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  1. Strange, it still works for me on desktop and earlier on mobile browser as well but seeing some issues now.. here's a direct download link Thanks for noticing!
  2. Thanks! Yeah I realize the controls for the Canyons at first are not entirely intuitive, however it is important for the gameplay to move instantly from one position to another; using the D-Pad only to move around would make it impossible to play the game at a higher difficulty. Btw, the upper and lower creatures' moves are updated alternating, so you will never have the situation that you need to be at two places at the same time. Definitely gets difficult though, I can barely get beyond 50 points
  3. Greetings fellow Atarians! I'm sharing a ROM that I've been working on for some time: Game & Lynx: Critter Championship [DOWNLOAD] The concept is simple, three mini games to kill the time with: ==================================== Canyons: help the critters pass the canyon as they walk! Use Left/Right to move the bridge on the top level, and A/B to move the bridge to the lower level. Be aware! You need to move the bridge in position right before the critter walks on it, otherwise it will fall. Three falls is game over. Showdown: attack or block based on the numbers indicators! When your number is higher, you should attack, when your number is lower, you should block! If the numbers are the same, attack as fast as you can! In Game A you will be competing against the CPU and have a limit of three fails. In Game B you will compete against another player and play for whoever gets to 50 points the quickest. Player 1: Left - block, Right - attack Player 2: A - block, B - attack Jelly Jump: Move the critter with the egg to the other side of the water. Use Left-Right to move the critter around. Make sure there is someone to pick up the egg on the other side, otherwise you can get stuck waiting. Avoid falling into the water when the jelly fish make a dive for a fish snack! Three falls is game over. ==================================== Currently high scores are not being saved in case you are playing it using a flash cart. I use Argon for Android or Mednafen on desktop for emulation. I thought about a little contest. You can mail me a photo of your high score ([email protected]), and win a place in the default score menu with your name of choice. I'm aiming for 5 scores per game in total and the top score per game will receive a cart with the game. Deadline 31st of December. There will be a fourth game added as well as EEPROM save upon release with Yastuna Games Thank you for your attention and have a good day! Ninjabba
  4. There's a world of difference in 3D between early PS1 games and the later ones.. later games like FF9 and Wip3Out are still great to look at imo. Only problem I have is playing it on a 4K screen, they definitely look much better on a CRT TV, but I have no space for that..
  5. Right in time to announce that the PS1 is my all time favorite game console Crazy good RPGs, awesome racing and fighting games The 3D didn't age at all, but why would you care if you have the best looking guy on your team
  6. Ninjabba

    Wyvern Tales

    7 years might be a bit pessimistic, but I notice how quick time passes.. been working on a tiny project that I wanted to finalize in May, now it's October 😅 Luckily this project is an exercise to improve the tool-chains and workflow that I learned over the years and will be a base for future projects; I'm definitely going to give it a shot. Main reason would be to increase the cart size from 256kb to 512kb allowing for much more content. Nobody has seen it, but originally I was planning to have 3 types of environment, grassland, desert and tundra. Lots of content was removed to be able to finish the game.
  7. I guess the trick would be to create games that use one or two buttons at most or don't need any reaction time. Anything that requires precision and timing would be a waste on that device. That would be fun to see working out! Though I do see a problem using the d-pad for steering.. maybe A for gas and left-right to steer could work?
  8. Ninjabba

    Wyvern Tales

    Ah yeah I do remember now, I did have the feeling Enthusi played it the fastest of all people I know that finished the game judging from how he managed to exploit fleeing. I will definitely penalize fleeing more harsh in the sequel But everybody plays different, I also heard people struggling to pass the first dungeon. The beginning of the game might come across a bit more difficult than later on, but that was not uncommon in other games of that era. I wanted to create an experience that was a lot more forgiving than those games though.
  9. Wow, hats off sir, this looks like a perfect gift to myself Really nice how you explore all those package ideas!
  10. How about Tony Hawk's ComLynx Skater 2.5D? Other than extreme sports like skateboarding, inline skating, mountain biking, I do think tennis (or table tennis) would be a fun addition to the library
  11. Ninjabba

    Wyvern Tales

    @JagChris no problem, I don't mind talking about the game. I appreciate people looking into the whole story, its the best I can hope for. 1. Indeed I'm thinking of reusing the same template for a sequel. To modify the engine to overcome the current limitations of the game has been on my mind, but because I want to avoid another 7 year development cycle, I'm tempted to reuse the same engine with the same limitations. Graphically it will have plenty of differences, but for example the music interruption that has been pointed out as a flaw (its done deliberately) requires a massive overhaul of the engine. My newer projects are all based on an updated template and a newer compiler version that does this all better, so I might still take a jab at re-implementing the engine, but I also realize how little my spare developer time is. 2. I did miss out on a person playing it in 4 hours, that sounds like I overlooked some possibility.. will have to find it back. I do know some people could finish it in like 8-10 hours with a glass build and a money loophole that I removed. This was done in the testing phase, which took more than a year. Balancing the game took me about 2 years in my spare time with several people involved. I was really happy how this worked out, it turns out to be the best motivator to talk to people enjoying the game (I was heavily doubting and considering to drop the entire project several times). 3. I started this project as a "fun" side activity back when I was at university and did not spend much time working on big projects at that time. I probably made every mistake in the book, refactoring the code base several times to make it fit in memory was a nightmare to live through. Figuring out the memory layout for an RPG was achieved by years of trial-and-error. Initially I worked more towards immediate results which motivated me short term, rather than understanding all the components needed for a proper engine, hence the limitations with respect to the music/interruptions. Now I would start with all the fundamental components in place before drawing a single pixel on the screen, eg. understand better how to manage all the assets. It does help if you actually have the assets at hand, back then I created them as I went forward, adding unnecessary complexity without realizing it. The templates and documentation is all shared on the programming forum here with a ton of extra information. When I started homebrewing for the Lynx the tutorials were a bit more scattered over the web, its great to see everything being collected in one place.
  12. I was debating to get No More Heroes from LRG because the combined box art looked really cool, but decided last minute to spend the money on some way cheaper digital purchases. Some of these LRG sound like a joke to me, like spending $80 on a physical edition of Doom 1, 2 + 3 while you can get the digital versions together for $20. I'm really happy with all the digital ports to the Switch lately, they start to become the majority of my Switch collection. For actual collecting on the Switch, I personally focus on exclusives only. Was on the fence to get Xenoblade Chronicles Definite Edition when it came out, but didn't get it because I already own it on the 3DS.. looking back now that edition got really expensive. Octopath Traveler Wayfarer edition also got stupid expensive. Some Fire Emblem games also do quite well over time with the collector editions as well as some 1st party games of Nintendo like Zelda.
  13. Learned my lesson pre-ordering FF-Type 0 collector edition for the PS4, was hoping for something that would fit on my shelf next to the other games, instead got a box the size of a medieval tome that would require a shelf on its own. Had to put it away in the attic. I mainly got it because it came with a manga of the story, so I guess I could've expected an oversized box. Not much fan of the overload of special/collector editions lately, but back in the PS1 era some of these RPGs got amazing packages. Lunar 2: Eternal Blue is one of the reasons I still get a special edition once in a while if its not at some crazy price. I buy art books separately instead, much better value for money. Recently acquired Yoshitaka Amano's art book The Sky, beats all the Final Fantasy collector editions I have combined.
  14. I got this one, though I'm afraid the size of the buttons will make it feel a little gimmicky to play with it, still can't wait to try it out. Also definitely going to make some games for it, I really like the idea in general!
  15. Hehe that's a topic on its own... for me that would have been Final Fantasy 13 on the PS3 in 2009... Playing this game at a friend's house made me decide it's not worth getting a PS3 and waited until the PS4 came out. I skipped the entire 7th generation in console gaming based on my experience in FF13 (that series somehow has been important for me to adopt most game consoles I own). Decided it was so bad that I could go back to my backlog and enjoy many years of older games that were getting cheaper at that time anyway.
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