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  1. Need to sell a few things. Prices include Usa Priority mail with tracking. Atari XE cart is sold. Available. Nintendo NES 190 - in 1 is from back in the day. We have played this on both original front loaders and a top loader and it works great. Have not tried it on any clone systems. Nintendo NES 190 - in 1 is $55 Still Available. Remember shipping is included in that price. We have paypal. Had a rough night in the ER. was getting these ready to post last night when I started having terrible back pain. Maybe Atari Age is bad for your health. lol Hopeful today will be a bit better. These are ready to send right away. Just message me.
  2. Knock it off all of you! We are not thieves we HAVE not and WILL not steal from anyone. The individuals who are owed WILL be taken care of. Life has delayed or progress but we are still here! Stop this petty squabbling! You all do not have the facts of the matter so please stop making assumptions based on lies. Those of you who are not owed anything stop trying to bring us to justice it is non of your business. Please for our sanity and yours just let us work this out when we do we will take care of everything. Sorry for the rant but I have just reached my braking point. Try spreading a little happiness instead for awhile it will make you feel better.
  3. Most people don't want to see this sort of personal thread. This reply is being made because Matt thinks it's the right thing to do. So be it. I am that spokesperson. Unfortunately I have been unwell myself. We never disappeared. Just stopped posting publicly. I've done my best to make sure that either myself or other family members kept those people we owe informed. At least every few months. Those we owe are the only people we have to answer to regarding their transactions and it doesn't have to be done in public. They were asked if they would keep waiting several times. They said they would. It is shocking to see so much misinformation on this thread. There is a standing commitment to make good on the 7800 project. That commitment is between my husband, myself, and the buyers. It isn't the responsibility of anyone else. When they write me I answer them. If you have a legitimate issue please write me privately. No one has gone missing. No one has been ignored. The topic of this thread is "How's Ax doing?" For those who care, he is worse not better. He went before an ALJ and is waiting on a disability determination. He is terribly shy about my talking about his health. He is unable to play games and obsesses over his unfinished projects. His mental state is very poor. One arm doesn't work. The other hand locks up and has painful cramps when he uses it. Typing is very difficult for him. Yes he has tried speech to text software. It frustrates him and it is seldom used. Ax loves this forum and many of its members. It pains him greatly that anyone would even consider that he would run away or do anything wrong on purpose. He did so much for this forum. It was his social life. Right now we are relying heavily on family and our teenage children to help out just surviving and covering the bills. As I mentioned my health has gone down hill and I will be starting chemo on Monday. My body did not respond to the transfusions or IVIG. The steroids are giving me horrible side effects. I've been in the hospital more often than not for the past month and a half. As our sole support for income once Ax was unable to earn, and also primary caregiver to Ax, things have been very difficult. Especially these past few weeks. Matt, we haven't met in person yet. Ax and the kids talk about you like a close friend. We know you are trying to be fair. It is understandable not to prevent freedom of speech and be fair to all. I do have a few friendly disagreements with your saying that this thread follows your sites rules. Looking at the rules located at http://atariage.com/forums/index.php?app=forums&module=extras§ion=boardrules Please consider the following passages. "off-topic discussion in the forums designated as such." - the thread is about "How's Ax doing?" "responding to an existing thread, please try to be positive, constructive, polite, and on topic" - many posts are off topic and negative "Trolling usually involves disrupting a thread by posting messages that are off-topic" - see above "individual member repeatedly disrupts threads in a negative fashion" - the specific member I'm thinking of has a track record of this "we will not tolerate members insulting each other in the public forums." - see below "other personal discriminations are not permitted." - Ax is a disabled person. Documents were shared with Albert and the AA mods last year. Attention seekers should not be allowed to run amok on any site trying to smoke out a response that they aren't even owed. Also, it is a bit odd that this general discussion is taking place in your marketplace forum. To Goldenband. I'm sorry I have not made your cable. There is a seller on eBay with Ti99 cables for $15. I asked if they would ship one directly to you. To Busterm. You know the master system was sent to you three times. Each time it came back return to sender both your east and west coast addresses. The cost of the postage in the end was over $45. We sold the PS1 we got from you in trade on Amazon for $65 + $4 shipping credit. They take a 15% cut at Amazon and shipping was much more than their maximum $4 credit. We held on to that Master system for 6 months waiting to hear back then sold it to recover the postage spent. It ended up cracked with the buyer getting a partial refund. Probably from too much shipping. All of this information was exchanged when you resurfaced. The deal was a wash. If you want to cover the $45 we spent in postage plus the next $15 stamp I will personally make sure you get a master system. Private message me. To the Canadian that was banned. Ax is sorry he stuck up for you and begged Albert to let you come back. Whether you mind or not, now you know. You can do what you want with it. I'm spending the weekend with my family. I've got a full day chemo orientation on Monday and I'm not going to be on here for a while.
  4. Alexis Tappendorf and the Search for Beale's Treasure by Becca C Smith http://t.co/6pbsAGlvuk

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    1. atarian63


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  8. We are selling our Nuon collection on ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-SAMSUNG-NUON-Video-Game-System-N501-Games-TEMPEST-3000-N64-Style-Controls-/151183564005?pt=Video_Games&hash=item23333e1ce5

    http://t.co/YMAkqOzkMk "Wolf's Reading Den" need followers.

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