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  1. Picked up this Berzerk from a rural collector for 750. Super nice guy, it's always fun to meet fellow arcade guys. BTW, I didn't do that MK conversion. I claim no responsibility over that crooked control panel haha.
  2. Very nice set up. What's running the Mad Planets? Are you using an FPGA board? If so how do you like it? Lmao nevermind, I googled "Mad Planets Cabaret" and your build thread was the first that showed up
  3. Went on a 5 hour road trip to pick up this very fairly priced Revenge from Mars. This was one of my all time favs growing up. I managed to get this one in the basement by myself. It somehow felt even heavier than my Haunted House. The head was a pain in the ass to remove, but thankfully it had an LCD in it or else it would be nigh impossible for me to move it myself.
  4. I thought the sign would be bigger. Still jealous of that Devils Dare btw
  5. Good lord that's a handsome sign. I need one of those to put above my Gottlieb pins.
  6. I dont have anything that could help you, but thanks for showing me these things exist. This would be awesome in my game room with some shooters.
  7. Are you sure you're using the cracked rom file? Here's a thread with people having a similar issue. See if this has any affect:
  8. Gameplay videos are now popping up. It's a shame this build got shelved, Rare really knew how to use the N64 hardware to its fullest extent.
  9. A late build of Dinosaur Planet for the N64 got leaked. Current estimate is that it's 90% complete. Devs are working right now to fix software bugs and get it completely playable. Crazy stuff. Here's the archive.org link for the unaltered ROM file. Playability is hit or miss on emulators but apparently it works well on actual hardware.
  10. .....because it's a video discussing an arcade game?
  11. It is a bad thing considering Robinhood receives a huge portion of its revenue from Citadel LLC. Citadel LLC, if you recall, invested in Melvin Capital to bail it out after getting squeezed from the Gamestop short. Robinhood knows what side its bread is buttered on. Robinhood isn't looking to protect retail customers, it's looking to protect its own bottom line.
  12. My favorite part about this ordeal is learning that not only does Itchy sockpuppet, but he argues with his own sockpuppet accounts.
  13. Youd put more than $130 into building an equivalent cocktail cab, that's for sure
  14. Okay. The horizontal freq and vertical hold pots for the G07-FBO are located on the monitor chassis board. If you want to adjust them safely then I'd suggest discharging the monitor and removing it from the cocktail. It's a pain in the ass to adjust it with the monitor in the cab.
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