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  1. Thanks for the update Al!!! I've been checking the site every couple days. So many new games I wanna get
  2. ZIPPY!!!! I cant wait to get my hands on that game!! So when are these are games hitting the store?
  3. I got a Tele-Games system for FREE couple years ago from the original owner a good friend of mine. SN - 77397T
  4. I got my 2600 in '96. I found it in my grandparents attic with 24 games and paddle controllers. She told me she bought it 80/81 when PacMan came out. We dug it out hooked it up to a black/white TV from the attic too and it worked great. Still have that system and 5 other systems with 200 games now.
  5. I tried three of my 6 switch systems dont work at all. only works on my 4 swtich, JR 2600, and 7800. I thought at first my 6 switch wasnt working right but I tried another game and worked fine. I can live with that if I wanna play that game just use a different system.
  6. Got mine today!!!! This game is AWESOME!!!!!!! Great job on it :-D
  7. I'll take kung fu and tank command. those games are a pain to find i almost won a copy of kung fu but forgot about the damn auction. i havent seen tank command pop up lately anywhere. If they ever come avalible i need to complete my collection even though there reproductions i dont care.
  8. I just purchased a 4 switch 2600 promotional system I have a question about it. It works great but the "Game Select" switch doesn't seem to work. Did they bypass the switch for store useage or it just doesnt work?? It does have the "501" stamped on the bottom of the system. I have looked at it a little but i dont wanna break something on the circut board.
  9. i agree with you blitter. I check the 7800 forum once or twice a week to find out what is going on. I check the "STATUS" on the atari museum page but it hasent been updated in almost 3 months. Yea I get you have problems when you get involved with such a project but the shipping date keeps gettin pushed and pushed. It would be nice just to find out what exactly is goin on with this. I have read people have gotten emails from legacy about when they should be gettin the XM. I havent gotten any email and no one knows what the hell is goin on. I would to see some kinda update to when this thing is goin to be released!!!
  10. i just recently pick up a 2600 on craigstlist for $15 just a 6 switch system no hookups. thats all the women had i hooked up it up and the damn thing worked. the funniest thing was that it had the clearest picture out of 3 other systems i own. you cant beat a FREE system when you can find someone cleaning out a house. two of my systems were given to me from people cleanin out and ready to throw them to the curb. once you one system you just cant stop its so addicting.
  11. I debated for years about buyin a 7800. I start going through the catalog of games for it and there is some good games for that system. The homebrews what sold me finally on that system. After I got my 7800 the first game I bought was the pacman collection and pacman jr. I also have three 2600 systems 2 sixers and one jr. Im waiting for my XM when I heard about that I had to have it. Only draw back to the 7800 are the controllers im finally gonna buy PAL controllers which if you buy a 7800 get a set. I think a lot of people will agree with me on that.
  12. payment just sent cant wait to play it on my 2600!!!
  13. im not a fan of halo but i would love to get a copy of this if they decide to make more its a good solid game.
  14. I just got a copy of halloween with label lose for 31 bucks the other nite on ebay. I have a lose copy of TCM with a hand written label in green ink does anyone else have a copy like that? I found one years ago on atari2600.com for 45 bucks. I've never seen them again anywhere on the internet or ebay with a hand written label. Just curious
  15. I have just spent over an hour on this machine and still same thing. The answer your question Mitch, the logo does not appear when i turn the power on. When i hit the power button its just a scrambled mess, colored lines, blank screen, and noise. i have three 2600 systems and never had a major problem with them. Of course something like this would happen, I finally got a 7800 and I cant get the damn thing to work.
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