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  1. I don't even know how to build from source, but I downloaded the experimental version of Openemu linked to early in this thread, pointed at my MAME Rom set, and it's working nicely. Should I not expect that to be the case with console ROMs? Do I need to find bioses elsewhere? Thanks again!
  2. I'm glad I read this thread, 'cause it clued me in regarding Openemu, and I'm enjoying it. Thing is, I need rom sets for things like the Odyssey 2 and whatever else. I know we can't link to sources here in these forums, but if anybody could give me hints as to where I should be looking, I'd be most appreciative. I've been kind of out of the loop in recent years.
  3. Sometimes when I'm collecting data, the game prompts me to hit the options button. Does it matter if I do that? Also, are the snapshots and videos I appear to be collecting stored some place where I can look at them later and share them to Facebook or something?
  4. Ah, thank you again. Now that I think about it, this might mean I've never actually reached those stages using Godzilla.
  5. OK, well this is weird: I decided to play again as just simply Godzilla, but this time, even though I'm betting to over 100 meters, several of the final stages are locked. Not just one final boss stage, but several. What could I be doing wrong? Does it have something to do with me failing to do all that data collection nonsense properly? That part of the game still doesn't make much sense to me, and I'm not sure if I'm doing it right. Speaking of which, what are these red and purple flashes I keep seeing on the map? I walk over to them, they're kind of like beacons, for lack of a better word, but nothing happens when I'm on top of them. By "map," I mean the little radar thingy, as opposed to what's on the main screen. I was thinking maybe those beacons are where I'm supposed to activate the camera? But that doesn't seem to be it.
  6. Yes, thank you; Destroyah proved somewhat easy to defeat. I'm playing as him now, but I gotta say he's not the most fun kaiju to wield. His aim doesn't seem so good!
  7. Alright, that bit about fury chains totally got me over that hump! I was able to grow Burning Godzilla to over 105 feet, and have now, at long last, met Destroyah on the battlefield! Thank you again for all your help with this! And to answer my own question, fighting the easy enemies did not in any way impede me on my journey toward the 100+ meter club. At one point, however, the easy enemies were in the submarine level, which, of course, has no buildings to destroy. So at that point, I chose the hard enemies, which were on land, and therefore had some buildings I could destroy in order to gain height.
  8. 'Nother question: If my goal is to get to 100 meters and fight Destroyah, does it matter if I get there by choosing the hard enemies vs. the easy ones? I figure easy might enable me to spend more time getting fury chains and smashing buildings, but I also figure hard might confer rewards you don't get with the easy ones.
  9. Thanks again. I really misunderstood fury chains. Regarding the planes, can I still get to 100 meters without destroying them all?
  10. OK, boy, I've tried to get Burning Godzilla to 100 meters, and so far I have not been successful. I think just over 93 meters has been the best I could do. Do you basically have to destroy all the jet planes that attack you in order to reach that height? That's the only thing I can think of, 'cause I've been pretty much getting to 100% buildings destroyed on all levels, and also destroying all the ships, helicopters, buses, Maser tanks, regular tanks, patrol cars, etc. The only targets that elude me are the fighter planes, because they only attack you a few times, and then they seem to abort their mission. And they're damned hard to hit!
  11. No, didn't realize getting to 100 meters was key. Thanks again!
  12. I was just in area 16, playing as Burning Godzilla, but no JJ, even though the game told me to expect him. I guess my mistake was reaching more than 50% destruction before killing the generators? Ooh, 'nother question: I've previously played all the way through as Burning Godzilla, but did not encounter Destroyah at the end. Is there something special I must do to unlock him as a final boss?
  13. Thanks again for the info! So, are you saying Jet Jaguar might appear on any level where I destroy the generators very quickly after reaching 50% destruction? And how long did you have to play the game before realizing summoning him in areas 1, 7, and 16 would lead to a nice cut scene? It seems like such a random thing.
  14. OK, I got Jet Jaguar to come out a few times so I could harvest the poor fellow's parts! Now I notice I need Destroyah cells to continue with some upgrades. I hate to ask, but what do I have to do to meet Destroyah? Also, is Megalon in this game? Oh, I hope so! Megalon is one of my all-time favorites.
  15. Thanks, I will try that. And it's only on the first level? Interesting....
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