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  1. FINALLY, some improvement in Gyruss: 193,000.
  2. Bump N Jump: 426,956 Now the question is, can I make a big improvement in Gyruss or Moon Patrol in a fairly short amount of time?
  3. Update: a little better at two games but still not good enough. Moon Patrol: 36,560 Bump N Jump: 311,072
  4. Gyruss: 157,800 Moon Patrol: 27,280 Bump N Jump: 266,140 I'm in 2nd place, baby! Woohoo!
  5. Thanks Oyamafamily and DarQ Massacres. My wife was in the hospital mostly as a precaution. She is expecting our first child and last Monday went in for monitoring and had high blood pressure so they kept her there all week. She is at home now and doing well -- just needs to take it easy. Anyways, I'm hoping to be able to play some this week. Don't want to make it too easy for Oyamafamily!
  6. I apologize for making the gold medal bracket boring by not posting any scores, but this round could not have come at a worst time for me. My wife was in the hospital all last week so I had absolutely zero time to play. They let her out on Friday but finding time this weekend has still been hard. I'm hoping maybe I will be able to at least post some scores tonight.
  7. Umm, is it too early to concede? Seriously though, if I beat one of those scores, I'll be thrilled. Good luck to you, too, even though you clearly don't need it!
  8. I definitely prefer the real deal, too. So I certainly had the advantage this round since Lead is one of the homebrews I own and have played it quite a bit.
  9. Yeah, I'm having a tough time even getting close to my best score again. I have a hard time getting in the zone while playing this game for some reason.
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