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  1. There is a 79 atari 800 and looks clean on ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Atari-800-And-Atari-810-Vintage-Gaming-Personal-Computer-Bundle-Read/224112188426
  2. The 400/800 is easy to replace the cartridge socket and iam not sure who, but I think some one still sells them, If I have more I will post, as I have used a number of them over the many years.
  3. It Has to be the 8mbit cartridge. older as the newest do not have sockets.
  4. Looked at your install and did not see where the Disk swap wire went. That is the one that can kill the board, remove CPU board wires and LED/Diskswap and check for boot. The Disk swap is to Ground only, no voltage.
  5. I recently picked this up 2 or 3 months ago, I have found some things different as compatibility which iam working on.
  6. Try to get back on Topic . Basic question , for Bob1200XL, Did you get the REV. 11 1200XL OS installed ? If So does the carts work now that did not before, and if you had the Ground wire (CPU to Cart port) Did you remove one end ? Iam thinking this Motherboard has fixes that were not known about , OR The R11 OS is the fix.
  7. Been testing more, The REV11 OS much better, BOB1200XL did a wire Tap Years ago to fix Star Raiders 2, this new os runs it fine and also eagles nest , both cartridges run fine, been play testing.
  8. I have picked up another 1200xl about 2 months ago and was reading this thread. One thing I can tell you is the Star Raiders II would not work on my main 1200XL until BOB found a fix with a wire from CPU to Cartridge Port which worked. This 1200xl I just got has the c060616B os and Star raiders II works fine so I wonder if and other things were done to it or just the OS ? no sign of any work on motherboard. US Made. 193 date code 83S DA 75094
  9. I found my original lode runner disk, and it has red back ground on both 800 and 1200xl, the later release has black, there is no version number, both has 83 date both using CRT 1702 and 1084. I took pictures , will need to downsize them if you want to view them.
  10. I still use dial-up, but there are not many BBS's left, my 9600 burnt out, but still have the supra 2400. thinking about the newer fuji-net type, but not sure. Still use Bobterm.
  11. That is close to the TI-Invaders, which is a good port. I do like deluxe invaders on atari best.
  12. First Picture was my main, I received some news and I was selling off all my computer items so the Wife did not have to mess with it. 4 years later, doctor said humm ok you have more time LOL!!!! Iam social security onlly, so it is a slow process try'n to replace. 2nd Picture today.
  13. The Commodore 64 version has the moon background also which makes it hard to see, The Atari 800 and 2600 do not have that background and are faster, but more fun to play. I do like the speech in TI version.
  14. If you have Flashjazzkat's firmware you do not use it, it was the one released for cartridges at the start.
  15. I have a bunch of cartridges and the first run board 2012 I think it was, I have never had a problem after the patch candle released.
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