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  1. Yeah, sorry about that... looong story with the website but I hope to get it back up in the not-too-distant future. Thanks for the assist!
  2. I am liking the additional maze capability. In maze 2 you can trap the bugs in various corners, which is fun. One interesting quirk I noticed was that occasionally the vegetables in the special round are all eggplants. I've never seen it do that with a different kind of vegetable, although I have seen half eggplants, half carrots.
  3. I finally had a chance to download and play this. What amazing work! I love this. This was one of my favorite games in college and you've captured the feel of it so well. I look forward to seeing the mothership!
  4. I'll see if I can find her contact info (it's been a long time!) and let her know.
  5. I didn't get to see it live, but I really enjoyed the replay! I kept wanting to offer hints. 😄 It had not occurred to me that the shield looked like a dreidel, but you're right, it kinda does! However, there is - and I am not making this up - an actual dreidel later in the game.
  6. I may have made the Easter Egg too hard to find. Anyone else find it?
  7. I've been reading up on CDFJ and the bus-stuffing approach recently. I'm tempted to play around and see if a less flickery Super Pac-Man might be possible using these newer tools. What you've done with Mappy and Galaga certainly makes me think it might be! Every once in a while I want to play Super Pac-Man on the Atari and am frustrated when I realize I can't! (Yet.) Although if you ever want to beat me to it, go for it! I know you would nail it.
  8. Well, thank you for the kind words! I am glad you like it. As a huge fan of Ladybug, Mappy, and now Galaga/Galagon, it especially warms my heart to hear that.
  9. If I haven't said so already, this game is a very impressive technical accomplishment, and (even better) it's loads of fun. It does an excellent job capturing the essence of the arcade version. Perhaps my favorite touch is the "clank" noise when a bell falls on the heads of one of the pink guys. It's just the perfect sound for that collision, even better (imo) than the sound for that in the arcade version. I know it's waaaay past time to offer a bug report, but just for posterity's sake I thought I would mention a weird occurrence that happened when I was playing tonight. I was just about to collect one of the objects that the red guy was hiding behind, and the "hurry up" text appeared, and the mouse character just froze and became invincible! I couldn't move him, but all the enemies went right through him. After a while the green coin came and ended the game. I saved the game state just in case anyone's curious to see what I saw. Anyway, this is a great game and I love it. mappy_20180606_NTSC.st0
  10. The orange box that surrounds you is an "object" in the game's code. So whenever you're in one of the dark mazes, any two other objects will cause the blinking, since it blinks if there are three "objects" in a particular room.
  11. I had hoped someone would create Galaga for the 2600, and John was the right person to do it. Well done.
  12. My 5-year-old boy recently asked me to hook up the Atari so he could play some games on it. It's got a Harmony cart with a mixture of homebrew and old-school games on it. He likes his dad's game the best (I'm sure he's biased) but he also loves playing Berzerk, Jammed, Adventure, Juno First, and Stay Frosty, roughly in that order. He made me promise to say "thank you" to the authors of those games for making such cool games, so here's a public "thank you" to Thomas, Chris, and Darrell, at least, for adding some fun to my little boy's life.
  13. Sorry for the bumped thread, I just happened to see this. Yeah, this project is abandoned, I'm afraid. My 5-year-old happened across it on my Harmony cart and scolded me for not finishing it. But fortunately he's got plenty of other games on there to play.
  14. Ah, that trap screen! Yes, it's possible to retrieve eggs from there, but it is a little tricky. Bringing the magnet or the balloon with you will make it easier.
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