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  1. As someone who joined this forum at the age of 14 and acted the exact same way as you are currently, here is some advice. This behavior will not make you any friends. People will resent you for it, regardless of age. If you try to wedge your way into a community and dont learn the rules, people will resent you for that as well. This isnt Reddit or 4chan. Be courteous and act like an adult.
  2. Nice pick up! An upright Missile Command has been on my wtb list for several years. I'd highly recommend the Braze multigame/high score kit.
  3. I'm not sure what any of that had to do with selling this guy's poster, but all of that was unnecessary.
  4. If you're willing to pay 1000+ I'd avoid these reproduction cocktails. The 60 in 1 jamma boards they come with have really poor emulation, the joysticks are usually bottom tier, and the lcd screens are usually lower quality. For 1000+, you should be able to find an original cocktail cabinet with the game of your choosing. Or you could buy a cocktail cab kit and use proper leaf switch joysticks with a Raspberry Pi for emulation. Going that way you'd end up well under 1k with way better results.
  5. Put me down for 2 if you're still adding people to the list..
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the composite sync coming from the board 15khz? So to be VGA compatible he'd need a something to change the sync rate to 31khz? The OSSC accepts both 15khz RGB and 31khz VGA, so that could definitely work.
  7. You could use an aftermarket monitor that supports CGA, such as this, but in most cases these monitors will be as expensive as a supergun. In my mind, save your money for the super gun. More flexibility with monitors, more flexibility with controls. Or you could use a CGA to VGA adapter, and use a VGA monitor. But youll have to figure out a wiring harness yourself.
  8. Funny how the best Black Metal album of 2015 isnt even satanic:

  9. Megadeth's Dystopia blows the hell out of Slayer's Repentless. Better album in every single way.

    1. BydoEmpire


      Any Megadeth > Any Slayer, imho. Just not a fan of Slayer. I appreciate what they do, but it doesn't connect with me at all any more. Used to like to Reign in Blood and Seasons in HS, but that was a long time ago.

    2. Papa



  10. Saw Black Sabbath last night. Ozzy sounded alright except on Into the Void and Iron Man. Geezer and Tony were tight, and the new drummer wasnt slacking either.

  11. BDW

    WTB: Nano PEB

    I can never seem to find one of these for some reason. I'm looking for the RS232 version.
  12. Just in case someone someday has the same exact problem as I did, here's how I fixed it. I ended up reflowing the pins on the TMS9901 chip. Apparently there was a cold solder joint somewhere, because it started to work again afterwards.
  13. Hey all, I've been having some trouble with my TI-99/4a's keyboard. Keys Y through P seem to register as keys 6 through 0, respectively. Enter seems to function as the space bar. I've done some reading, and apparently keys Y-P and Enter are all on the first pin of the keyboard connector, while 6-0 are on pin 2. I've tried cleaning the keyboard cable contacts and the keyboard cable itself has been re-seated, but to no avail. Sometimes the keyboard works as it should for a few seconds, but it immediately goes back. These two keyboard rows feed directly into the inputs of the TMS9901 chip. Should I replace this chip with one from another TI-99/4a, or is it the keyboard itself that needs replacement? Any TI gurus out there that can help?
  14. Good morning, that’s a nice tnetennba

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