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  1. I'd actually be interested in the opposite. Use of 7800 controller on Master System. I'd love to use my Edladdin Super 78 on the MS with the Master Everdrive.
  2. Thank you. That's all I can find as well. I suppose it's possible they're just not included in the emulator.
  3. Anyone know what buttons on the keyboard correspond to the switches on the front of the 7800 on the Raspberry Pi emulator? I need to change the difficulty on Sirius and to the best of my knowledge that is the switch I need to use. Thank you.
  4. If anyone cares, here's a pic of Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain with a 2600 controller. From the new Montage of Heck documentary.
  5. So I shot a music video for my band and decided to show off my 5200. Such a cool looking system. The video and lyrics may not be safe for work. Thanks!
  6. I'm hoping this will go to a good home with a collector. Sadly, I'm missing cassette tape #1. I literally looked in every box in my attic and I just can't find it. Thanks for looking. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 320603987700
  7. I've lowered the price on this. I'm also posting my Copy of Smurfs Save the Day if anyone is interested. Thanks again.
  8. Selling off some of my collection. This is the Berenstain Bears Kid Vid game for the Atari 2600. Thanks for looking. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 320603288542
  9. For quite some time, I've been searching for a way to hook up older systems to an HDTV and have it look...you know, good. I found a website, 8bitdomain.com and ordered a do-it-yourself Atari 7800 mod kit. It them FAR too long to process my order and once I finally got it installed, the results weren't that great. Over the summer I had my 2600 Modded by the Longhorn Engineer. The 2600 has never looked better. Longhorn has done some amazing work with the 2600. Check out the video I made of the mod in action. Thanks.
  10. Thanks for the replies. I'll check out thoes links. I replaced the RF cable and still no luck. I made a video demonstrating what it's doing if anyone cares to check it out. Thanks again.
  11. I got mine at Vintage Stock in Kanas City, Missouri for $40. They had several and they were all the same price.
  12. Rubbing Alcohol on a NES game cleaner kit and compressed air.
  13. Just got an Odyssey 2 off Ebay and it doesn't work (this is the second console I've bought from ebay that didn't work, just to keep count). It will only display solid colors on the screen (different color each time, green, brown, gray or black). I proceeded to clean out about a pound of dust and pet hair from the cartride port hoping this would help. Nothing. Cleaned the games quite well. Nothing. Removed the bottom and switched the rf from channel 3 to 4. Still Nothing. I am open to any ideas or suggestions that you may have on how to get this thing to work. Thanks.
  14. I finally recieved my 7800 mods today after four months. I'll post when I know if they actually work or not.
  15. Holy crap, the boards actually arrived today. Only took them four god damn months. Of course now I'm fully expecting them not to work after I went through all that crap...
  16. They just sent me an email saying that my order had been shipped. I checked the tracking number and sure enough, it's in route...I just hope the boards actually work.
  17. Well, I told them to ship my order. I realize I probably won't get them and if I do they probably won't work. I really wish I would have checked some feedback here before I ordered from them. I guess I'm a sucker for punsihment. Wish me luck.
  18. Just got this reply from 8bitdomain Hi, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We have found your original order already boxed up but never mailed. Do you want us to ship the 2pcs 7800 mods or issue a refund? Best Regards, Dan Williams Should I even try to get the boards or get my money back? Do you think the boards will work at all? I've read a few stories on here of the 8BD boards being crap. Opinions are welcome. Thanks.
  19. I just got this response from 8bitdomain. At least I finally got a response... "We are new to this and are trying to go through this mess as quickly as possible.Please be patient as all your un-resolved issues will be taken care of.Your refund will be issued via Paypal in the next few days. Thanks, Dan Williams"
  20. Garner

    Mod Services?

    OSG no longer provides the mod service. I'm thinking of trying Longhorn Engineer to get my 2600 modded. Is he pretty reliable?
  21. Garner, When did you place your order? I'm still waiting on my April 13 order. I wonder if this is an issue the Postmaster General can handle. The guy obviously doesn't care about his customers. I emailed him again recently and big surprise, no answer. I put my order in on April 1st. I see that the website has been updated, so I'm gonna go file a claim and hope I get my 100$ back (but I'm not holding my breath). I might try Longhorn Engineer to get my 2600 modded.
  22. Garner

    Mod Services?

    Hello. I'm new to the forum. I'm looking for someone who can mod an Atari 7800 for S-Video or Composite video out with RCA audio outs. I've tried 8bitdomain.com and oldschoolgamer.com and both of those turned out to be dead ends. Are there any other reliable websites I can look at? Thanks for any advice. Garner
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