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  1. A touchpad would be AMAZING! Especially if you found uses for all the buttons. I don't know what you could do with them, but a knife and a gun powerup would make it more like the original. You could also add a third weapon like a flamethrower. But, I don't know how much space you have and you still have to add an objective (or do you? The funnest thing in GTA was to run around and kill people..._
  2. Very promising. I'm loving it. However, would it be possible to change exiting your car from the console switches to something on the controller, or second controller?
  3. TooSlowGamer


    The error that comes up is due to a lack of spaces before certain lines. If you're using visualbB, you could keep things simple by going through and clicking on the end of each line, pressing enter, then hitting delete. When you type a line of code in VbB, make sure you press enter after it, then delete the tab down if needed.
  4. So this isn't a port, this will have original levels? If you don't want items to share the same scanline you'll have to be really clever with your level design. Like anything within one screen apart cannot be on the same level.
  5. I like the original art, but it's pretty disturbing if you think about it and something I wouldn't want that could be difficult to explain. However, I like the new one too because it relates to the title of the game more. One thing I would change, though, is putting a full background behind him to make it more distinctive.
  6. What dictates when the stage will end? Also, what happened to the old coverart?
  7. The four way scrolling stage went by really fast for me, but it's not that big of a deal. If you have any extra room, difficulty settings could be added.
  8. I really feel bad for bashing your game like this. I really do enjoy it, I'm just trying to help you make it better. I wasn't going to post again, but you seem to REALLY crave feedback: 1. On the top down perspective you still go super fast when going left and right. I think that the speed in which you move up and down is perfect, so I think the left and right should be the same. 2. On the top down perspective I really have no idea what I'm playing as. It doesn't look like the bear, and it doesn't look like an orphan. The orphan that you're trying to catch looks good, though. 3. Probably my biggest complaint is with the AI on the top down stage. It always seems to be placed on a box and the only way to move it is to move yourself. 4. The first boss is only 1 hit kill? Too easy.
  9. I like the top down style better, but when you move left and right you speed by and when you move up and down you go at a snail's pace. Also, now I feel like I'm playing with the black and white switch on. Also, it's hard to see more than just a blob of pixels without focusing on the bear. It should be colored, just not colors that do that. I think Random Terrain has a chart on his site somewhere for web design, but it applies here, too.
  10. I read that on your page a while back and I thought the same thing. For 2600, that would take up an amount, even small, of space that can't be used for the game. It doesn't even add much to the game. I have to wonder why Atari said that.
  11. Even though I saw "2600" immediatly, I kinda agree. Could you try to put a pixel in between each number? Also, with the new kernel, it now says "2600 Passthrough" Yeah, I am actually considering using the titlescreen kernel once it is finished and either removing the bitmap kernel or seeing if/how I can use them in tandem. Hopefully that will make a lot better titlescreen than what is up there now. I think the bitmap kernel being used is more important than having a superb title screen. It's OK now, it's just not perfect, but the bitmap kernel adds A LOT to your game.
  12. YAAAAY for feedback! Thank you for helping me TooSlowGamer So far corrected: * Broke down and used no_blank_lines * Changed the background color to dark gray (I'm assuming hard-to-see meant too bright?) * Removed marching effect Added: * Sounds for Knightmare level (no music yet) * Changed 4 way scrolling level so player wont get stuck in TV Immediate Todo: * Will re-work side scrolling orphan sprite * Try and get enemies to fire missile1 Not sure what "lot of bugs" means. I know you can get stuck in the TV. Made the TV more solid to compensate. If you could describe what "lots of bugs" is please do! If the bugs you describe are too much or too hard I may have to back down to Zelda style top down format. When you're moving the spaces are kinda small and you can go partly through them. It makes it feel like a quick beta of a game. I think using a similar engine without the gravity effect and making it top down would work better. EDIT: Nevermind, that only really happens when you hold the jump button. However, I think the problem lies with the collectable. It gets stuck on the playfield until you move and makes it feel weird. I haven't reviewed your code, but this could be a bug with where you placed the movement code for it. Also, if you have time, would it be possible to make the jumping better. It's fine for Atari standards, I guess, but I think it'd be better if it was a little faster and had some momentum and less perfect controls. Like, when you let go of the jump button, make her keep going a couple of pixels then come back down. The controls are too precise to make it feel like you're jumping. Play Mario and see how the jumping is.
  13. The marching slows down the gameplay a lot and makes it look like you did it because of a technical limitation. The sprite in the 4 way movement looks like a little girl, but just barely. Also, there's a lot of bugs in it that it makes it almost unplayable. Oh, and the color for the first stage made the enemies kinda hard to see.
  14. I'm liking this. However, why did you change the scrolling to that? I liked it better the old way. I just now figured out what the title screen was. I always thought it was a castle.
  15. Even though I saw "2600" immediatly, I kinda agree. Could you try to put a pixel in between each number? Also, with the new kernel, it now says "2600 Passthrough"
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