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  1. Still worth a shot"? What about the upcoming game involving the sega girls?
  2. I'm just going to go ahead and spring for a xbox one this holiday or afterward. I need me some halo 5 and forza 6
  3. no offense but seems a little high for a non working unit? Are parts available for a repair?
  4. usually just standard unless the limited is a good value and I really want it-depends on the title
  5. Man this thread made me miss my Neo Geo hardware. Nearest arcade has nothing but another in town has an mvs big red. I can;'t wait to get a Neo x as my former ownership of the Neo Geo AES was a once in a lifetime (most likely) splurge that ended in liquidation
  6. Back in the day was the 90s early 2000s for me lol. I liked a pocket full of quarters. The noise and excitement. The competition, Friends. All of it. Hell I still go. We have a great family arcade here called Pojos. WE have popular somewhat adult places called Big Al's and such, and now we have these things called barcades two in my metro area. One within walking distance focuses on the classic nintendo and atari games mix that with beer and good sandwhiches and you have a frequent hangout for me lol
  7. halo but GOW is pretty amazing (well the first game anyway I still need to play the others...)
  8. I am manticsole07 on xbx live if I recall right. I do have tanks just haven't started playing yet-looking forward to it!
  9. forza 4 and nba 2k13 looking to replay shenmue 2. And have a growing list of older and new titles to play
  10. if your on a budget that prevents going for a newer console (I'm not sure about forwards compatbility of 360 games which could be a factor here) then certainly. I'm still enjoying one I have access to (borrowed from a friend) quite a few games I've not played at great prices and a handful of recently released titles at reasonable prices that will likely come down in price as well.
  11. Replaying the Halo series in anticipation of the new title- Halo anniversary and Halo 3 ODST recently completed.
  12. best game ever perhaps not. One of the best for the Jag certainly.
  13. I feel its still a worthy buy even having owned like three over the years hell maybe more I've lost track its been a few years since I had one due to financial troubles but I plan to get one before getting an xbox one the library is huge I've missed many titles all of which are cheap and plentiful so I can wait on the xbox one to drop to xbox 360 prices
  14. so these can do netflix (hulu?) crunchyroll? And of course itunes stuff.
  15. wish I lived in your area and had the money very nice good luck with the sale
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