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  1. Would be great if Krikzz fixed the NES cores so that Super Mario 3 didn't have the graphic glitches in the menu part of the bottom of the screen. That and a Colecovision and 2600 core. Ill alway keep a CV and likely a 2600, but doubt I would ever play them if there were accurate cores.
  2. Took around a month to get it. Im in Toledo, OH
  3. Got my Mega Everdrive Pro today. It works great. Very easy to set up.
  4. The ink stamped date is sweet. I need one that is stamped Dec 21st (my birthday).
  5. I am starting this topic to request a talented programmer create perfectly functioning ColecoVision Emulator for the Mega Everdrive Pro. An NES emulator is included which leads me to believe a ColecoVision emulator would run without issue. Emulator should include the Super Game Module code so that all original and homebrew roms (roms that are available from programmer/publisher) will play. I will pay at least $100 as a "paypal" gift if someone wants to do this. My thinking is get 20 + people on board all willing to pay you upon completion. Programmer can state their desired amount needed to do this and we can figure out how many people want it and how to raise the cash for your work. Programmer can post or PM me. I am ready to lay down some cash to make this a reality using the Mega Everdrive Pro. 8bitdo M30 2.4ghz controller would be used so that all buttons present on the original and Super Action Controller could be assessed by button combinations. Basically the Mega Everdrive Pro would become a ColecoVision Expansion module for the Sega Genesis.
  6. It had to have been beta tested and played single disc games. There are not many multiple disc games.
  7. Thanks for your post. I just did an Ebay search and bought 2 NIB units. Might never use them but boxed hardware is fun to have. 1 left if someone wants it. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Sega-Genesis-Team-Player-Adapter-Model-MK-1647/303594894409?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item46afaa7449:g:FOIAAOSw6q5e5CIj&enc=AQAFAAACYBaobrjLl8XobRIiIML1V4Imu%2Fn%2BzU5L90Z278x5ickkpFtSR0CGv%2Bh98r8Yb9quSzX3xW66k1ESRMM0heUQZkJXwuNPVYPkYKyRbMeLZEw7%2FdruMe9YYF9uhwaFHTxvSvCb1m0RCyMNX1hgnJl2PDPTtFfVQTgznBgd1RdPpkFJxiFurqto%2F%2Bi3MlIH7D3LwKUg0A8D4h1j5yh7r4LPI7zKa5gQvnRGrg3zjJ5w4QBYGxCv%2FfGl7fgUuue3r218S3xFMedMBgTu4YsYqP6imt5FNpudTZa4%2BK1NMx%2BJMaAJr9z6zZ66Co2imCRWEMVtDZAtDuSTfueyGmg2LgWrC3fQsVJcLE4OjeDTji8PI9qTCPpO2rfetdrZtBqMOIDYd95jqzZZjKKA1u4JcqJe%2FgI8EIKiiX0fzce41zjRLjDjbiQlH51HaVOPZnde3JobZ7wWAbedAO7J8P3ngdWBvz1HgnW5CV13VIrQ4wWYZcRzMULSo9CV8lR97qnFmMtXRuUP2CfVacBE3yFf9%2FqYaJQ1OQhiLvKHHF05UiWJS77PXWhRGlQHdfuXJnbb%2FhPbBR8bKSm%2BpAiFyQzJyFr%2B0k3hzqvn3BBiVQ0K6%2FmfynrYP%2BoM2vLP1W4iDoFsyfbh%2BVRUCGLL1Dy5JRRhtiVw5tJ9cuS5ORpOSVqyZxKhRgxdTi%2Fb8bjkiUPtB3QePCHprXP9Tay11j8IBhgV%2FQL8gveo2A5fLjKpT6jpoS%2B2Jc10OmlWsv31a1pPV0F1s70J4lA9J%2FIjyxLXh1%2F4tsouw2W4xEZNEqDrQ%2F44WX5coM38&checksum=3035948944099e93ae1b50be4075b9e6432cfee5040d
  8. Should buy 6 of these https://www.amazon.com/8Bitdo-Wireless-Gamepad-Original-Genesis-Drive/dp/B07HB1XFQW/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=m30+2.4ghz+genesis&qid=1594086582&sr=8-1 I am a fan of original hardware, however that said I FU*&ING love these controllers and don't use anything else. I wonder if they work with Wheel of Fortune, I have never played that game on the Genesis.
  9. I have a huge collection, nearly every SCD as a .bin/.cue if multi- disc can't be played I'm ok with that. I can always burn to CD-R and play on my perfect, fully refurbished Model 1 with JVC drive. Emulating the SCD is a novelty to me, I want to play cartridge games and have save states. Plus I hope to get a programmer to get ColecoVision and 2600 emulators running on it, like Krikzz did by including the NES Emulator. I'm really looking forward to some Super Mario 3, Gun.Smoke, 1942 and some other favorites of mine on my Genesis. Genesis does what Nintendon't 🙂 Krikzz makes top notch products.
  10. What was your order date? I ordered mine on June 26th. Also please post you opinion once you receive it and I will do the same. I bought and returned terraonion's Mega SD because it seemed to introduce a tiny bit of lag, both with Genesis Roms and Sega CD ISO. This was with Genesis Model 1 non-tmms and Framemesister. I did not perceive this using Mega Everdrive, actual cart, or Sega CD model 1 on the same TV. On a positive note aside from lag it seemed a top notch product with fast load time and great menu interface.
  11. Has anyone ordered and received their Mega Pro?
  12. I just got s 3/4 board model 2 in the mail yesterday. The genesis and a working 32x
  13. I ordered the mega pro earlier today. Really looking forward to getting it. Can loose with any of the everdrive line IMO
  14. I would love to see the mega everdrive pro emulate the atari 2600 and Colecovision. It would be like an expansion module.
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