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  1. Very nice. Definitely looks worthwhile. ^_^
  2. Wait there was a portable NES? Where was I when this happened?
  3. I've never thrown a retro party. Just regular old, gaming ones in general but now that I see the way you set yours I definitely wanna throw one. I'd recommend doing a few other emulation based things outside of MAME for any systems you don't have or want to include but don't have enough TVs for.
  4. You planning on getting Battlezone 2000 or Chip's Challenge? Those were two good games for the Lynx.
  5. I heard from one of my friends that the car game is murder to play. Lol. I'd definitely take the cheats if I ever get the game as well, lol.
  6. I haven't played it yet but I have seen it played. I even looked it up, all the games are modeled after classic games but none of the games in this game ever existed in real life. But it looks like a real good game so I really want to play it soon!!! ^_^
  7. I'll check out what kind of processors I have when the hard drive gets here.
  8. This computer is an HP Pavillion yes. It runs on XP. My other computer is a Dell Inspiron with Vista, unfortunately enough, on it. My graphics card is an NVidia, but the hard drive in this was sent to me blank when HP repaired an issue with it. It used to run Vista so I stuck an OEM of XP in when I saw the hard drive no longer had an OS on it. Maybe the problem lies within there?
  9. I had a feeling you meant the Atari DS collection. No worries. ^_^
  10. Well then there's something wrong with this particular computer. Reality Boy won't work on it so when my other computer gets back I'll test it out on that one. Thanks.
  11. So according to ratings and rumors, Red Dragon is the best Virtual Boy emulator out there. I fail to see that. I dunno if it's the emulator or my emergency computer (My hard drive in my other computer recently died so I've been using a POS HP with a broken fan) but the emulator NEVER loads. Then to exit out I have to do Ctrl+Alt+Delete and go through the "This program is not responding. Send Error Report?" Can anyone help me with getting the Virtual Boy emulator set up and working properly? I'd appreciate the help.
  12. I don't like Acekard. That or DealExtreme is to blame but I was sent all the tools I needed for DS and GBA Emulation and the products sent all arrived in faulty, unworking conditions and then DealExtreme refused to help me when I asked for a replacement or a refund.
  13. Well, I guess you can't please everybody when it comes to collections. lol The Konami Classic game is great though. The games are tough as ever but it's hours of fun in the long run.
  14. I actually just picked up Konami Classics today. Right before I had my class. About six people passed the game around looking at the screenshots "Holy CRAP!!! I remember these games? Where did you get this?" So far this game brings about a nice assortment of addicting, classic gameplay. (Unrelated but similar note: Anyone planning on getting Retro Atari Classics for the DS?)
  15. Other firsts for me were Arcade: Galaga Sega Genesis: Sonic The Hedgehog 2 @Sgt. Pepper: What happened when your mom caught you and your brother?
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