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  1. It's that simple? There are no fancy connections I have to make with the kiosk itself? I thought I had to plug the PS1 and the TV into the kiosk.
  2. FF VII and FF VIII (obviously) anything Crash Bandicoot Spyro Soul Reaver Klonoa Legend of Dragoon Legend of Legaia Twisted Metal
  3. If it fits, it will work. Have your brother haul it up to your room. He was able to get it down there, he should be able to bring it back up. Too bad he now has the flu and has had an in-grown toenail for a few years.
  4. Well this was a Christmas present and my brother had to hide it somewhere. I want to take it apart (because that thing is freaking heavy) and bring it to my room and assemble it there. I do have a pretty small TV that fits in there. Will that work? The only thing is that it's old and needs an RF modulator.
  5. I'm not sure if anybody here even has one of these, but I think this website may be a good source for advice. I recently got a PS1 Gamestop demo station (I guess you could consider it a cabinet). Questions: How do I hook this up and how do I get it to work? Is a PS1 required or is it already built into the cabinet? Can I use a normal TV for this? How could I go about disassembling this (not completely, but just into parts small enough to easily carry up stairs)? Can this only play demos? I may ask more questions and put more pictures up later.
  6. I don't really have many rare games. I think the rarest game I have is Earthbound for SNES.
  7. As expensive and extremely hard as doing this would be... TUBA HERO FOR XBOX. On the classic side of things I would like to see Duck Hunt for the 2600 or 7800, utilizing the gun.
  8. My it's been a long time since I updated my "about me" page

  9. is depressed because marching band season is almost over and my sousaphone wont be fixed until the end =(

  10. is depressed because marching band season is almost over and my sousaphone wont be fixed until the end =(

  11. Did you happen to get this all at a really awesome flea market in New Milford? Ummmmmmm. Yes. Is the government watching me???
  12. One guy at my flea market has a giant official game store sign on his stand that says "WE CARRY SEGA CD!"
  13. Just got something really awesome at the flea market. boxed Genesis Shaq Fu (well not so awesome) boxed CD32x Corpse killer boxed Sonic & Knuckles Sonic Adventure Sonic Shuffle Night Trap Sealed Astroblast Coleco Gemini Genesis Model 3 All of this for $30.
  14. I still haven't been able to get a boot disk. My aunt might have one though.
  15. Yesterday I got a boxed Sega Saturn with no A/V Cable with World Series Baseball, a 6 button circular controller and a SuperPad 8 for $25. I'm still not absolutely completely sure that it works but I plugged it in and turned it on. The light turned on and the CD spun so I bought it.
  16. Now where will I find vert circuit drivers and boot disks? Other than Ebay of course.
  17. If he takes the box, I'd be glad to take the broken TG16 off your hands. PM me. I'm sorry everybody but I already took it back to goodwill (like an idiot). I probably could have sold it more for parts or repair.
  18. You may have seen my topic about me finding these macs and I want to find out how to fix them. The macs and problems are: a standard SE Whenever I turn it on it says "The disk "untitled" needs minor repairs. Do you want to repair it?" When I click OK or cancel the system just reboots and says the same thing. an SE with 2 disk drives When I turn it on a picture shows up with a floppy disk and a question mark on it. I could see inside one of the slots that something is plugged out and I assume that the disk drive is plugged out. There is also some rattling inside. Another SE with 2 disk drives Same problem as the last one, but I didn't see anything plugged out nor hear any rattling. SE FDHD with 2 disk drives When I turn it on a white vertical line appears across the screen. Mac Plus same problem as the SE with 2 disk drives and sometimes there is an X over the picture. the monitor takes a long time turning on and I think i need to put in a PRAM battery in the back. When I take off the battery panel there is nothing there. The case is kind of sticky too. I also need a special mouse and keyboard. The computer doesn't make any noises. Could anyone diagnose the real problems and tell me how to fix them? Is it safe to open the case of these macs? What precautions should I take when opening it if I can?
  19. Damn. I got a boxed TurboGrafx16 for $15 at goodwill but then I found out that the cable wire plug on the side was broken off =(
  20. Does anybody know where I could get a PRAM battery for the Mac Plus? EDIT: It's not an LC that has a line going down the monitor, it's the SE FD HD, And that's the one of the computers I wanted to work most.
  21. I got the LC III to work!!!! Turns out there was no memory card so I took the one from the LC I and put it on there.
  22. Going to Stop & Shop one day while playing Animal Crossing and my mom slams the brakes and says "hey, I wonder if that's a Macintosh?" She backs up and this is what we see. 3 Macintosh SEs, 1 SE FD HD, 1 Macintosh plus, a performa 200, an LC, an LC III, a dot matrix printer, a black and white monitor, and a keyboard (no wires or mouse, but I already have them). The LC and Performa are the only ones that have worked perfectly. The Plus has no battery or keyboard, one of the LCs has a line going down the monitor when you turn it on, when I turn in the LC III it has the normal start up noise and then plays a minor tone and a thick blue line appears across the screen, one SE's floppy drive isn't plugged in, another has something wrong with the disk drive. I hope I can fix some of these.
  23. My mom is forcing me to go to Virginia this weekend (how exciting). On my way there I'm stopping by Digital Press!!!!! I've wanted to go to Digital Press for a really long time. I hope I walk out of there with something good . I hope my mom doesn't rush me so I hardly get any time to browse. I'm wondering, how many people on this forum have visited Digital Press. From 1-10 how would you rate the store (merchandise, prices, etc? I would have gone to Dillon music, which is in a town right next to Cifton, but that store closes at 5pm, and I'm leaving at 12pm. It does NOT take 2 hours to get from CT to NJ. I learned that when I got to Dillon music 10 minutes before it closed because my smart friend decided to leave so that we get to NY right when rush hour starts! 7 hours there and 5 hours back. I forgot my saxophone reed in the car and had no time to go back and get it. NO BASS SAX PLAYING FOR ME! It would be pretty cool to make 2 pilgrimages to 2 things my whole life is based on in one day though.
  24. Ugh I hate the whole cell phone thing. Every cell phone version of every game in the world is bound to suck. Believe it or not I have a cell phone breakout and the actually tried to put a STORYLINE in it. The storyline doesn't even make sense and has nothing to do with breaking out. Being one of the only people with an Atari and an Atari shirt makes me feel good about myself.
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