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  1. Don't waste your time, he's now banned. ..Al Will (won't?) do!
  2. You are old enough to drive? AX Well, you're apparenty old enough to read, so... despite your intelligence being questionable. Though I guess southerners need some basic reading skill so they can have the Bible and Mein Kampf crammed into their heads. I get it. You people are pissed that I threw things in the garbage because they wouldn't sell. It's not your decision, it was my decision, so live with it. I have no reason to be nice to you people because, from a business standpoint, this forum is useless to me. Just like the idiots at Digital Press, CAG or Sega-16. If you're going to spend more in gas expenses to take the games to the store than you would actually get in trade, then it is a waste to do so. Better to throw the game away then end up in the negative getting rid of it. Though this is why I largely turned to game piracy, I got sick of losing money on video games. You're just a great big bowl of friendliness aren't you?
  3. Hey guys, I was at the thrift store today and I picked up "The Dark Heart of Uukrul" for the Apple IIe and a Y- adaptor that looks like it plugs Wico 2600 joysticks into a TI 99/4A which is boxed and sealed. I'm wondering if any of these are worth anything?
  4. is jacked for the new SLAYER ALBUM!!!!

  5. is jacked for the new SLAYER ALBUM!!!!

  6. All NES: 1943 (CIB)= $3 Adventure Island (CIB)= $2 Blades of Steel= $1 Kings of the Beach= $.50 Mega Man 3= $.50 Idk, how they got that pricing, lol
  7. I don't like the idea of reviewers using emulators because you don't get the real feel or nuances of games sometimes with emulation. Need to play the original to make an accurate analysis
  8. Very informative and balanced review. Refreshing compared to the million AVGN wannabees
  9. I have to say (at 15) my only friend who likes classic gaming (atleast pre-n64) is my best friend. I had to "teach" him at first to like the NES and now we play all the time. I am, however, able to talk my friends into vectrex sometimes. That never gets old.
  10. I'm intrigued... I don't own one but that looks really cool!
  11. Hey guys, I'm planning on moving soon and I have some gaming stuff that needs to go. Right now I only have a couple things but will add more later. I Have: Stop Thief!: Electronic Cops and Robbers - The box is in good condition but the scanner is kind of finnicky. Give me an offer, idk what it's worth. Conker's Bad Fur Day (N64): - Very minty cart, looking for $20 Lords of Thinder Promo Tape - Pretty Good Box Tape is great! Give me an offer, I can't price this one If anyone is interested I also have about 300 Magic The Gathering cards that can go for about $10, pm me for details.
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