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  1. LOL!!! No, that would be the Atari VCS you're thinking of I've already shipped out to quite a few 7800 developers. Only thing I'm waiting for is the beta of the Consumer BIOS so it can be fully testing out on the final boards (the last version now has the Motor line on the SIO connected, just a very minor change. All hardware work is done. I also need the final Consumer BIOS so the manual can be written. This is a rather extensive piece of software, as well as a rather impressive one as well. It will actually redefine several of the console buttons during power up to allow certain functions and settings to be done as the console boots. I already have an early version of the Consumer BIOS and it blew my mind when I tried it out, but many area's were not yet completed. Any of the 7800 coders... well, a coder on any of these consoles will tell you, the software side takes time. There are 3 people working on the BIOS and the Dev's have all seen a sneak peak of an early version of it as well as Albert. I'm just putting together boards and readying them on my end.
  2. To stay in perspective... Ouya sold over 1 million units, its best selling game, only sold 7,000 copies... so you can see and fully understand why no respectable developer house is going to sign up to make any new games for the Tacobox. Games are only developed here on the classic Atari consoles because people have a passion for them and want to see the consoles stay active with new games. If it wasn't for the hobbyist community supporting the Atari consoles since the mid 90's, no one would even remember Atari's name since Atari itself completely abandoned the consoles in 92 and then its Jaguar console was a failure and failed so bad, that Atari itself bowed out of existence in 96 to become a part of JTS.
  3. Sorry, no I hadn't but thanks for the remind, now I'll put a post it on my desk and make a point to do it this weekend.
  4. Kevin - so those huge empty platter cases on the tops of those washing machine looking units, those are removable hard drives that connect to the mainframes. Until I can find someone with a working drive unit, which so far no one in the classic computing circles seems to have one in working condition (even I have a drive, but it completely non-functional) and willing to mount the disks and read them.... this is getting to be a serious issue the longer time goes by.
  5. ACTS was the Home Computers version of the PITS testing system. I think I ran across something one time, but it may have just been some emails or a memo regarding, not sure if anything code or technical wise is stored on the mainframe backups though. I have to find a photo of an early Missile Command for someone, so I will run a search in the Atari MF Restores and see if anything pop's up. If I do find something I'll post up whatever I've got.
  6. Yes... thanks... so it looks like Atari is giving up on the console fight and is solely focusing on the joystick. Which is a really bad move on their part for the simple fact: I got a direct release of fair use from Ataris head of legal that they couldn’t stop me from making my USB Classics. My joysticks actually look far more authentic to the old 78 cx40’s than Hyperkins. I pointed Atari to the post right here on Atariage and announced the sale of the joysticks which got picked up by PC World, MacWorld and dozens of other major sites, plus it was also Slashdotted which for video game & computer geeks is like being on the front page of The NY Times... Atari has known full well about my joysticks for over 10 years. They’ve been sold on Thinkgeek, Thumbsup UK, Amazon, Reflex Audio sold a special edition clear version I made... Ataris lack of action since 2008 to now completely destroyed any standing that they somehow still can enforce being the only ones to sell a CX40 type stick. So they’ve already lost the case.
  7. FYI... Hyperkin filed motion for summary Judgement on June 1st. Atari responded with opposition on June 15th i know what’s in the June 1st filing, anyone with Pacer access that can download and post Atari’s June 15th opposition response? https://www.pacermonitor.com/case/26837088/Atari_Interactive,_Inc_v_Hyperkin_Inc
  8. Might be fun to make the 7800 case into more of a SuperSystem look, hmmmmmm
  9. No reason you can't still make your own custom version. I thought you mentioned to me you wanted to do new bottoms with AV and Svideo (maybe HDMI) ports on them - NOW THOSE WOULD SELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A smaller design would be VERY cool as well, you could pull the sides in quite a bit.
  10. Well, for those asking... I recreated the 7800 Console Case top and Bottom in Solidworks... Here are the files, please share them far and wide. Atari_7800_Case.zip
  11. That is some beast of a case Bob!!! 🙂 Did you use the 7800 case files I sent you or did you create that from scratch? The cart design looks GREAT! We've all definitely been in need of a better 7800 cart case.
  12. I've found quite a lot of the old orders, now its just getting everyone's updated info, which is a major help obviously... I'm going to be going from confirmed definite orders and when I get through those, the ones where I can't find anything and they don't have anything, we will try to work together to dig something, anything up.... several people have said they bought others orders, but never got anything from the seller... that's like buying a car from someone who doesn't have the registration... those people need to track down the sellers and get that info.. I did add in the Motor control line onto the SIO ports.... adding in external power is going to add more to the cost and require more time. The XM's run fine on every 7800 we've tested... if a 7800 has a 7805 VR that is already on its way out and the XM pushes it over, there are plenty of people who can offer to do the repair, its a 20 min repair procedure... So I ditched adding the external power option. I'm now just waiting for the final Consumer BIOS to be completed. There are 3 people involved with it. Mark, and two others and it is a GORGEOUS system... I am going to put together a simple sneak preview and will post up when I get the all clear.
  13. Oh that scan is ANCIENT, let me throw that doc back on the scanner and make a new, clean version. I'll do that Saturday and post up and post a link here.
  14. I've asked numerous times already. sadly, they don't have a working drive.
  15. Just to give you an idea of these drives. Here is a Dec RL02. These are only 5mb platter drives. I have 2 of these, both working perfectly fine. I recovered about 20 of the RL02 platters of Atari data from them. One platter was actually dedicated to RBP and had all of the data, chip files and memo's on the development of what would become the ST computer. The RM05 is a BEAST and is a scary monster, it has to be precision aligned. I had an alignment pack, but the person I gave it to has disappeared from the vintage computer community and with it, my alignment pack. These drives have to meticulously maintained. If they aren't aligned the heads will slag the media surface and destroy them and itself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sK99WuaU_k8
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