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  1. Hi, guys. Bill Loguidice and I are writing a book about the history of gaming platforms, and of course the atari 2600 will get its own chapter. In addition to giving the usual info about system specs and games, we wanted to include some personal stories and anecdotes from fans of the system. In particular, we're wondering what drove you to the platform--was it commercials, friends, or demonstrations in stores? Did you also have a PONG machine or spend lots of time in the arcades? How did you feel about the competition? Did the system make you want to program your own games? We're basically trying to capture the flavor of what it was like to be a committed 2600 fan back in the system's heyday. Please note (or don't reply to this) if you do not wish to be included in the book. Thanks, Matt
  2. Hi, guys. Bill Loguidice and I are doing a new book on the history of gaming platforms, and I was wondering if some folks here might be willing to help flesh out the story of the Atari 8-bits. If you have a moment (and don't mind appearing in the book), can you tell me a little about why you chose the platform (perhaps coming from the 2600?), whether you joined any clubs or user groups, and how you felt about the competition? Do you think that an Atari 8 bit fan has a different personality compared to, say, a C-64 fan? I'd also like to read about your favorite experiences with the system, or what irritated you about it. Thanks! Matt
  3. Does anyone know where I might get photos or images of Ted Dabney? We're making a feature documentary on the history of games, and of course would like to show Ted along with Nolan. Unfortunately, all I've been able to find are images of Nolan. Any leads would be appreciated.
  4. Hi, everyone. I just posted my latest episode of "Matt Chat." It's on Black Isle's cult classic Planescape: Torment, one of my favorite games and certainly one of the most original CRPGs. The hardest part about making this video was stopping the game! It's really got its hooks into me, yet again.
  5. Hehe... I remember when we first starting off Armchair Arcade, we really worked our butts off. However, we really lucked out at the beginning when one of the guys at Slashdot became a fan and posted about our issues. That led to all sorts of other sites linking to us. Even then, it was impossible to compete with the commercial sites with paid staff and fat advertising budgets. They also have publishers flooding them free hardware and software to review, and getting an exclusive interview with anyone they want is just a phone call away. Just can't go toe to toe with those guys no matter how awesome you are. Sad part is, even those guys aren't look so hot nowadays. At any rate, I think it'd be sweet to land an article on Next Generation, Gamasutra, or Edge. Anything there would really get some eyeballs, especially if you followed up by submitting the published piece on Slashdot and wherever else you could post it. One my friends set up a blog at Destructoid and claimed it was doing really great. You might want to look into that as well, though I don't personally have any experience with that.
  6. I saw your post and thought, damn, I know what that's like! I was wondering, though, why so many talented and well-informed individuals such as yourself want to go it alone. It's something I've seen time and time again. I can certainly understand the appeal of calling all the shots, but have you considered teaming up with an existing team that might be to your mutual benefit? At the very least, you might write some "guest" blogs or "guest" reviews at older websites as a way to get people interested in your content. I don't do enough of this myself, but getting an article on Gamasutra would be to your advantage, as would making valid comments on other blogs and posts that let you link to your own website (via your signature line or handle). I think the real trick is getting mentioned or linked to by better established blogs and news sites, but they play by their own rules.
  7. This may be a dumb question to ask but is there a way to play these older games on a new Imac computer or would it be best to hunt down a classic Mac computer? That's a good question. I have an iMac I use at work, but only XP and Vista at home. I would think it would be easier, but not certain.
  8. I like them all--they may have the same interface, but the storylines and so on are so different that it's almost hard to compare them. I guess I spent the most time with Shadowgate, though Deja Vu is probably the best all round and least imitative of other games. Uninvited was a breakthrough, too, of course--one of the first games that really scared me.
  9. Hi, guys, I'm back this week with an episode covering the Macventure adventure game series. These are really innovative games inspired by the Mac's GUI-based OS. The clip also features video from several ports, including the ST, so check it out! As always, comments are greatly appreciated.
  10. Hello, everyone. I am writing to ask your help in selecting a title for a feature documentary about the history of videogames. The film, which is being produced by Lux Digital Pictures, covers the entire history of the topic from the earliest mainframe days all the way up to modern times. It is an in-depth history that will be loaded with gameplay footage from all eras, as well as commentary from industry figures like John Romero and David Crane. We really want it to be successful, and of course that begins with a great title. Please vote for your favorite, and consider offering some reasons below. Also, if you have an idea for an even better title, feel free to suggest it. Thanks, Matt
  11. Hi, everyone. I recently posted a new retrogaming retrospective that I thought you might enjoy. This one covers Super Mario Kart, but also earlier games (Pole Position, Spy Hunter, Road Blasters, Buggy Boy) as well as some that came afterwards (Wacky Races, Sonic Drift). Please enjoy and let me know what you think!
  12. Thanks, guys, much appreciated! Moonsweeper: I am using Sony Vegas Platinum and a Canon Vixia HD. Game footage was recorded mostly with fraps with a few parts done with camstudio.
  13. Hi, all. I posted a video on YouTube that I thought you might enjoy: I take a look at the Atari arcade classic Gauntlet, and yes, I show Dandy as well! (Dandy was a game for 8-bit Atari computers that is an obvious "inspiration" for the game). I also show the Atari ST version of Gauntlet, so stay sharp! Please check it out. I really appreciate your comments and ratings.
  14. Thanks, guys! Your support is greatly appreciated.
  15. Hi, guys, I just posted a new episode of "Matt Chat" about Lode Runner, the classic single-screen platforming game with the best level editor around. I'd love to hear your stories about Lode Runner if you were into it back in the 80s. There was some crazy stuff going on with that level editor!
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