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  1. Ok thanks for the pic. So track 0 sensor is working, drive spins, and the head goes to track 39 and tries to boot. I just get a beep every so often and "BOOT ERROR". I cleaned the head. Any ideas where to look? TIA
  2. Yeah I have dead bars. I'd like to make it 100% so i'll track those down thanks for the part #.
  3. Before I took my BBS down, I was using a 576k upgraded 130xe, and IDE Plus 2.0, and a PR: Connection with a UDS-10 Ethernet/Serial adapter. The reason I went this route is it was TOTALLY quiet as I had a CF card for the mass storage. PM me if you want more details. BTW I'm the guy at the Houston show a few years ago that tried to put the clone Intellivison on the table
  4. I have an Indus GT floppy drive that has a Chinon drive installed. The four plugs that go on the side PCB are disconnected. It looks like someone tried to just make this drive mechanism work with this unit but I'm not sure. Can anyone confirm this could have come from the factory or if it is a hack? Also, is there a modern day replacement for the LED track displays? Thanks!
  5. I was hoping someone (Simius?) could perhaps list the different revisions of IDE Plus 2.0 units (A,B, etc) and what the differences are? Also would be handy to know what field 'fixes' should be applied to older units for those of us that have earlier rev units. Thank you in advance!
  6. Seems I was a bit high, sorry I didn't know what these were selling for I went by another member's selling price. I'll sell my Incognito for $100 shipped in the lower 48.
  7. Guys I have a brand new Incognito never installed with all the connectors, etc. I bought this and never used it. Last person I saw sold theirs on here for $150 + shipping so I will do the same. If interested please PM me. Thanks!
  8. I appreciate the info. Today I spent some time on it and realized someone had repaired a trace on the bottom of the XE, but it was a trace that was intentionally cut by Atari at the factory. Removing the repair fixed the unit.
  9. So although the 130xe is working it has some weird things going on with it. The graphics seem to kind of freak out and tear with a cartridge plugged in. Also, about every other reboot, there is the blue screen with the cursor in the upper left and it plays the sound you would normally hear if you pressed the start button while turning it on. This is without a keyboard even attached. Any help on this one is appreciated.
  10. Going to start tackling a few 800xl and 600xl boards next.
  11. Replaced Freddie and still no joy. I started looking at the MMU and noticed that one of the legs, while not broken, was quite a bit shorter. I replaced the MMU and now she's alive!
  12. So I got into a mood and fixed a couple more units: 65XE with RAM errors. Desoldered old 'MT' RAM, installed sockets, installed new RAM. Works perfect. 600XL replaced missing Pokey Removed Freddie from remaining 130XE and installed socket. Waiting on replacement IC.
  13. Ok I programmed a new 27256 EPROM with XEGS OS and that fixed the XEGS. Just need to fix the 130xe now.
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