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  1. w1k


  2. w1k

    Bye, Atari

    u are not a troll.. u are pool old negative troll.. find a woman or something..
  3. w1k

    Bye, Atari

    u poor troll (only u in this forum.. only you.. poor old negative troll)
  4. hmm.. after 20yrs i sold my atari computers and everything.. 800xe, 130xe - 800xe was rare computer with old slovak mods from 80yrs.. 130xe - u1mb, stereo, etc... ethernet cart, lantronix, xf551, xl12, xc12, sio2sd, sio2pc, sio2usb, sic!, side II, rverter, 50kg of literature, and many other stuff, mouse pad, mouses, printer i have nothing to say.. life is change:) thanks of brutal years of fun with this:)
  5. and its possible add this protocol to this soft? or make access?
  6. will be possible open port 22 with this soft? i want try connect to my router via atari..
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