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  1. I said I've never been wowed by a games graphics before, but I forgot that I have been. The first time I played Ninja Gaiden on the ds. Everyone I talked about the game with said pretty much the same thing I did. "I didn't know the ds could do that".
  2. I've been emotionally wowed by a game before, but never by the tech. It's just not a factor. The first time I was really wowed by a game was summer of '92 when I beat mario world. The closest tech has come to amazing me was when I found out the 20 year old 2600 I had just found at the thrift store still worked.
  3. Both of the Castlevania games for that system are awesome. If you like shooters Strikers 1945 is pretty good. Megaman 8 isn't as good as the rest of the original series is, but it's far from being a bad game.
  4. I already checked. It hasn't been completed yet.
  5. So far this game has been pretty easy, but since reaching the Amazon I can't figure out what to do or where to go. There is a clue that makes it sound like I'm supposed to wait somewhere for an hour but so far I haven't been able to figure out where.
  6. Symphony of the Night's not exactly rare, but it is probably the most valuable game I have. The rarest game I have is actually a dedicated console, a Pong C-100 with the box, the hookups, and all the paperwork including the warranty card.
  7. Star Fox has been my favorite shooter since it was new.
  8. I'm not a big fan of 2 player or multi player games to begin with, much less co op games. But my favorite co op games are Contra and Double Dragon.
  9. Castlevania is the only horror type game I've ever been into. But I'm wanting to try Master of Darkness. I'm going to try going all the way through Symphony of the Night on Saturday.
  10. The screen on my gba is almost completely blacked out. The system itself still works. I tested out a game in it and could hear everything loud and clear. Does anyone know how I can get the screen replaced and how much it should cost?
  11. I voted other since my favorite rpg for the nes didn't come over here until 2006 for the ds. Final Fantasy 3. Fortunately I did find a repro a few months ago. My favorite one on the list is Dragon Quest 4. I've recently been playing the ds version and I want the nes one so bad now.
  12. I've heard Golden Axe Warrior described as a Zelda clone and Master of Darkness described as a Castlevania clone, but does anyone know any real details about these games? I'm getting some money for my birthday next month and trying to decide whether or not to get these games.
  13. I got that magazine along with the game when my grandparents got me an snes for christmas back when they were new. Then it got lost and my sister found it in the same place it's been since summer of 1992 in shit condition. All the pages were stuck together and it was bending in half.
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