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  1. Wanted Demolition Herby Atari 2600. I'm looking for the Color label version.
  2. Jawbreaker is my new favorite game. Highly recommend people try it!
  3. I bought 2 x CX-40 from Best Electronics. They are absolutely fantastic! I thought about buying parts to repair some of the controllers I have laying around, but with all you get I think the $49.95 ready to go is the best option. Everything is clean and new except perhaps the 2 halves of the controller housing and they are nice and clean. Love the 7' cords.
  4. Yurkie

    Movie Cart

    Can a whole movie be put on a cart?
  5. I was wondering if it would be as simple as adding a switch to have 2 cartridges connected to the Atari and flip a switch to toggle between them. My idea is to have one slot internal and have the plus cart or harmony cart insert in it, and a regular single game cartridge in the original external cartridge slot. If I was reading the slot pin out correctly there is a 5v and a ground pin. Would a SPDT or a DPDT switch accomplish this?
  6. I'll take 2 if you release this. I deeply regret missing this when it came out originally.
  7. Game looks fun. Any chance numbers at the top of the screen being cut off could be fixed? I'd like to have a repro if the original cart label was cleaned up...I like the Pac-Man and reel to reel
  8. Here is Atari text https://fontmeme.com/fonts/sf-atarian-system-font/
  9. Sword is backward, but looking better. Someone that has skills could add catacombs and curved text in a matter of minutes and it would look awesome.
  10. I really like the idea of a slain dragon added to the patch. Adventure at the top and "One down 2 to go" at the bottom.
  11. There is a Yars' Revenge patch and a Warlords already so they are not needed. How about the Adventure and a Berzerk. Berzerk could be your player, a bullet and a robot. Berzerk at the top and "Chicken Fight like a robot" at the bottom
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