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  1. Great description, thank you Sir.
  2. I really like your holder a lot! Very nice work. 6 Stacked would hold the whole original library of US titles. How did you size mod the slots?
  3. I absolutely love this game...up until the damn screen goes dark and you have to remember where the next dot is. Has anyone even hacked, or would consider hacking this rom so the screen doesn't go dark? Anyone else think this is a cool game?
  4. I am looking for a USB splitter. What I want to do is this. Use M30 8bitdo 2.4GHZ Genesis controller + plug in power so phone does not discharge + use my USB - C to HDMI cable. I have the Samsung Galaxy S10+ (has USB-C) and want to play emulators on my TV using M30 8bitdo 2.4GHZ (USB Dongle) Genesis controller. Being able to have a splitter so I could connect charger, tv out and genesis controller all at the same time. I am not going to be petty about buying what I need and if someone wants to so kind as to post a link, I'll click it and buy it. Basically my phone then becomes a HDMI Sega Genesis with wireless controller. If I could use 2 controllers that would be even better, but not pressing my luck. Thanks in advance.
  5. Test the edge of the pin where the controller plugs in to a point above where the pins solder to the motherboard.
  6. Got my Ultimate SD multicart back from repair. Need any BETA testers? This is a very near an dear classic to me.
  7. That concept art is MEGA BADASS. You need to frame and hang those on your wall J-F.
  8. I had and sold a standard controller with the spinner.
  9. I wonder if the MegaSD could run a 32X core? I would love to see some "cores" for the MegaSD. Would be great for sales too if we could run some extra systems through our beloved Sega Genesis.
  10. my guess is that you have one or more bad pins and or one or more bad pads trace on the motherboard. I would test continuity between the pins and points on the motherboard. Soldering the controller ports multiple times probably damaged the connection on the motherboard.
  11. I highly suggest NEVER EVER using a cordless screwdriver on plastic cases. Aside from that great post.
  12. I thought how awesome that would be to pull off that piece and change the battery. You have a great mind Reaperman!
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