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  1. With Candle developing it, He made the Ultimate/Incognito and side carts, that was his video, Iam not worried.
  2. Well it was on / off working sometimes, turned out the SIO plug on 1200XL had some cold solder joints, been working now 100% for a week !!
  3. Problem Solved. So I took a eeprom from an atariMAX cartridge and did Jon's Newest Bios 512k and still testing but It's working , booted Fujinet, games ect.. still need to check, but it looks like I will be able to put it in other 800. Must have been a Bad burn on the one that shipped. Which was what I was thinking.
  4. Not seen one in a long time, That was a cheap HUGE heavy magazine, and the few pages at the back for atari was always cool. I typed in a few back then. Thanks for these.
  5. A lot to type, No cartridge, No SIO Port IE floppy, Fujinet, games that work on old and not new is LONG. Kronis rift, Elildon ect.... I have a file to try , as soon as I feel like it I will reinstall NEW board and run it. PS: once I can try the Stock version, I will know if the board is good/bad, it's a long way back to poland ..
  6. Already did, and have not heard back. Running my old Incognito , not putting back NEW until I get BIOS> Thanks !!
  7. This is not any of Jon's BUGS, I just wanted to try the stock BIOS and if it does same then The board is bad, If not then it's me running it.
  8. Yea, back about 2013 you sent me a version you added a couple things in which iam still using today.. I bought a NEW one with the FJC and things are not working, installed 10+ times try'n different settings, with no luck so instead of messing any more I thought a simple request to put stock one in.
  9. Not bricked, just bought it and want the normal Bios, not the FJC as I have lost some compatablity with the newer version.
  10. So the FJC is also in the CPLD also and not just the eeprom ? WOW!! guess iam stuck..
  11. Looking for The version Lotharek put's in the board, I just bought the FJC , but want the other instead. I have the 2012 Board, but I remember it has things the new version does not use. My 2012 Incognito works great, I figured that lotharek version is the same as old only newer.
  12. Yes, with a magnavox TV and yes that Those are all over time, I did get a XL about 86 for a couple games that required The XL. I Still have that Chair And Big desk today .
  13. There are Two in California , TBA and VCC. I like the build better from VCC than TBA , All though they both work great. https://www.vintagecomputercenter.com/ Also use Credit card in paypal at TBA , then you have protection.
  14. Very Good ! when will this be released ? can't wait !!! Nice work!
  15. I had hair in 80 LOL!!! The Atari 800, I have same one today. it has Incognito installed.
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