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  1. That sounds like a great solution. I've gotten far enough along that having to scroll up and down a single large file is cumbersome, but I will definitely start using regions. Thanks again!
  2. Hey mksmith thank you for the quick reply. Yes, I've made it a practice to use .78b extension and that works perfectly. What I'm after is to have the source for a game split between multiple .78b files. For instance, a source file for each bank. If I'm not mistaken I'm seeing other projects that do something similar to this. Is it possible to have ADS handle multiple file like this?
  3. First of all, thank you mksmith for this fantastic set of tools. One question though... To successfully compile multi-file 7800basic projects, is the only solution to use a makefile or is there something else I'm missing in the usage? Honestly I'd prefer one click compilation.
  4. It's not time critical, but I'm glad we know what it is. Plenty more stuff get my head around still.
  5. I think it might be. The case I've found is when the dividend is less than the divisor, the result is always zero.
  6. Looking for a way to find an arbitrary remainder (not guaranteed to be power of 2) and still seeing an issue where modulus doesn't work as expected. RevEng, did your changes make it into the release builds? I'm using Atari Dev Studio 0.7.1, so it should be 7800basic 0.18.
  7. Trying to launch the macOS version of a7800 with arguments: a7800 a7800 -cart1 xm -cart2 filename.a78 results in: unknown option: -cart2 Launching it with just a cart works as expected. I'm using what should be the latest version a7800-osx-v4.0. Am I missing anything?
  8. Please add me to the list for a full set (Pokey&YM)
  9. As a lifelong arcade Robotron player, to me there's nothing more satisfying than rounding up an entire level worth of grunts, standing to one side of the screen, then just tearing into that blob of indistinguishable figures. Yeah, they overlap into a terrible mess, but it's great. As a gamer and a developer, I'm stunned by the quality of these ChampGames titles. Spectacular. If only life could have been this good when Atari released Pac-Man.
  10. Bradsco


  11. Fantastic update Curt. Thanks to everyone on the team for keeping the dream alive!
  12. Rajada, What kind of printer are you using? I have an XYZprinting model I'm looking to replace.
  13. Trying to. Playfield scrolling was today's effort, still learning what I can and can't relate directly to 7800 basic from other languages.
  14. Got my controllers today, thank you very much DanthWader! They are sublime!
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