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  1. Cyprian

    HOKEY demo

    when and where I can buy this one. will it work also in the XL?
  2. I have Lynx II and now need to buy Lynx I
  3. nice poster, especially the first one with the Mega ST
  4. x_angel from ww.atari.org.pl forum has started an interesting project - ATX motherboard for the Atari ST. There are following features: - ATX motherboard, - ISA slot for graphics card (STGA), - IDE slot, - TOS 2.x support, - Pinheader for VGA, - Eiffel interface. More you can find there: http://www.atari.org.pl/forum/viewtopic.php?id=17585 and there: https://twitter.com/xangel73026232 Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/xangel Atari ST ATX running from power bank: Atari ST ATX new board with IDE, ET4000 ISA, TOS 2.06, Eiffel:
  5. would be cool, unfortunately my skunk has only one USB port and is connected to the PC
  6. well, after a short break I go back to do EmuTOS port for the Jag At that moment I plan to use either JagPad as an keyboard/mouse or Jagpad plus the ST mouse interface.
  7. I looking for keyboard support for the Jag, e.g. the ST one or PS2/USB Any ideas?
  8. @laoo sounds promising
  9. well done @laoo I wonder whether would be possible to fit Lynx emu into C64 Debugger as it was done for XL/XE
  10. thanks for sharing your code. I can't see "vc.cfg" file, is it clip_sa.ppr?
  11. nice finding, I wonder what elso was different from the regular 520 ST?
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