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  1. Found a Turbo Booster Plus and Id want to keep the console original if possible. To mod a composite connection is usually 30 dollars but just decided to get the booster + instead.
  2. Never thought locating either one of these would be so hard. I guess being the underdog doesnt have its advantages.
  3. Im just trying to find out what its worth to anybody. The box is around C6 and it has the plastic tray,instruction booklet and the warranty card still. I also believe it has the cassette drive cable which ends in 3 plugs. I have no way to test either the cable or cassette so if anyone does want it its best shot in the dark but still worth having Id believe for a collector. Blud
  4. If anyone remembers a thrift store named Savers(I only knew of 3 in Central Florida before they closed) I picked up a top load NES with dogbone controller and the power supply for 19.99 and ebayed it and got 92.00 for it. The other items I kept are: Video Games Paper Mario 75 cents Goldeneye 75 cents Dreamcast with Sonic Adventure 9.99 (Traded in for a Sega Sports Dreamcast at Play N Trade) Original Gameboy 4.99 Gameboy Pocket with Tetris still in it 4.99 LP's Bob Newhart: The Button-Down Mind Strikes Back 1.00 Behind The Button Down Mind of Bob Newhart 1.00 Original price stickers still on them. 2.99 each. LOL Now considering this thread says flea markets I consider thrift stores as indoor flea markets with set prices. Ive scored a lot of good stuff but not video game or collectible in nature at them when they were open. I havent been to a flea in years since most of what I collect friends have now. Webbs Antiques in Winter Garden,FL had a lot of nice comic deals but no video games. Swamp Thing No.1 VF for 10.00 Mr. Monster 1&2 8.00 for both.
  5. What 2600 games wont fit this expansion module? Blud
  6. Is it any suprise from what Ive heard that PayPal is owned by eBay? Someting screwy is going on here.
  7. Help me out. Getting a TG16 soon and definitely would love composite connections instead of the little box with the sliding switch on it. Blud
  8. Would like to find the Dungeons and Dragons electronic board game. Made by Mattel I think. Awesome design and the orange bricks for making the walls were imminently losable. Still wondering what it would cost now?
  9. Ive always wanted Blueprint but seems the 2600 got it I think.
  10. Of course. Should have seen it even before I joined. Thanks. At least I now know Swordquest:Fireworld is an R3 though. HAHAHA.
  11. I cant seem to find these on here but Im sure you can point out what link to press to see them. Im certain I have no R9s or R10s but Id like to be able to check at least. Blud
  12. Kinda sucks when Hulu gets 3 new movies and you want to watch all of them and all of a sudden the first one seems fine but second one being viewed just hiccups all the way through. One guy said adjust Virtual Memory but what good is that gonna do when your speed of 3mb is throttled?
  13. Not near misses but wish I wouldnt have sold it. Top Load NES with power supply. Bought it for 14.99 at Savers(RIP) and a week later the dog bone controller for 4.99 which went up on eBay for what I bought them for. Got 74.00 for the top load and 11.00 for the dogbone controller. Same store bought Goldeneye for N64 for 1.00 and Paper Mario for 75 cents which made me real happy. Have the N64 to play them on but still havnt connected it up yet though. Also have Wave Race for the N64 which I really have no clue what it is except flying on water from what I understand. Blud
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