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  1. I've never seen a Buggy Boy in the arcades, but I used to play the hell out of the Speed Buggy Jr. single monitor version. One of my favorite arcade games. Many a gaming blisters were earned playing the port on Commodore.
  2. The only thing that comes to mind is Bally's Laguna Beach: Not sure when it was released. My guess would be the late 50s. EDIT: Dur. It was 1960: https://www.ipdb.org/machine.cgi?gid=1408
  3. Looking forward to these. Glad they stuck with the classic Pac-Man theme instead of the Ghostly Adventures theme.
  4. My wife got me Frenzy for Christmas. That's been in the constant rotation. Such a great game.
  5. I'll go with Asteroids. Granted, I'm a pretty bad Asteroids player in general, but I could never find the appeal on the 2600.
  6. As much as I love the 2600 and 7800, I'll have to go with the NES. It seems like all of my friends had an Atari because everybody had one. Almost as a novelty. I was really into it, but my friends weren't. Then along came the NES and suddenly everybody was really into video games. Plus it was around that time where kids grew out of playing with action figures, so weekends having epic G.I. Joe vs. Transformers battles turned into epic Mega Man runs. Consoles aside, most of my gaming was done on the Commodore 64. I didn't know a lot of people into computers, but the ones I did know had libraries of pirated games which were heavily shared and copied among ourselves. A social as the Commodore was, it had oodles of games not intended for more than one person to play (e.g. Bard's Tale, Ultima, Phantasie, etc). So before the NES came along, it was more rewarding to tell my computer gaming buddies about achievements versus my console gaming buddies about some Atari milestone they didn't really care about.
  7. Not to hijack the thread, but I couldn't agree more. When I mentally retreat to my "happy place", this is the kind of place I retreat to. Nice, clean, organized, well-lit desk with retro computing. Just looking at that picture puts me into a state of complete relaxation. As far as modded consoles with blue LEDs...I suppose it's what sells the easiest. Kind of like how most car dealerships will always have a selection of black, white, and red cars available in all models. It's the most widely appealing of colors. I understad there are buyers for pink and yellow cars, but it's a smaller group of people. For an amatuer modder, they might be sitting on their hard work for a while if they install a pink LED and be forced to eventually sell it for less money.
  8. I've only played this on the Commodore 64, but I thought it was a good game. Back in the day where cracked C64 game sharing was the norm, I used to have a copy of this and a few other games on the same disk. If I made a copy of the disk for somebody, it was never because of Frogger II. Most of the time the people wouldn't even try the game more than once which was too bad. Then again, 1984 was a premium time for new games. It's hard to get excited for the sequel of a game which expands slightly on a game which all gamers already own in format or another and which has been played to death.
  9. I picked mine up yesterday. They were down to two. They actually had more copies of the new 3DS Super Smash Bros. game in stock. Psyched to have actually landed one of these.
  10. I had the bait & switch thing happen to me last week. That was the first time they pulled it, too. I usually do the exact same thing...cherry pick the used games for the best case/unused instructions. Then when I get to the counter they give me a different case with no instruction booklet. The new case looked fine, so all I did was ask for an instruction booklet. Worked out alright, but I wouldn't have bought the game if it didn't meet my expectations.
  11. I know quite a few reto gamers that mainly stick with the NES, but it's pretty rare they slam another 8-bit console outside of "NES was the best". Seems like most of the people I know that have something negative to say about the Atari are either non-gamers or modern gamers. Either way, it doesn't really bother me.
  12. Adventure, for sure. Even when I was obsessed with my 7800 games, Adventure was still getting lots of playing time.
  13. Huh. This is the first I've heard of it. Based on the early gameplay I wasn't planning on buying this until it hit my usual $20 mark. But I'll probably pre-order just for the cool figurine. Plus it's only $40, and hey, it's Pac Man.
  14. My top five for the NGPC would be: 5. Metal Slug: 1st Mission 4. The Last Blade 3. Sonic 2. Dark Arms 1. SNK Vs. Capcom: Match Of The Millenium It's such a solid little system, and really unfortunate that it didn't do better than it did in the US. Especially since Japan got an Ogre Battle game for it. Come on! Share that wealth!
  15. It's not in there, but that is an awesome YouTube channel. Thanks for the link!
  16. I have one that's been troubling me for a long time: It's a Commodore 64 game from the 80s. If I had to guess, I'd say mid-to-late. Truth be told I don't remember very much from the game other than it was a platformer where you controlled a man to walk through different rooms and doors, and due to the sluggish controls the difficulty factor was through the roof. The most distinct memory I have was at the end of the game it would rate your gameplay with something like "You are a pudding". Gold star for you if you can name the game based on THAT description.
  17. My main problem with the next generation of consoles is the fact I'm going to wait a good two to three years before I invest in the Microsoft and Sony consoles. I typically just buy all the consoles, but with all the rumors and potential for abuse from those two companies, I think I'll just happily game on my WiiU, handhelds, older consoles and PC until the dust settles. Basically, I'm usually really excited for new games. Now I'm hesitant, like putting my hand into a pot of snakes. And I really don't consider what Nintendo is doing gimmicky. ROB The Robot was gimmicky. The Power Glove was gimmicky. The WiiU controller is just a different way of interacting with games. It's different for sure, but I don't consider it gimmicky. Also, why are we even bringing up "outdated technology" on an Atari site? I figured most people would see the value of games over the muscle of hardware. The Wii wasn't nearly as powerful of a console compared to the PS3, but I've probably played my Nintendo ten times as much as my Sony. Not that the PS3 is a bad console, of course. I love the PS3. I just love the Wii more even though it's a wimp in comparison (although my favorite console of this generation is the 360). Totally agree. When GOG hit town, I slowly got sucked back into computer gaming. I haven't been this much into computer gaming since my Amiga days, and there's a lot of great stuff I've missed out on.
  18. Man, I guess that all depends on what happens when I get there. Can I be a kid again in 1985? I'll take that deal all day long. If not, then I'd probably only use the time machine to catch old metal shows and maybe grab a bag of Tato Skins while I'm out.
  19. I use bookcases. You can get them for about $30. Special edition games and console boxes can be put on display on top of cases, and games with boxes on the inside. The main problem you run into is that they're deep. So the commons/duplicates/not-played games get shoved towards the back, and the nicer pieces of your collection get moved towards the front. Not ideal for small cart collections without boxes, though. For loose cart collections, I'd recommend a large CD/media rack with a backing. Especially if it has adjustable shelving. I have one of these, and love it. Although I use it for just CDs, carts fit in there beautifully.
  20. I don't recall this thread being about cheaper. I also don't recall me saying this would be something cheap to build. I said "simple" due to the fact this would neaten-up a typical Commodore 64 set-up, not because it would be a simple project. Sorry if I offended you with wanting an all-in-one Commodore set-up, but there's really no need to be a jerk about it. I've done some Commodore emulation over the years, and while I don't find it to be a bad alternative to collecting, I always go back to my physical Commodore collection. The idea of a keyboard/box that would hook up to a TV would be to save some space. Right now I have a whole desk dedicated to just Commodore. I have the space for it, but if I could eliminate the Commodore monitor/drives/datasette and use some sort of a Commodore tower that can hook up to a TV, that would give me additional space to hook up some extra systems on the desk. I threw the SD Slot idea on at the end based on all the feedback concerning the new RetroN 5 announcement. If there was a way to incorporate something like this in order to avoid lengthy save/load times, that would be bonus. And since emulation is always a hot topic with new systems/handhelds oriented towards older library of games, I assume that would be something a computer-oriented crowd would be extremely interested in. Personally, I'd still buy a system like this without the SD. Those are definitely cool! I've been contemplating on investing in a 1541 Ultimate-II, especially since the newer versions work with tapes. Heck of a waiting line compared to the Chameleon, though.
  21. I'd love to see somebody try their hand at a Commodore 64. Just a simple keyboard/box that can hook up to your TV, includes a couple disk drives, a tape drive, cart slot, and a couple controller jacks. And perhaps include an SD slot for quick saves/emulation.
  22. Thank you! People are so quick to jump all over the parents and claim "bad parenting". The parents made a mistake. All parents will make mistakes. That's just how life goes. You learn and move on. These parents made a big mistake, and now everybody with a pitchfork and/or torch wants them to wear the Scarlet BP. For the love of god. When you hear about the same five year old driving the dad back from the bar because he's too drunk to drive himself, then you can break out the "bad parenting" chants. But when you hear of some parents entrusting their iPad to their five year old who accidentally rings up a huge bill, why don't you put that stone back on the ground and chalk this one up in the mistake category.
  23. Ha! Great idea for a thread. I suppose I would escape Pac-Man by disguising myself as a box of laxatives. When it comes to chomping the undead, Packy is the man. He has the stomach to mow peaches with the pit, bells, keys, and even Galbosses. The dude is a complete and total badass when it comes to putting entirely inappropriate shit in his mouth, but he's not so tough as to swallow a 200 lbs laxative. But let's just say he is. Let's say I've done something so friggen horrible that he HAS to kill me. I backed over Chomp-Chomp, I was a decision-making executive at General Computer Corporation, I have a tattoo on my chest of a heart with the name Tod Frye in it and an arrow going through it. Just something really despicable where Pac-Man might just say, "Projectile shitting for a couple days is totally worth it". In that case, I'd dress up as Paris Hilton. Because even if violent forceful diarrhea isn't a deterrent, explaining to your wife why your breath smells like a diseased whore should be. Check and mate, Pac-Man.
  24. I was more disappointed with Choplifter for the 7800 than Karateka. My best friend had a Sega, and after playing his version of Choplitfer I saved my allowance until I had enough to get it on the 7800. Man, that was a dark day. At least with Karateka, I ended up putting a lot of play time into it. Even with all of its faults and shortcomings, it's not really that bad of a game.
  25. I like difficult games, but the old Psygnosis games were so insanely difficult. Specifically, the Shadow Of The Beast series and Baal. I distinctly remember snapping the joystick off a controller over an especially poor game of Baal. NetHack and Moria also come to mind.
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