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  1. And you’re cherry picking a point to tear me down...manipulating viewers via an official video is what set me off, that’s been clear since my first post. I’m not the only one that feels this way, I felt compelled to say something. edit - I’m done, I’m not going to change any minds, no one here wants to hear anything contrary, I won’t be replying to any more, have a good ride everyone.
  2. Whoa there guy, Tommy named OEB Pete first as someone I should watch which is why I singled him out. I had no idea who the guy was until I saw the Amico vids. I had three systems on preorder, I no longer do, I’m gone. No need to make it sound like I’m someone out there making the hater content, I’m legitimately trying to basically fill out a comment card on the way out the door.
  3. Thanks Tommy - part of my issue is that channels you mention I should follow feel disingenuous and exaggerated. OEB Pete’s goofy faces in the thumbnails are not helping on that front. As for the official channels that trust was broken when I saw the clip where you mention putting weird things in to mess with your haters and generate negative reactions. I’m not interested in misinformation in official videos for the sake of the lulz. It makes the people that want to support it feel like suckers if they don’t know what’s real and what’s not. Best of luck in your endeavor, I’ll see myself out, thanks for replying.
  4. Oh dude, to be clear I wasn't slagging you. To me it was obvious you were genuinely asking what the complaint was about.
  5. I agree, nitpicking lag before anyone has their hands on a system in person is a waste of time.
  6. I'm sorry if you missed it, or just dont want to acknowledge it, but purposely messing with video content to "mess with the haters" to me isn't trying to correct misinformation. It is intentionally handing the YouTube frenzy fuel for a fire.
  7. Tommy, the YouTube culture shenanigans are hurting Amico. Spelling errors in the fox video, the weird deluge of reaction vids instantly, the interviews where you talk about doing things to mess with haters, I’m sorry man but I’m out. I love the idea of the system, I appreciated your willingness to engage the community but now there’s just two echo chambers at war and it’s not a good look. It leaves a segment of would be buyers with a bad taste in their mouths. The world is a bad enough place and life is challenging enough that we don’t need this eternal conflict around something meant to bring the family together. I’m sure I’ll get flamed for this post, but it is 100% meant to be constructive. Please understand that there are more people like me that would really like to see this do well but are turned off by what’s happening at the moment. *edit for grammar
  8. Cloudy, Night Stalker, Baseball - but I wont pay more than $10.
  9. I see no need to cling to false hope in the face of the realities of the logistics involved. It's gonna come out, but it's not gonna happen in April.
  10. I came here looking for a 7800 handheld solution (I like my Blaze it's ok), but this Evercade/EverSD sounds ideal!
  11. My VIC came...it's neat! Enjoying it so far as a desktop distraction and also using it as a non-internet connected digital scratchpad that I can pull data from when needed seems to be working out. No issues to report, thanks to everyone that answered questions here. I hope these become easier to get soon so everyone has access.
  12. Sweet! That works, I thought it might be “fun” to use it as an air-gapped writing tool. The thought being that if you’re sitting down to write something on a system with no internet connection to distract, and a extra couple steps to extract the work, my hope is that it will make for a good focusing mechanism - really make the time spent typing count. I dunno, if that proves to not be the case, at least there’s always games!
  13. Question for those that already have units in hand: If you felt so compelled, using the Maxi could you load up an old word processor and save a file to the USB?
  14. I don't have one, but the vids on YouTube show that the paddle functionality seems to be there.
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