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  1. Hey all! I have this NES [1] lot with and an NES advantage arcade controller and many games! The console itself with all hookups and the controller for 100 + shipping. Take the WHOLE LOT of NES stuff for 150 shipped (a deal because shipping this will take around 30 bucks). Advantage is 15 + shipping SMB/Duck Hunt 5 bucks Pinball 5 bucks Tetris 5 bucks Herzog Zwei (Megadrive) 25$ Radioshack Pong 25$ Club Nintendo 3DS game case 30$ Pics [2] I also have a super nintendo (complete) i wish to sell as well. Console with controller and hookups 75 + shipping Take EVERYTHING for 150 shipped! http://imgur.com/a/AlgSz SNES games -Buster Busts Loose -Terminator 2 -Sim City -Top Gear -Pitfall -Super Offroad the Baja TAKE THE NES BUNDLE AND THE SNES BUNDLE For 220 SHIPPED! If you buy both the NES and SNES you get either the pong, the 3ds case or herzog zwei for FREE! 25$+ value! I also have a vic-20 i want to get rid of for 100 bucks. this thing has SHIT tons of literature, like a lot. Shipping will be like 25, so expect that. Comes with Pirates Cove and some chess games, original box, and all hookups. Pics Thanks for looking! EDIT: TAKE LITERALLY EVERYTHING IN THIS POST FOR 300 250! I WILL THROW IN A SEGA GENESIS MODEL 1 AS WELL. ALSO BEING THROWN IN IS ROCKET KNIGHT ADVENTURES, SUPER MARIO CLASSICS FOR THE GBA, AND MEGAMAN 2 FOR THE GAMEBOY. I NEED THIS GONE. Sold
  2. The enemy team had 4 leavers, making it a 5v1 Comment, like, and subscribe if you liked the video! Thanks! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IbnPF-qn6RI&feature=plcp
  3. Check out my channel! You post yours here, I'll be sure to look at it, watch some vids, and if I like it, I'll subscribe! Here's mine: http://www.youtube.com/user/T1AOFrizo?feature=mhee Feedback apprecited. Also, and ideas on games I should commentate?
  4. My for sale thread! Mattel Auto Race sold I have a fully functional Mattel Auto Race that is in great condition for sale for $25 + shipping (most likely around 3-4) If you are interested post in this thread or PM me about it. Battery (9v) not included, but tested nonetheless. I needed the 9v for a project for school. Pics below: (reversed due to my webcam, sorry) Game Gear I have a fully functioning Game Gear system (no battery covers) in the Official Sega Game Gear Case with the Super Wider Gear add-on and 4 games. Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Columns, Majors Pro Baseball, and Football. Also, there is an empty case in there with no game inside. Asking 50$ Shipped, OBO. Port-a-gear Case Just an empty game gear case, good as new. Looks in great condition. Asking 15$ shipped, again, OBO.
  5. New icon + status peeples :D

  6. New icon + status peeples :D

  7. 1K (Fat) If you want a 100% fool proof hack 2K is if you want to gamble, some have the unhackable motherboard. Others don't Go's and 3k cannot be hacked, but can run Homebrew enablers (like the new TN-A coming out Xmas day EST)
  8. Oh boy have I made some mistakes. A) Saturn. I don't find it fun. B) Genesis, I have an NES, barely half as much fun. C) Vic-20. Although this is cool and I do intent on keeping it, I do not play it. D) SNES. Again , I have almost no interest in it. I simply do not have the funds to collect for ALL of these. My main consoles are the NES and Dreamcast. PS3, too.
  9. Kirbys Adventure, has anyone mentioned this? I prefer this one over the Gameboy Advanced one due to 2 things. A) Cooler graphics. Period. B) Way bigger screen. [sarcasm] Also, the screens are interchangeable. [/sarcasm]
  10. Yeah, yeah. Understandable and all. You people have friends and spend money on them. Who DOES that anymore?
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