulation. I wanted to create a game that makes you want to pick up the Lynx specifically and be able to get some feeling of progression on the hardware, without the pressure that the arcade games give the player. This is a feeling that I think can only be obtained by playing it on the original hardware.
  4. First impressions playing this game for a few hours.. its pretty epic. There's the hint of the so called Ubisoft open-world syndrome, but I haven't spend any time in such type of game for some years now so I don't mind this at all. Interestingly enough, the game gets a lot of praise for the graphics, but I would say it looks a little dated. Not a big problem for me though, the sword fighting/horse riding is fun and the landscapes look great. Love how they used the direction of the wind to guide you around. My only gripe so far is the lip sync with Japanese voice acting. It feels a little out of sync. Didn't try the English voice acting, I don't think my brain could handle that.
  5. I'll be on a holiday when it comes out, so I'll have to wait another 2 weeks before I can play it properly. The reviews I've read so far were somewhat split, praising graphics etc. but mentioning some mechanics that feel a little dated. I don't think any of those negative points will stop me from enjoying it though. Definitely getting it when I'm back!
  6. WipeOut 3 was pushing limits running at 720x480 I believe. The SE version is one of my favorite games of all time.
  7. Anyone excited for this? I've been looking forward for some action in feudal Japan, preferably not with a steep learning curve like Sekiro offers. Sucker Punch Productions have a solid track record with the Infamous IP, so I have a feeling that Tsushima will deliver for me.
  8. I was pointed out years ago on this forum when I ventured into the same direction that you're better off writing your own collision detection routines for 2 reasons: - using the sprite collision supported by the Lynx is computationally expensive (maybe its only related to the tgi implementation, I wouldn't know) - the collision detection will fire even if there's only a 1 pixel overlap between two objects, which might not be preferred, depending on what you're trying to build Other than that, you might have found this post already, but I'll just place it here: https://atarilynxdeveloper.wordpress.com/2012/12/09/programming-tutorial-part-10collisions/
  9. I've started drawing the overworld map, I'll try to have all regions at some point. Attached is the first region of the game.
  10. I actually walked into a store to buy this game a week ago, but then noticed that Outer Worlds was released on the switch and decided to take that instead. Not sure if that was the wisest decision, Outer Worlds looks horrific in the graphics department but does offer the full gameplay of the original. Having played Xenoblade on the 3DS, I'm curious about the extra content they put in there. I read something about a prelude that was included?
  11. Finished this last night. Quite the ride with all the boss battles in the last chapter, but I felt satisfied after beating Sephiroth (not really a spoiler, any other final boss fight would've been a dissapointment).. there's a nice message talking about the continuation after you beat it, hopefully they'll release part 2 somewhere next year. There's been an interview with the creator where he reveals that they're working on part 2 and its been suggested it shouldn't take another 5 years this time: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/ff7-remake-part-2everything-we-know-about-the-next/1100-6476081/
  12. Still haven't finished Unseen. I need a quiet evening with a good wine to maximize the ambience I decided
  13. its been on my TODO list for over a year now to provide the world map.. I want to make a nice image out of this There's a bug in the first batch of 100 with the hunt. If I'm not mistaken, you can "get around" this bug by not talking to the village elder in Terra. By talking to this elder an event triggers that opens the bridge to the castle. If you don't trigger this event, the randomizer for determining the area for the hunt will not select the tower area which is when the bug occurs.
  14. Very exciting! I really like the atmosphere in Unseen, curious about this release!
  15. I specifically like the part they kept Cloud as the inconsiderate bastard he portrays in the beginning of the original. I was expecting them to tone it down for whatever reason, but when he deadpan asks some old suffering man for 5000 gold in a sidequest I got a good chuckle.
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