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  1. Actually another group that might be interested are people who own VIDIOT board based arcade/pinball hybrids such Granny & The Gators and Baby Pacman. These use the 9928 as the arcade portion display. I am one of these people and I think I might have to pick one of these up to test it out as an alternative option for those boards! Thanks for bringing this to life all those involved in making it happen!
  2. Just the appropriate cable as the Mega STE PSU is switching. I have a UK Mega STE and I use it here in Canada no problem. You may also have to switch the TOS ROMs but that's a personal choice I think.
  3. It should be alright with at least 1.02 as I played that game constantly on a Mega ST2 back in the day. That was the game that got me into Jean Michel Jarre with that intro song being a edited down version of Ethnicolour.
  4. I figure this an excellent place to extend my gratitude to zaxon for his efforts building the highly desirable ultrasatan. I've had mind for about a month and it's nothing short of awesome. Thank you zaxon, you are a pillar to the Atari community (as well as others I'm sure!)
  5. Hey thanks for the reply, So I re-seated the POKEY - no change Tried another known working POKEY from an 800XL - no change Checked the POKEY socket - socket is fine Checked the keyboard connector - connector is fine Tried 400 POKEY in the 800XL - works just fine So I guess the POKEY is a ok it seems. Perhaps something else has shorted somewhere on the board. Visual inspection hasn't provided me any clues as of yet sadly. I gave all the socketed chips on the board a firm push to make sure there was a good fitting. Any other thoughts? Thank you again!
  6. Hey all, Hoping I can find some help with this odd keyboard issue on an Atari 400. It's a brand new keyboard to replace an older one that's basically rotted and fallen apart. I remember it still working with the non-destroyed keys until I put it away for a bit until I got a better keyboard. So I pulled it apart and plugged in the new keyboard and well no keys work except for Reset, Option, Select, Start and break. No other keys seem to respond at all. I plugged in the old keyboard and it exhibits the same issue. I put in some disks and checked that the 400 itself seems to be ok. I loaded up SpartaDos, Jumpman from disk and Basic and Assembler cartridges. I didn't encounter any problems at all except for the lack of keyboard functionality. Could this be a sign of the POKEY giving up the ghost or is there another something else I can look at. I'm pretty new to the 8bit Atari line as I'm more of an ST guy. Still it's always nice to play around with another platform. Thanks very much in advance for any help!
  7. Another important thing to know about the Mega series is that there is no FM modulator present. You have to have an Atari monitor to use it for the colour resolutions (ST Low & ST Medium). You can get an adapter that will let you connect a VGA monitor to it but it will only work in monochrome high resolution mode.
  8. Hi all, So I managed to get my hands on an Mega ST2 and I would really like to get it working again if possible. I have a 520ST and a 1040ST available for parts if necessary (prefer to not part out the 1040 if I have to because it already works great). The 520 is the variety requiring an external brick power supply of which I don't have so I'm happy to use it up. So anyways, it's a stock Mega ST2 NTSC so nothing out of the ordinary there. It's only able to boot to a pure white screen using an SC1224 (that works fine as I use it with the 1040 for now). I've tested the TOS roms in my 1040 and they work fine so I know it's not a ROM issue. Are the GLUE, DMA, Shifter, etc chips compatible with the ones from the 520? I'll post a link to the motherboard picture for convenience, as it's quite large to allow for lots of detail. Motherboard of Mega ST2 I'm no stranger to using a soldering iron and I have a decent multimeter as far as tools go. So thank you again for any and all help and if you need further pictures or information, I'll make sure to get it asap. (I also posted this on Atari Forum if anyone notices a similarity)
  9. Hey AX, sorry to bother since I know you've got enough going on. Any chance you've managed to follow up on this? It's still not here so I'm figuring it's lost to the ages. Yep, they were sent quite some time ago, and this is the only that doesn't appear to have made it's destination. I'm not able to get at my customers DCN forms at the minute because of the move, but can confirm it was sent. This was international, but even by those standards is looking very slow. AX
  10. Hey everyone I'm looking for one of the larger 22ER9141 Digital Video Cards for the Philips CDI 220 Drop me a line if you have one you wish to part with...Thanks!
  11. So has everyone got theirs yet? Still awaiting mine sadly...
  12. So what does it mean In Stock for the International ones? Not pushing or complaining just curious. _Troy
  13. I would like to extend my thanks to Ax for putting this all together in light of all of the troubles that have befallen him. Good one sir and may the tide turn in your favour from now on! My god I can barely await it's arrival!
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