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  1. We had our event on October 9 (https://securitycon.unc.edu) and it went really well. We had a little vintage computing lineup with some TRS-80s (Model 1, CoCo 1 & 2), and of course the TIPI connected TI-99. We used 99ml pages as an analog for the dark web and made one of the flags for the hacking competition a file on the TIPI web interface to illustrate how old systems can be serving up data you don't really realize and creating exposure. The faculty and staff were more into the vintage computing than the students at the event, but the students from our office and the ones that did interact with it were having a blast playing with old hardware. Thanks for all the support here on the forums, I suspect the interns that haven't graduated by next year's event will want to do something again
  2. The supporter group's whiplash from this morning's revelations probably went something like: "we got an update!" to "hey, a new article about the system!" to "oh crap..." and it is going to call for some serious Advil. We know you're not supposed to take it on an empty stomach...soooooo....send them tacos?
  3. Gotcha, that’s what I was after, thanks!
  4. Silly question here - how do you power the little monitor?
  5. I agree, I don't see how they hit their dates. I just hope that they are able to pull their heads (hands?) from their butts and realize that the sooner they get out ahead of the delays and announce "sorry guys, its gonna be delayed again" the better it would be for their customers. Managing expectations doesn't seem to be their strong suit though, so I doubt it. Who knows, maybe the short run prototype board is the distraction they will use to "soften" the delay message, and thats the reason it was included.
  6. But is it still...coming soon? I am legitimately happy for those that backed early about the fact that they get to see something. Now about those launch dates...maybe Atari will see how much activity kicks off when they say something besides "pre-order now! what games do you play? pre-order now!" and think to update on shipping (even if it's bad news).
  7. Well, there it is - as of today nothing is in production. Screen grab from the “official” reddit.
  8. The other day I started a chat about peripherals over on the regular reddit sub I’m allowed in, it was pretty good to hear different perspectives. Some folks thought I might be a corporate plant, that was genuinely funny. Moral of this story? It got me thinking about taco peripherals, so tonight I added some beans and rice to our taco dinner. Whats your favorite taco side?
  9. Welp - got my first Reddit ban. All because I said that I like tacos...shame. I fancied myself one of the skeptical optimist non-backers that they should be trying to pull in. No r/official_secret_double_topsecret_tacobox for me I guess.
  10. They're meant to be free so I can definitely grab a couple for mailing out - PM me mailing addresses and I'll put together kits for whoever wants one. @ILikeTurtles @Ksarul
  11. We have a podcast at work that uses the TI-99 voice function, and some music for the introduction to each episode. Today in the mail we received a box of promotional cups to hand out that we branded with a very familiar image...thought I'd share here.
  12. It looks like the re-used tweet post has been scrubbed from FB 🤐
  13. Meanwhile at Ataco HQ: "we're all mad here..." Saw this image and thought of this thread.
  14. The tiny cable / tiny monitor setup looks awesome, will definitely be doing that!
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