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  1. I'm interested, I have always been wanting to upgrade to an LCD on my Lynx and Game Gear. Just have always passed in the past due to the cost as it's pretty random as to when I want to play one of my old handhelds.
  2. I second Super Burnout. First time I saw that game at a store, I blew it off. A year later, they still had it and I purchased it. Turned out to be one of the better Jagaur games. I'd easily call it one of the best sleeper hit titles for the console.
  3. I kinda figured, but I've seen some Homebrew releases sell for a decent amount online. Not $500 well, but still in the tripple digits. I certainly wouldn't pay $500 for it.
  4. Tyrants was a personal favorite Genesis title of a friend and I. I can't even count the number of hours we put into that game. Best random purhase I ever made at Blockbuster.
  5. For real? I bought Hot Dog from them back when they originally sold it. It's one of the first print carts too with the blue PCB board. I've had no idea of its value as I've never seen it for sale since.
  6. Good at best, but I mostly play pinball these days. Gallaga is one of the machines I seem to last a bit longer on.
  7. Interesting, I never thought about doing that before. I've had a few model 1 units over the years and they have always been chipped.
  8. Glad to see this is getting another print run. I own it myself, but it's a title every Lynx owner should have in their collection.
  9. I'd like to purchase one. I recently acquired a CD-i, but have no controllers for it. I need one for Thunder In Paradise.
  10. He's actually owned a Jaguar long before that episode. In some of the very early episodes you can see briefly see it once in a while.
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