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  1. sloth713

    2600 pron?

    The only think that could make this better is bow chika wowo music being with 2600 sound effects in the background
  2. Title Match Pro Wrestling is another one, game play sucks but the graphics are pretty good and the way the wrestlers move is HILARIOUS. And how can you not like Activision Boxing, What is wrong with you son??????????
  3. Thomas Jentzch made a Sprintmaster DC hack. http://www.atariage....ftwareHackID=44 I have never played it but I really want to; oh well one of these days I will get a Harmony Cart or Stella Adapter and be able to rock it. Also I greatly agree that paddle versions of Enduro and Pole Position would be awesome.
  4. Quite rare you say, how rare it is Rom Hunter? I have NTSC Bobby Is Going Home By CCE, it and Shuttle Orbiter are the two prize possessions of my 2600 collection.
  5. Yes! I have finally made it to death screen in Demon Attack, it was the most beautiful high pitch whine I have ever heard! And now I finally know what version of Demon Attack I have. One of these days I will have to try and find the other version that doesn't crash after wave 84 so i can see how high I can get my score.
  6. I enjoy the game play and love that the blocks have a blurry tracers following them to make them look like they are going even faster. The only thing that would hold me back from buying it is that the sounds are way too sparse, if it had some more cool sounds it would be alot more enjoyable of a gaming experience.
  7. Why have an easter, arbor day, or holloween cart when we could have a.... KWANZAA KART!!!!!!!!!!
  8. try looking or posting something in the market place that is the best bet to get a good deal on it in good condition
  9. Its like Iron Chef meets V for Vendetta meets John Henry the Steel Driving Man!
  10. if you are willing $35 atari2600.com has it https://www.atari2600.com/item--Atari-2600-Carrying-Case--PROD5927.html
  11. Actually the initial version of Halo was based of what code microsofts team of retarded monkeys could recover after running over atari basic programming with a steam roller
  12. Turmoil in your abdomen... sounds like you might have a bad case of Montazuma's Revenge!
  13. Do you remember what the software was and where I could get? I would love to make my own magic eyes!
  14. Since you dont do mods you can buy one modded for you but it will cost you a pretty penny https://www.atari260...--PROD7828.html Also keep in mind that the atari 2600 was designed to be viewed on standard CRT TV monitors not hi def flat screens. High def TVs will give you sharper cleaner lines but the atari graphics where actual designed to blur a little on standard CRTs so they would blend together and look a little less blocky. For evidence of this play a cart with an awesome sunset on it, like Barnstorming or BMX Airmaster, on a CRT and a high def TV (or even an emulator) and you will see the sunset looks a lot nicer and a little more "natural" on the standard CRT.
  15. 25,100 nothing feels better than shooting down a crater UFO while jumping over the crater it made.
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