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I'm a 70's kid and while growing up I originally owned (in order) [favorite game]:
1. Intellivision [space Battle]
2. Colecovision [Cosmic Avenger]
3. Atari 800 [star Raiders]
4. Colecovision Exp Mod #1 [seaquest]
5. Apple //c (sold it to buy...)
6. Apple //e (bought used, turns out it was stolen--cops confiscated)
7. Apple IIgs (parents helped buy this one after devastating news of above)
8. Sega Genesis [NHL '94]
9. SNES [Zelda]
10. 1st IBM clone
11. Playstation 1
12. Nintendo Wii [Zelda]

Still looking for...
Jaguar CD, Entex Adventurevision (I can dream)

Favorite System: Intellivision
Least Favorite: NES

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