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  1. Ohh, a Mario's Tennis "For Display Only" box... I got one of those too. Makes the collection more complete. Nice!
  2. OK so I have few Intellivisions. I decided to try to repair the 2 that are not working. Both went to black screen after turning on and after hitting reset. I fixed one by replacing transistors Q1 and Q2. I did the same on the Tele-Games and it still isn't working. Here's what it is doing -- 1) After turning it on it does not display "Matel Electronics presents". Everything else is there. The color test, the title of the cart, and copyright. No glitches. (Is that normal for Tele-Games? I highly doubt it.) 2) I can leave it on that screen forever, no problems. 3) Once I select a "speed" (as most Intellivision games) it goes to the game for 1 second then either black screens or glitches as seen in pic. Here's what I've done -- 1) Cleaned everything. 2) Replaced Q1, Q2 and both of those mother caps at the top of the power supply board. 3) I've tried the mother board with a working power source and power board. I've also swapped good chips with it (only the easily removable ones). I'm stumped.
  3. How bad is it getting? Even if you DO find something...ughhh...pass.
  4. SnapCraft

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  5. I figured that. Bummer. Just got my LTO Flash and it's like being a kid again getting a "new" game each time with all these homebrews. thanks.
  6. Am I blind? Is the Copter Command rom still free and on this thread? I can't find it in Post #1.
  7. Happy to see the "green screen" overlay was somewhat common back then? I though of removing mine, but never did. Thought the glue/tape would strip the grey paint. Would love to see the guy bring in his TRS80 to have his monitor replaced with a green screen only to see this.
  8. So here's my problem: I have a Tandy 1000 HX with a CM-11 monitor (beauty!). I don't have the expansion memory so I'm only limited to 256K. Still waiting on one... Is there a website that lists games that take advantage of Tandy's enhanced graphics and how much memory they need? If not, can some of you list some obscure ones? Desperately need a title that uses Tandy's graphics with 256K. Thanks
  9. Haven't been here in a while... Regarding the K'Nex -- Had to comment on this: How the hell do you justify it to the wife? Especially after exposing the kids to it? I agree, it's cool! But I'd be in the dog house for a while if I brought that beast home.
  10. Couple questions. 1) Why does it seem like disk usage/storage is minimal for the Coco (which came out later) than the TRS80 Model I through 4 lineup? It appears to be more of a cartridge and cassette media computer. Why??? 2) I finally got a FD502 for my Coco. Does anybody know if the Hxc Floppy works with the Coco? thanks.
  11. I'd advise against a 810. May look good cosmetically next to the 800, but I've gone through 3 looking for one to read/write with stability. The 1050 is dramatically superior.
  12. Does anyone have the high-res files of this poster? The Synapse one, not the Infocom poster. Can you please email me it? I really want to print one out professionally.
  13. My mistake. Pretty pathetic for a man to be "complete" by getting a video game system. A insignificant system too. Those go for $5 at the flea markets. "Complete" with a Turbografx CD? Maybe... Jeez, I'd like to get to know Mr. Wei first. Seems like a scam. Buyer beware!
  14. I swear, the late 2010's will go down as the Dark Days of retro collecting. The Wei. Wasn't that the code name for the prototype? You might have passed on gold! Other than that, Merry Christmas!
  15. Few goodies: PSP 2001, Excellent condition, $15 PSP 3001, a 1/2 inch deep scratch on screen, but works, $15 Boxed complete original White Wii, $25 Zelda Twilight Princess Wii, "Nintendo Selects" Ed., $10
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