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  1. does the test code start from the same address in both versions? maybe one of them pass the page boundary earlier
  2. nice routine faster would be unroling the LDA/STA code
  3. @Nop90 nice idea. can you estimate how many cycles or % of scanline it takes on real hardware?
  4. @Nop90 any details? change 16 colors every line?
  5. did you test it on Lynx 1, Lynx 2 or emu?
  6. the form looks incomplete, in my case should be: 1. How many Atari Jaguar Consoles do you own? 1 - I have one, but need more 2. How Many Jaguar CD's do you own? 0 - Not yet but going to buy one
  7. http://www.atari-forum.com/ shows me "Atari Legend" web page
  8. mine book arrived yesterday. Many thanks @Fadest +1 @Igor
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