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  2. Fantastic update Curt. Thanks to everyone on the team for keeping the dream alive!
  3. Rajada, What kind of printer are you using? I have an XYZprinting model I'm looking to replace.
  4. Trying to. Playfield scrolling was today's effort, still learning what I can and can't relate directly to 7800 basic from other languages.
  5. Funny you should mention that one... alpha0.mov
  6. Got my controllers today, thank you very much DanthWader! They are sublime!
  7. And I'll answer my own question.... make sure you update the subsequent references to the sprite in the code as well
  8. First thanks to RevEng for everything that has gone into 7800basic. I've been a developer for years, but to have this as a stepping stone into 7800 development is fantastic. I'm working through the samples, and compiling/testing are fine. The problem occurs when I try to modify the content of a sprite. In the simple example, even if I just duplicate face1.png and rename it (updating the source file as well) I get an Unresolved Symbol List compile error. In a case like this where I haven't edited the content of the sprite, I figured it should work. What else am I missing?
  9. I'm posting here since it's the forum I frequent most, but this applies to all classic systems. I've tried a few apps for managing my meager game collection but none were as intuitive or streamlined as I'd like, so I started writing my own. I wanted to see if anyone else uses something like this, their likes/dislikes and what kind of features (if any) would be desirable. Currently my app acts as a simple checklist for the following systems: Atari 2600, 5200, 7800 Bally Astrocade Colecovision Emerson Arcadia 2001 Fairchild Channel F Intellivision Magnavox Odyssey2 Vectrex It includes (to the best of my research) all the commercially released games for each system. Any thoughts/suggestions?
  10. I installed one a of couple weeks ago. No issues whatsoever.
  11. I feel compelled to write in light of recent events here. Curt (and the XM team), As a patient pre-order customer I give you my unmitigated thanks for all the hard work you've put forth and continue to do so for the sake of all the hobbyists and enthusiast out there. I, for one, don't expect anything except for your talent and love for the Atari products to continue to flourish, regardless of detractors. Harsh words are something no-one likes to hear, especially those aired in public which should be left in private. I would only ask that you keep moving forward on the projects at hand. Again, thank you very much for everything you do. Certainly praise should carry more weight than troll fodder.
  12. I have A1 81 5198557 and A1 87 5390079 Neither have an expansion port.
  13. Unless Sony has moved 8 million PS3's in the last couple of months, then the 360 is most certainly not #3 in worldwide sales but rather a solid second place. Wii: ~84 million 360: ~50 million PS3: ~42 million
  14. It's kind of hard to have this information in hand when the discovery of this thread comes long after you've ordered. All I'd ever want is an update. It's not like I have a pressing need to mod my console this instant, but I'd like to have a timeline.
  15. I was just wondering myself if anyone else was having delivery issues. All it takes is a little effort to let people know what's going on. I ordered on November 14th and sent him an email through the site last week with no reply.
  16. I for one don't mind the delay at all. Updating the current progress is great. Thank you, Curt.
  17. The code I've noticed also does the same thing for movement. Pressing certain multiple directions will keep the player from moving. The firing I've notice a couple times but usually not, since I 'sweep' when firing. Never back and forth... always in a rolling motion.
  18. I didn't mean to start a ruckus. Robotron has always been one of my favorite games.... Although to answer Zoyx's question, I did not use joysticks, I used the keyboard. After reading the rules and seeing no other requirements I simply started playing. In all honesty, I never considered the impact that might make. If there's an unwritten rule that requires original controls to be in the loop, I'll abide by that. So if anyone takes exception to playing without joysticks, consider me withdrawn.
  19. It takes roughly 12.5-13 minutes per million, so at this new 20 million rollover that's about 4 hours 20 minutes so far
  20. The record on Twin Galaxies is 32 million but that's on the actual 7800 hardware. They don't have a scoreboard listing for emulation (at least on this title). Yes, the score rolls over at 10 million. It's roughly 3 million per 100 waves. I didn't really time it but when I get back to continuing I'll check it. On another note my 7800 collection is brand new. I just restored my second console but I don't have Robotron yet. I'd like to see if I could match this with hardware.
  21. I'm calling it a night, consider it paused. EDIT: 15.5m @ wave 499. Just for clarity's sake, the rules are intermediate (default settings), correct?
  22. I'm interested in option 2. Maybe I missed it, but will the expansion module be a viable path to using the 7800 as a dev system?
  23. I haven't actually tried this program, so I haven't seen the error. But I was just now installing VC++ 6.0, and when I went to look at my archive of old service packs/updates I noticed this article that I kept a copy of: Sounds like maybe you're having this issue - caused by the optimizer which isn't used for debug builds. This is listed as fixed in the release notes for SP6. However, SP6 precludes using the "processor pack". I'm not sure if that means no assembly or only losing SSE/SSE2 support. If you don't do assembly then SP6 could fix this. Otherwise, I suppose you'd need SP5 with the hotfix, which they apparently only give out on request. I don't have it, but wish I did. Cool that you saw this...... I already have 6.0 though, so unless I read the above wrong, I should not be having that issue....oh wait.... I dont think I ever installed the SP for 6 though......mwahahahahahaha! Hold on....I'll be back. I'll see if this helps. Thanks. Alternatively, you could save yourself some pain and develop your project using a compiler with far fewer problems. I would suggest Visual C++ 2008 Express instead, but it requires XP or newer. However, Visual C++ 2005 Express is nearly the same, works on Win2k, is still free, and an infinitely better environment than 6.
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