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  1. Pretty funny that even the Amiga got an official commercial release of Quake and the Playstation never did However, that is because someone hacked iD and stole the Quake source code and made a port for PowerPC Amigas (this was years before Quake was opensourced, even before Doom was opensourced). I remember downloading it from a BBS at the time but couldn't play it because I didn't have a PowerPC card. A company called ClickBoom negotiated a deal with iD to take the AmigaQuake port, improve it and release it commercially. It got a proper release with pressed CDs, digipak case and everything, even for 680x0 based Amigas. So, even though there is a funny reason for it, it kind of tickles me that the Amiga got a commercial release of Quake and the Playstation didn't, despite the Amiga being basically commercially dead at the time and the Playstation being mainstream :-)
  2. Oricutron 1.2 has been released! For more information, visit the Oricutron homepage. Downloads for various platforms are in the usual place. Happy emulating!
  3. Oricutron should work with USB joystick; look in "Oricutron.cfg".
  4. Oricutron 1.1 has been released! For more information, visit the Oricutron homepage. Bintray didn't work out so well, so I am now self hosting. Happy emulating!
  5. The computer system that always had the most impact on me was the Amiga, and I still use AmigaOS 4.1 today Windows 7 is also good. I never liked Linux, but since I have to write software for it for work, I've got used to it. I don't mind Fedora or Ubuntu.
  6. Oricutron 1.0 has been released! There are a bunch of bug fixes and optimisations, but the big news is the decent Pravetz 8D and 8Dos support, and working Telestrat emulation. For more information, visit the Oricutron homepage. Note that Google are removing downloads from Google Code, so releases are now hosted on bintray. Builds of 1.0 for Windows and AmigaOS 4.x are available. Hopefully others will follow. Happy emulating!
  7. I have relisted the two games that didn't sell (Xenophobe and Ballblazer), but this time the starting price is just a penny... Xenophobe relisted Ballblazer relisted
  8. Try pretending its a NES and blowing into the cart. That fixed some blank screen issues for me recently on my 7800.
  9. Not long to go Can't believe nobody wanted my Ballblazer! :-(
  10. Here are the two photos from the eBay auction linked in my first post: Picture 1 Picture 2
  11. I only wish to sell by auction, sorry. The system + ram cart + cable is listed separately to the games, btw.
  12. I honestly have no idea. Thats why I just started it at £1 and let the buyers decide.
  13. Hi, I'm selling my Atari 7800 and games. I'm based in the UK, so these are all PAL. The 7800 has DevOS 0.2 ROM installed, and comes with a 144Kb RAM cart and parallel transfer cable to download games from a PC. I also have a bunch of games for sale. All games are just the bare cart, except for Ballblazer which has a box & manual. Atari 7800 with DevOS Ballblazer Basketbrawl Dig Dug Fatal Run Fight Night Mean 18 Motorpsycho Xenophobe
  14. The MacOS X version, which has been stuck at 0.7 for ages, just received an update to 0.9 (the latest version). Unfortunately, this is an Intel only binary, so PPC users will have to stick with the old 0.7 build (tha OSX maintainer is using XCode 4, which doesn't support PPC any more).
  15. Hello, folks. I have just released a new version of my multiplatform Oric emulator "Oricutron". You can grab it here: http://code.google.com/p/oriculator
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