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  1. Any plans for other systems? I take one for Colecovision.
  2. Are you going to post Augusta .bin?
  3. Are you going to post the .bin for Augusta? Looks great.
  4. Here is a link for Augusta for the 2020 Masters. http://www.augusta.com/masters/coursetour If you click on a hole on the map on the main page it shows the lay-out, length and par.
  5. What about making another version, or maybe several based on real golf courses. This game is freaking AWESOME!
  6. Any chance there could be a text label cart? I love the early text label original carts, I have the original Golf game with text label.
  7. Your game looks absolutely awesome aside from the fact that the putting green is white. Any chance you might change trees to brown and the putting green to green
  8. Thanks for posting the demo johnnywc. Game is awesome. Really looking forward to the cart release.
  9. Would be awesome if there where a colecovision and atari 2600 emulator that ran off this cart too.
  10. Very interesting thread. Sure would be awesome to make a 63 in 1 cart.
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