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  1. That was Brad Seville and the story was unfounded and given many other verified and hard copy evidences that contradict that statement from him, most likely it never happened and was more of less an event that never took place recounted by a bitter employee who was fired when Atari was sold.
  2. I will post up when I myself know... I am waiting for new revision boards to arrive thurs to correct a timing issue that the Dev's found while pushing a lot of data in and out of the XMRAM, I had to fix a missing power trace to a pad and I have made 2 electrical changes to the PIA footprint to enable something I'll show soon. After 10 years of stops, starts and having to deal with a system I love, but a system that is a mess in many aspects, to get this running the way it needed to be. I'm not going to, at the final stage, rush this out to people only to find that many would have issues and others none. Whats the point then. After all this time, if its gonna be an extra month give or take, then let it be. I want this to deliver as promised. So please hang tight on ordering, it'll come.
  3. I've started the 1st and 2nd pass of updating the Atari XE section of Atarimuseum.com - new engineering memo's and technical documents from July through December 1984 have been adding, giving a much broader look into what the Tramiel Atari was originally planning for the XL series of computers, how the product designs changed by September into a cost reduction roadmap for the Atari 800XL and 800XLF series and how the lower cost 900XLF series would become the 65XE. How a 128K 800XLF prototype would then become the 130XE... Details on "MUFFY" a combination FREDDIE and MMU chip that Atari worked on through August of 1984 and details of the use of an integrated 8049/1770 disk controller originally designed for the cost reduced 1450XLD called the 800XLD were originally planned for all of the new XLF systems, but dropped at the end of August 1984... Much more coming in that whole section along with updated photo's and more memo's and documents, this really gives a much better window into what happens from the XL to XE series, though it is much more clearly understood that the XE's were just 800XLF's from the Atari Inc days renamed XE's... http://www.atarimuseum.com/computers/8BITS/XE/xesystems.html
  4. I do have them, and they are crystal clear and on 36" x 24" sheets, so I have to take them to Kinko's to use their large format scanner... unfortunately we have this zombie apocalypse going on right now and as of tonight at 8pm they are limiting travel in NY, so I'm afraid I will have to get more creative and see if I can try to scan in sections and then run them through an Image Compositor and assemble them together and hope the stitching is clean.
  5. Its a nice idea, but not at this juncture and its something that could always be considered down the road. Its exactly why the XM BIOS is upgradable.
  6. That's not something I would even consider... If it were to ever happen it would come as a BIOS update down the road, not something in the current release. Right now its about completing the current End User BIOS and sweeping out these last couple of bugs and challenges.
  7. Hi, Sorry, trying not to leave everyone in the dark too long, just not much to report. The next batch of boards just shipped, I just got the DHL notification. Also Mark just sent me another BIOS update for testing the PIA if installed. This is doing some loopback tests just to make sure the BIOS can control the PIA. Going to be testing something very important in the next week and hoping to have something real eye opening to show everyone that will be in the End User BIOS, this is something that will be an important element to the XM for the Dev's and for the End users alike. So, I'll have the new boards this week, will see if the timing issue that the Dev's found is resolved, I added the missing +5 to the pad that was missing. Hopefully the Dev's will have some goodies coming to show off to everyone again soon and as I mentioned, a key part of the End User BIOS should be ready soon and will see how much is left to pull these remaining things together. As for adding power, its not that complicated a feat to do. I'm kinda hoping to see if I can use standard Atari 9v 500ma P/S's and put together a clean VR circuit and then isolate the XM power from the 7800's... My only other thought is looking to sense if the 7800 is off and turn off the XM as well...
  8. The XM will identify if a 2600 cart is in the top slot on power up, if a 2600 cart is detected, the XM is disabled and acts as a pass-thru device into the the 7800. It will not provide any capabilities to 2600 games.
  9. That is a superb implementation, 2 thumbs up on the nice planning and design.
  10. Actually I have the full E Sized sheets of them which would give everyone crystal clear images. I will make a point to have them all scanned...
  11. There are some chip files and other technical docs. I'm trying to see if any tape outs were done, possibly chip plots. I'm working on reading the GDS II's from the Silver chip tapes now that are part of Rainbow (Silver & Gold)
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