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  1. bandit


  2. Same 800 and same disk, alot of the same from 84 or so till today. I thought I did this here awhile back ??
  3. Thanks for the comment, next time he comes over I will show him.
  4. Back in the 80's I uploaded some of these to Plink and Delphi. My Friend did most of these, c.w. allen. I know there's a few that collect this so enjoy, Iam looking for another disk for later. All done on Atari Touch Tablet Sample:: UpLoadChar.atr
  5. Remember The Atari service dealer made there own cartridges of salt, 810 test ect. Atari did not send out a cartridge, they sent a disk . You could request a cartridge.
  6. I did, and on an 800 also, used this one, I did not need it but for $3.60 total I gave it a shot. https://www.ebay.com/itm/PL2303HX-USB-to-TTL-RS232-COM-UART-Module-Serial-Cable-Adapter-for-Arduino/322619331980
  7. Today I play something almost everyday. No need to have 2 archivers and 2 Happys. sold off a bunch of them. I have so many games I like the list would go on.
  8. Thought I posted in here but I did not. 230 4686 bought dec. 1980 also has silver stamped on bottom showing SN.
  9. Normal for 1050 happy board, if you want to double check, remove happy board and drive will be normal.
  10. Here is my scanned receipt with rebate form. let's see yours.
  11. The store I bought mine is called BlackBird. I bought car parts from them in the 60's and my dad in the 50's The sold Hotrod parts. there still going strong . When I bought mine the State had only one areacode.
  12. Did you buy that yourself in 1980 ? I'am Try'n to find out info on the very first Keyboards in the 800, mine failed in warrenty 11 months .
  13. There are 4 or 5 Different disk labels for F-15, not sure why ?
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