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  1. Come on, we all know they are common and only worth 50 cents each. awww man... well how about you give me 5 dlls for all the rare ones.... I need to pay for shipping so I think its a good price... deal?
  2. lol, fake owning atari cartridges? Thats a new one... Like I said, I will probably keep them, ive never sold any video games, no matter how rare they are. Im a very nostalgic person, most of these remind me of when I was little... of course the rarest ones dont, and man is quadrun boring? I didn't even bother figuring out how to play it... Crazy climber on the other hand is a lot of fun... The games I remember playing the most are smurf and battlezone, but like I said, i was very little and remember playing newer consoles. Its nice to find and appreciate things like this, If I showed these games to my little ps3/360 spoiled cousins they would probably take the atari and smack me in the head with it, after calling me a liar for tricking them into playing "videogames" lol...
  3. haha, no offers yet... I don't plan on selling them right away.......I have something in mind before selling them. Are you guys familiar with those will it blend videos? nah just kidding... Im an industrial designer with access to waterjet and laser cutters...so Im planning on designing a nice acrylic rack to put them all in and after that maybe they will all go on ebay Ill keep you guys posted cheers
  4. Hello, Im new here but Ive visited the site on several occasions, pretty nice site btw. I got a call from my uncle a few days ago and he told me he was getting rid of some old stuff, including all his atari games so he told me if I wanted them I could go get them. Im an avid multiplatform gamer and somewhat of a collector, but im only 21 years old... the NES system was the first game console I remember playing, I also played the atari 2600 a lot of times but it was past its time. Anyways, I took a bunch of pics of the cartridges...apparently some are rare, I tested them with an atari 2600 jr. I had from my brother and they all work fine, with the exception of some cartridges that dont have a cover on the contacts, Ive had a hard time getting them to work but after jiggling them a few times they work hehe. Here are the pics, I sorted them out by label and publisher, the first pic has the only rare ones I found. Oh and I also got a ton of manuals hehe, I was even suprised about a game called Space Shuttle... it has those overlays that you put on the atari, and the manual is also there. I was pretty impressed about the ability of a cartridge overriding normal atari switches for use in the game, I didn't think it was possible. Also, the games complexity blew me away, quite interesting... For some reason, these are in pretty bad shape, but they mostly work fine... What do you guys think? Cheers
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