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  1. WOW, the fabled Sears Superman pic cart. I have been looking for this on the 'bay for close to a year now. I haven't been keeping up the search for the past 3 weeks though. What's the story on this cart? Where did you find it? How much? Please don't let it be off the 'bay! Congrats.
  2. Wow! I had no idea H.E.R.O. came out in 1984. I must have played that game so much that I thought it was released in 1977!
  3. Wow! I just got done reading the other old closed thread about this game. Never knew about it. Once I sold my Air Raid, I was done with the rarity business. This may have drawn me back in. A fascinating back story with the programmer and all. There MUST be more copies out there that were ordered. Time to start trolling the garage sales again!
  4. My Gosh, that is awesome! Does that Dark Tower still work?
  5. The 'You Win' sound when you get the chalice back to the Yellow Castle in Adventure and then you hit the game reset switch and the music gets all slow and super digitized. The last sounds are my favorite.
  6. CVGA, What is that Space Invaders pic? Is it a cardboard store display?
  7. I had Air Raid (#11 on the list) for about a year before selling it last April ('10). Atari Video Cube and River Raid 2 are my rarest ones these days.
  8. I have a sweet Atari Deluxe marquee that I would like to put into a light box. Anyone have suggestions on buying an already assemble light box? I am looking at making my own for now. Any suggestions on depth for the light, type of lighting source, & assembly tips? Pics are very welcome! Thanks - HB
  9. Thread Resurrection engaged! Well then, a couple of weeks ago I contacted the person selling the unit mentioned in Post #1 and they still had it! The box is faded and in generally poor cosmetic shape with some tears that have been taped up. The foam is in great condition with a few flakes hear and there from the contents being put back in. All of the contents work great. The console looks brand new with no dust in the cracks or crevices. The power supply, RF cord, and RF box also look brand new. You can tell that only 1 controller was used the most as there are scratches on the top of the flat disc area. The other controller is flawless! Both controllers have no functional issues at all. The contents that are missing are the original literature and Donkey Kong. Was the console originally wrapped in a plastic bag? Very happy to find this thing. Of course, I get this thing while I am having a crapped out console getting fixed up and modded by Yurkie. If only I had waited a little while longer, I could have gotten the nice one modded instead! I did get a Donkey Kong cart and all original literature with the crapped out system though! All within a week I became an owner of 1 CV complete system (with box), 1 CV complete system (without box and later modded), 1 expansion module #1, 9 CV games, 1 Atarimax Ultimate Cart, and 1 old school tube TV! Now, where to setup all this stuff!
  10. So, you were just dumpster diving and landed on a light sixer, or did a light sixer land on you while you were in the dumpster? Just kidding. Great story, congrats, and it looks great!
  11. Well then. Having never smelled a foamed CV before, that must be what I am smelling with one that I picked up this week. It is a super clean console that is still in box with foam. No power switch issues or anything. I thought the smell might be some type of cleaner cause this thing is SUPER clean! m CV always smelled distinct to me, like the plastics and styrofoam combined for a particular scent. I can't recall a "new" smell to my 2600, but the VCS carts always had a very distinct new smell to me, a mixture of the plastic from the carts and the cardboard used for the boxes. Once I opened a NIB trackball for the 5200 and got the same smell. Unfortunately, a lot of NOS games no longer have the same whiff of nostalgia. Also, opening new Star Wars figures back in the day, those had a distinct plastic smell. Ahhhh.... The nasty Book of the Dead editions of the Evil Dead movies was a totally different kind of plastic funk. Those particulates aren't particularly healthy but they do give me a rush of memories and emotions. Very true... I came across a new in the box Roller Controller and when I opened it up I to got that distinct scent/smell that I experienced oh so many years ago.
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