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  1. with the new gamedrive coming out soon doese anyone know where i can download a complete rom set that includes all of the cart based games as well as all of the cdrom games including world tour racing? sorry if this is not allowed to be asked google was no help
  2. any word on if and or when jag CD support will be added to the game drive?
  3. so is there a way to tell which homebrews will and will not work with the regular harmony cart
  4. ok so im looking to buy a harmony cart but not sure if i should buy the cheaper regular harmony or the delux the only benefit i see to the delux is that ti plays newer 512k homebrews but im not sure which i should buy also what size sd card should i buy for the harmony cart? so far the only homebrew id wanna play is halo for the 2600 not sure what other home brews id play if any
  5. ok so i picked up a used sears Tele-games 2600 it came with 3 joysticks, 2 Paddles, 19 games. so far been enjoying the console as its one i never owned i grew up in the nes era any how what flash cart would you recommend i get also what other accessories do you recommend i look out for so far all i know of is the super charger also what games should i avoid the misses asked me to make her a list of games i want for xmas so she can pick some from the pist and surprise me but since i never played nor owned an atari im in the dark on what to avoid lastly whats the best game in these 3 gener's best racing game best action game best adventure best shooter or shmup and lastly best dungeon crawler if there is one below are pic of what i got paid 80 for is with shipping included in price did i score a good deal lastly whats the best way to store my games is there an atari storage chest i can look for or another option that works dont mind price as long as it works
  6. as far as i know the skunk board cant save your game saves
  7. hello just wondering if there was ever a flash cart released for the jagaur i know about the skunk board but im looking for a flash cart that can save games asfar as for the early 90's dev flash carts made officialy by atari im shit outta luck so any info would be nice also how hard would it be for me to make my own flash cart
  8. compaired to what some people ask on ebay i mean come on a jaguar new in box for 399$ on ebay compaired to 125 new in box at bext electronics
  9. hello to all i found a link to a site for a company based in cali who sells all sorts of jaguar systems and games most of them new in the box they even sell the rare jaguar develpoment systems and there dirt cheap have a look and pm me to tell me what you think of the site enjoy : http://www.best-electronics-ca.com/jaguar.htm
  10. hello im looking for a copy of aliens vs predator for the jaguar i checked amazon and they dont have any in stock and on ebay they want like crap lods of money if you can help me out thanks i can pay up to 30 dollars for the game ciao
  11. any one here have sound problems using project tempest and the latest version they have for download i can get my aliens vs predator to run great but the sound stutters a little bit any way on how to fix this problem or atleast try to fix it so its not as noticable?
  12. download version 9.5 or what ever the newest one is and it will play fine hope this helps
  13. im 28 and an avid oldies collector i already have an nes super nes master system genesis and a 3do
  14. any one know where on the internet can i find a copy of aliens vs predator for my jaguar i miss that game i checked ebay and amazon and they want any where from 75 to 125 used for just the game alone please help as i really wanna buy and play this game
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