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  1. Very interesting thread. Sure would be awesome to make a 63 in 1 cart.
  2. Thanks for doing this. My very favorite game of all time is Adventure for the 2600!
  3. love the Venture 2019, if you forget that is the actual year it sounds futuristic. What about "blinded me with science" composed by newcoleco (Daniel).
  4. in fact I am tempted to offer a replacement EPROM to replace all the hundreds of fire skip BIOS chips I installed over my years of modding.
  5. Absolutely awesome that you did this research. I would much rather have really short duration title screen displayed than worry about potential problems with fire skip bios.
  6. And c would you please post one with 2 second delay? I want to put in my CV.
  7. Great work! Now if you would just make version that ran on Sega CD.
  8. Very interesting. Does changing display time and writing to eprom cause any problems like was the case with sewer sam and fire skip bios.
  9. Think that has a large amount of lag.
  10. Thought this was worth a nectro-bump.
  11. I was wondering if the final release version will have HDMI video output and also analog outputs, or HDMI only?
  12. V9 from this page https://krikzz.com/pub/support/mega-everdrive/v1/OS/
  13. No it is the model 1 Genesis non-TMSS and a Model 1 Sega CD.
  14. Thanks Jin for the review! It is great to hear positive news like this. Be awesome if they would make a new 3 button version!
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