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  1. Nope... this is brandy spanking new one. BTW, I was subpoenaed as a witness to help Hyperkin against FauxTari... I gladly overnighted 2.3Gbs of data to their lawyer 😁
  2. I wanted to do gold & beveled... cost was through the roof
  3. So, just how pissed off do you think Walmart would be if Atari was hit was a restraining order in the next several days? (Not that some little birdy didn't just let me know via TacoMail that Atari is being smashed on the head with a lawsuit & restraining order this week...) Just being "hypothetical" with my question Anybody with Atari stock, you may want to put in your sell orders VERY early Monday morning...
  4. Package arrived from PCBWAY tonight when I got home from my trip to Boston... The XM Bus Bridge PCBs have arrived. Now I'm just waiting for the XM boards to arrive next. I decided the production boards are all going to be done in 7800 Purple, I think they look nice.
  5. Got an email from PCBWAYs... The orders for the XM main board and the XM bus connector board have shipped, yay! When they arrive I’ll post photo’s.
  6. As long as he’s gone to 7800xm.com and provided that information for the transfer so that the order goes to him.
  7. Money got dangerously tight for Corp in Oct 84 and all of the original "New" XL work was scraped. They were planning a lot of very cool new systems, also they had planned to originally retain the "XL" name on the line. Once I'm done with all of the updates on the XL section of my site, I'll be working on a complete rebuild of the XE section and the information I've uncovered from July 84-Jan 85 is amazing... One thing I will say, those who like their XE's are going to be very miffed when they see how shortchanged they were with what was eventually delivered. Oct 84 changed everything.
  8. A lot more to come.... trying to put up a few things every week... Little work going toward many times at once: proto research, XL scans, XM work, super-secret "other" project that I'm not saying shit about because I've been putting in a little time here and there over past few years on it and I don't want a repeat of the stress like the XM again... I'll pull back the curtain once the XM's are all gone and I've spent the time I want getting next things ready.
  9. http://www.atarimuseum.com/computers/8BITS/XL/ASG/Chips/AMY/index.html
  10. Batch of 10 SMD test boards, which are having the SMD IC's soldered on at the factory were ordered just now from PCBWAY. I'll update once that arrive.
  11. I'd check with PacManPlus and/or Albert to make sure, its been a while since I played it, I had an early release version but I recall it playing audio in TIA mode if not POKEY was detected.
  12. We've moved to the SMD version of the design and the first batch of test boards is being ordered this week, the game coders get these first batches to begin work on their games on real hardware. Still some work to complete on the BIOS and manuals have to be completed and printed. Once the 180 or so pre-orders are shipping, announcements will go out on here, FB, 7800xm.com, atarimuseum and I'm sure many other places. New orders will be $149 + shipping.
  13. I thought so too until I realized there was far more to do than I bargained for, but the good thing was I finally was back in a place in my life where I was healthy enough to resume work on it and have spent that time fully debugging out every section of the design, finally overcame the huge Yamaha issues and made other important improvements along with way with the help of Mark and Perry. Now Ive converted the design over to its manufacture version in SMD components so I can have the PCB factory do most of the assembly which will help me out tremendously. I'm ordering boards of the new SMD design this week and then I can put of the non-SMD components and test of the fully completed boards - no more cut & straps and hanging breadboards on the WIP design any longer. Gonna send this batch of boards out to the Devs so that can have hands on with the real hardware so they can work on their games with them and incorporate the new feature code into their games. Meanwhile Mark is working on making the User version of the BIOS and Albert is helping me out with the manual, so things are progressing nicely.
  14. HUH?!?!? Thats news to me. Ax bought like 10 XM case plastics from me for some project he was working on. Just plastic cases only - no name plates or anything else. So I don't know where the idea of Ax shipping XM's came from because he never bought any full XM orders from me and I wouldn't have agree to any such thing with a WIP design.
  15. Super Circus Atari has two modes: Pokey and TIA for audio. If it sees a POKEY chip present it plays POKEY audio, otherwise it plays TIA audio.
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